Friday, March 30, 2012

Good news! :)

O hai, my name is Keisha. This piksher shows a cute kitteh. :) I has some good news to tell you!

D.R. got a job! She will work in a bank. She starts the job on April 9. D.R. is nervous, but I am proud of her and I bet she brings me her leftover potato chips from lunch.

The job is going to run six months. D.R. is working through something called a temp agency. She is all happy and stuff. I am proud of her! :)

I hope she gets a shiny I.D. card that goes beep. She says they have their own place where you can park. D.R. said this is going to be fun. I is glad she gonna have some green papers, too. :)

In other stuff, I am doing okay, too. I ate my food this morning and went for a walk with Dad. The weather is nice and warm, so you can see lots of doggies taking their hoomans for walks. Sometimes I even go sniff them and say Hi. :)

Okay, that is it for now. I see u soon. Thanks! :) {{{Luv}}}

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Little update

(This not our kitteh. This a cute kitteh from the Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Committee. It is awesome to adopt and give a critter a new home.)

I has good news. D.R. had an inntervoo today! She talked on the phone to a guy who works at a bank. They talked for 20 minutes. He asked her lots of stuff about where she worked before. D.R. said she hopes she gets this job. I do too. :)

A guy came to our house and mowed our lawn! It made a lot of noise, but I didn't bark. This guy has visited our house a lot, and I know who he is, so it was okay.

I went for walkies early today. Then I ate breakfast and had some water, and lay down. I got up again when Dad started to get lunch. I always like the smell of food. :)

That is all for now. I just wanted to say Hi. I see u soon. Thanks! :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wensdee time

O hai! It is Wensdee. Welcome to mah blog. :) Thank u.

The new air box machine works okay. I have taken a lot of naps since they finished installing it. D.R. says it has a special new thermostat. This is a box where u can press buttons. The machine makes cool air come out. This is good, because I need to take lots of naps, and cool air makes the house all comfy.

I went out for lots of walkies yesterday, with Mom and Dad. I was happy to be outside with the sunshine and the birdees. I sniffed a lot of lawns, and I almost didn't want to go back home. I bet summer is going to be even more fun.

Mom is giving me new food. Sometimes I get fresh chick-hen, and sometimes I get cans of beef. I eated some new food yesterday. It gave me energy. I walked around a bit, and D.R. pet me. I also went to see Mom when she was watching teevee.

I have added a new favorite nap place in my house. It is over by the front door. Because of my health stuff, I have to go for walks a lot more, so Mom and Dad sometimes take me out very early in the morning. (Thank u Mom and Dad.) I like to sleep by the door sometimes, when I get back. This makes it easy to go out. During the day, I usually sit in the living room.

We had a pretty white heron on our lawn yesterday. He was a little fella, very young. He just walked over the grass and then waited for a bit. I stayed inside the house.

Okay, I gotta go now. I see u later. Bye! Thank u. {{{Luv}}}

Monday, March 26, 2012

O hai, we can has new air thing

Hi there! My name is Keisha and I am a dog. Welcome to mah blog. :)

Today at my house, we got a new air conditioner. It is big and goes Bzzzzzzr. That will make it nice and cool inside the house. We needs dat because we lives in Flory-dah. Then, I can take lots of naps anywhere I feels like. :) I was very good when the people came to set up the air thing. I didn't even bark or run to the door. I just sat all nice on the carpet.

D.R. has an innervoo! It will be on the phone. She will be talking to some people about a job at a bank. She worked for a different one before. I has my paws crossed for her.

I was kinda good with my health over the weekend. I ate lots of food and went for some walks. My Dad says I may need a new hair-koot. :)

There is a birdee in the tree outside. He is saying Caw-caw-caw. Birdees are funny. If I were in a tree, I bet I would sniff all of them.

Mom made some bacon for Dad for breakfast. Mmm, it smelled good. Bacon! :) Then D.R. had some chocolate cereal. I couldn't have some, because it has chocolate. It smelled good, though.

Okay, now I am gonna sit next to Dad, and see if he will give me any bacons. I see u later. Thanks! :) {{{Luv}}}

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fries Day news :)

O hai! This is Keisha. I am a dog. Nice to see u. Thank u for coming to mah blog today. :)

I has some bad nooz. I was very sick last nite. It made the whole house smell yucky. My Mom and Dad had to clean up. This morning, I went back to sleep. Dad wanted to take me for a walk, and it took me a few minutes to be ready. I am glad I have nice hoomans to take care of me.

D.R. will get a phone call from some people who want to innervoo her for a job, next week. It is going to be Monday afternoon. D.R. is a little nervous. I bet she does okay.

