Friday, December 26, 2008

Oh hai, hope u had a Merry Christmas! :)

Hello dere, people and creechurs. I are Keisha, a dog. I hopes u had a good Christmas, which we did just yesterday. My people friends and I ate a lot of food, watched teevee and got to talk and be togever. I am lucky because I got lots of pettings and tummy rubs.

They gave me some of the turkey, plus vejables and cookeys. Not too much, just little bits, but they were very nice. I felt very happy and comfortable. Santa gived me two toys! :) They are rope toys. I like to pull ropes.

When the partee was over, I relaksed on the carpit and dozed while Mom and Dad watched some teevee. My friend D.R. was also happy wit the whole day.

I hopes u had a good time too. Also, have a fun Noo Yeer, and I will see you soon. Thanks!