I don't move around as much as I used to. Lately, I have been lying down most of the day, and not moving. I sometimes wag my tail when people pet me, but sometimes I am not even awake enough to do that. My hoomans have to check to make sure I drink water and eat all my food. One of my favorite places to rest is by the closet near the front door. The floor is very flat, but it gives me room to stretch out.

There have been a lot of doggies in our neighborhood, walking their hoomans lately. It is fun to see them. I want to meet lots of new friends. I hope I get to sniff them when I am outside next time.

Mom thinks I am doing better today. I did walk around and wag my tail after my morning walk. That is good! :)

There was a birdee outside the window before. He was going Caw, caw, caw! He was pretty noisy. I wonder what he was talking about. I don't speak much Birdee. I can understand Hoomanish.

Okay, I am going to sit with Mom and Dad. Maybe I will get to read the paper. I see u later. Bye! {{{Luv}}}

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

O hai, Wensdee is here :)

O hai! I am Keisha. I glad u are here today. This is mah blog. :)

I has some nooz. I am not able to eat crunchy food anymore; Mom has to make my food every time. She uses chicken and ground beef. Sometimes I even get cheezburgers! :) Mom wants me to have lots of food in my tummy, so I can be strong. D.R. dropped off some bags of old food that I can't use anymore, at the animal shelter. Now other critters can eat it. :)

D.R. has an innervoo today! It is with a company in a place called Odessa, which is less than a half hour from here. D.R. is really looking forward to it. I will give her a nose tap for good luck. :)

My legs went boom yesterday. I was walking, and suddenly my legs didn't want to work. Mom was really scaird. I stood up after that. I am able to walk today, though I do have to rest a lot.

D.R. pet me a lot today. That was pretty good. I sat on the floor in the living room while Mom was watching teevee, too. Mom likes this cooking show that's on one of the shopping channels. They have stuff about each plate and tray and cooking thing. I like to dream about all the food u can have. Mmmmm.

There are lots of young birdees around here now! It is springtime, so the birdees are having new families. You can see them walking and flying all over the place. We have lots of duckies and other birds.

Okay, I am going to relax. I see u later. Bye! {{{Luv}}}

Monday, March 19, 2012

O hai, I can has Mondee :)

Hi there! I am Keisha the Spaniel. Welcome to mah blog of happy dog things. :)
(This is me, taking a rest in the living room.)

Today is warm and sunny. I took my Dad out for a walk. I sniffed the fresh red flowers in front of our house. Even more fun than that, D.R. saw two birdees when she went to get lunch. There were a crane and a turkey walking next to the store! Wow!! :) She didn't have a camera then, but she said they were beautiful.

I did well with my food the past few days. I didn't throw up or anything, and I didn't have any problems with my b-u-t-t. I rested a lot on the couch. D.R. came over to pet me this morning. She gave me a tummy pat. :) That made me feel good! :)

My fur is very fluffy now. Little bits of floof keep coming out on the carpet. I wonder when I'll get a hair-koot. Mom calls the groomer that comes to your house sometimes, so I don't have to get scared going to the parlor place. I look like a puppy when I have a new hair-koot. :)

I went into D.R.'s room last night, because I couldn't sleep. She pet me and said hello. I stayed for a minute, then I went back, and slept in the front room. I was okay, though.

Did u know that my paws are kinda large? They are furry, and D.R. says they look like they have even been growing. I don't know, 'cause I am 14, but I am glad, because big furry paws make it easier to walk on the sidewalk outside.

Okay, I am going to see what Dad is doing in the compooter room. Bye for now! {{{Luv}}} :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Caturday and St. Patrick's Day! :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone. I hope you have a fun day with lots of green cookies. It's also Caturday! Whee! :)

My Dad's family is Irish. I bet he watches the parade tomorrow. It is going to be on the teevee. I like to sit and watch teevee shows. :)

Yesterday was a very good day. I ate lots of food and went outside a few times. Mom says I am doing much better than I was before. D.R. and Dad are relieved, too. :)

D.R. went on another innervoo yesterday! She was nervous, but it was okay. She got good marks on her compooter tests, which they sent to her in an e-mayo after the innervoo was already over. That was weird, but D.R. finished the tests anyway.

It was hot today. I had to drink lots of water. So did my hooman friends. D.R. had some pink lemonade. The pink makes it taste even better.

I am getting lots more hugs and kisses lately. This helps me feel better. I felt so happy when D.R. and Mom and Dad called me a good dog. :)

D.R. said she saw a sign for an apartment building today. It said "No breed restrictions." That means u can adopt any kind of doggy u want! She was very happy, because now lots of nice pit bulls and Rottweilers can have good homes, like any other critter.

I sat next to Mom when she watched teevee today. She watched the "House Hunters" show, where the people look for a place to live. I think all the houses look nice. If I lived in a place that had a tall fence all around it, I would run around and bark all day. :)

I did bark a little today. I had to go out, and I wanted Mom to know, so I barked a few times. She got the leash and took me outside. It was good to get some fresh air. Thank u, hoomins. :)

Okay, I gonna sleep now. I hope u has a good weekend and happy dreams! :) {{{Luv}}}

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I am eating some more :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. Welcome to mah blog today. I glad to see u. :)

I has a news. I am eating more food today, and I was able to get up and walk a little. Dad says I am doing better. :) Mom called the v-e-t person, and he said I can do things like go for walks and eat snacks and stuff. I have to drink a lot of water, because my b-u-t-t problem makes me all dehydrated and tired. I've been sitting on the floor while Dad watches teevee, though, which is fun.

D.R. was very worried about me. She is feeling better too, because she was happy to see me move around. I change places for sleep sometimes. I didn't used to get up during the night, but now I do. I like to start by sleeping next to Mom and Dad's bed. Then I wake up around 2 or 3 A.M., and I go sleep in the front room. There are some nice towels out there, and they feel very soft.

D.R. is sending more e-mayos, because she is looking for a job. She calls people on the phone, too. I hope she gets a new job, because then I can have some of her sandwich leftover from lunch.

A guy came over to mow the lawn today. He had a big lawnmower machine, and it went Brrrrr-rrr-zzz-rrr. It was very loud. I looked around, and I was going to bark, but then Mom went to talk to him, so I figured it was okay. He also mowed the lawn across the street after that. It was still loud, but I stayed on the floor. I was good.

I has been shedding more than usual, too. My hair is coming out, sometimes, in little bits of floof. U can find them on the carpet. D.R. picks them up. I hope Dad brushes me soon. That will make my furs look better.

Okay, now I am gonna rest and watch the teevee some more with Dad. He likes history and nooz stuff. I bet that will be fun! Bye for now. :) {{{Luv}}}

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Here comes spring :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. I am a spaniel mix. Welcome to mah blog. :)

I has a nooz. My Mom is feelin Sad because I not doing so well. I don't eat most of my food, I can't move a lot and Mom is worried. Dad is too, and D.R. My hoomans love me very much. They are taking good care of me. I still can't get rid of the problem with my b-u-t-t. I have to go out so much that I am always losing weight and energy. But my hoomans give me lots of clean water, food and love. They are always petting me and cuddling me. Also, I sit on the floor and rest. It is good to stay comfy.

Mom was all Sad because she isn't sure if I may have to fly off to the Heaven Place. I have lived with my hoomans eight years, and it is a lot of fun. I wish I could stay elebenty billion years. I will be a good angel doggy if I have to go there, and I will watch over my family with love. :)

The sun is very shiny today. Also, the pool by our house is very warm. This is because the weather has been very springtime-like. It is only a few more days until spring. I bet my hoomans will really enjoy swimming in the pool. I wish I was good with water, but it is okay just to stand next to the pool and watch.

The flower bushes in front of our house are getting very lush and fluffy. They have lots of leaves all over the place. Some of them already have their blossoms. They are fun to sniff when I go outside. :)

I want all my hooman and critter friends to know that I loves u very much. Paw taps!! Thank u. {{{Luv}}}

Monday, March 12, 2012

O hai, Mondee is here :)

Hello! My name is Keisha. I am a dog. Thank u for reading mah blog. :)

I has a sick. Last nite, I did a oopsie on the rug. Mom and Dad cleaned it, and then they gave me some medicine. In the morning, I sat on the rug and just lay there, trying to relax and get my energy back. I can still wag my tail, so that's good.

There are lotsa birdees outside. They are going caw, caw, caw. :) I like to listen to them. It is like my own CNN all day long.

D.R.'s Mom bought her bike, because the height is better for Mom than D.R. So, later, D.R. may go look for a new bike. She said she will probably look around at a few places. It is going to be springtime, and bike riding is fun for hoomans. I wish I could sit in one of those basket things. Then I could go with D.R. to the liberry. :)

There was something very cute on the Animal Planet channel the other day. They had two episodes of the show "Too Cute." One was about kittens, and the other was about puppies! :) They were so cute, crawling all over each other and going yip yip and mew mew. I don't have any puppies. I was spaded. That is okay, 'cause I still get to see teh puppies on teevee. :)

It is going to be springtime really soon, where I live! It is sunny most of the time, and there are lots of pretty plants and flowers. I am looking forward to all the walkies outside.

Okay now, I am gonna go sit on the floor while Mom puts away all the clean laundry. I think clean clothes smell nice. I see u later. Bye! :) Thanks. {{{Luv}}}

Saturday, March 10, 2012

O hai, it is Caturday! :)

Hello! My name is Keisha. Thank u for reading mah blog about dog stuff that I do. :)

Today is Caturday. It is sunny. The birdees are chirping in the tree outside. I went for a walk with Dad this morning. Yesterday, I didn't have any energy at all. I didn't want to get up and walk in the evening, when my friend D.R. came to take me for a trip outside. It took me a lot of time to move. D.R.'s Mom was very worried. Today, Dad said I looked a little better, but I still need extra food and water. D.R. gave me a little bit of her dinner, which was fried cheez. Mmmm, I liked it! :)

D.R. went on two innervoos last week. She is calling back another company on Monday. She hopes she gets one of the jobs soon. On Friesday, she talked to people at a law office in Clearwater. She said she would really like to work there. Also, Clearwater has lots of fun things to do and places to live. I would come visit her if she goes there. I would love to walk on the beach.

D.R. said she may go fishing today. She has lots of lures and stuff to use with her neat fishing pole. Also, there is a Renaissance Fair in Tampa. People dress up like it's the Middle Ages and they have lots of neat food and games. I wish I could go! I would be a brave dragon. Grrrr, grrrrr. :)

My hooman friends went to a party last nite, for their Aunt Mary, who is Mom's mother's sister. There were lots of food and cakes and happy signing and things. It was good. I wish I could have gone, but I had to rest. Aunt Mary was 90 years young. Ninety! That's more than elebenty. Yay! :)

Okay, now I am gonna sit in Dad's compooter room while he plays airplane games. I see u later. Bye! {{{Luv}}}

Thursday, March 8, 2012

O hai on Fursday :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. I am a dog. Thank u for reading mah blog. :)

Yesterday, my hooman friend was very sick. She trew up a lot. D.R. went to the volunteer place, but then she had to come home early. She didn't have any of her special medicine that she gets, so D.R. went to sleep for a while. When she got up, she went to the pharmacy, and got her new stuff. They didn't have all of it, but they had enough for yesterday. Later, D.R. is going to get the last parts. She sleeped a lot yesterday. Now she is feeling a little better. :)

I am very furry! Yesterday, I sat on the couch, and D.R. and Mom pet me and rubbed my tummy. They say I am very fuzzy and my furs are long. This makes me glad. I may have to have a new hair-koot before the summer begins, but for now, I can keep my fuzz.

Yesterday, my friend D.R. had a cheez sammich for dinner. She gave me a little tiny piece. Mmmmm! It was good. I caught it and I chewed it. I loved the taste. She didn't give me any french fries, but it was not Friesday. :)

I went out for a walk with Mom really early this morning. I couldn't sleep, so I went to sit in the front room. Then Mom came out and saw me, and she took me for walkies. I go out early a lot now. It is because I am a senior dog. Mom and Dad are nice to help me. I wish I was a kitteh sometimes. Then I could use a litter box.

D.R. had an innervoo the other day! She was very happy. It was with a company that makes parts of things for gas stations. Also, D.R. has another innervoo tomorrow. I has a proud! :)

Okay, I is gonna sit next to Mom now. I see u later. :) {{{Luv}}}

Monday, March 5, 2012

O hai, everyones :)

Hello! My name is Keisha. Thank u for reading mah blog today. I like to see u. :) :)

Today, my friend D.R. went to the Dentist. She had a filling put in her toof. They put a stick thing into her gums, and it made them feel all numb. Then they used a bunch of shiny machine things, which made a lot of noise. When they were done, her face hurt a little, but not too bad. Then she went to the food store, and after that, she came home. I had fun watching her put away the food. I like anything with food. :)

Early this morning, I had to go out a lot. I went out four times! Mom took me out two times, and Dad took me the other two. I wish I didn't have to go out, but because of my condition, I have to go a lot. Mom and Dad put towels down in the front room, just in case. So far, I am okay since then. :)

D.R. is riding her bike a lot! She says it is fun. She likes to pedal and then let the bike coast, whoosh. D.R. goes to Crews Lake Park and Starkey Park, which are close to our house. I wish I could ride a bike. :)

This morning, I sat on the couch, while D.R. and Dad pet my tummy. We watched the nooz, while Dad had some muffins. I didn't get any muffins, because they had chocolate chips. The tummy pats were good, though.

There were funny birdees in the tree today. We have a big tree outside on our lawn, and all the birdees go there. We had some little crows going caw-caw-caw. A bird in our tree was talking to a bird in a tree at the house next door. They bounced up and down. I wish I could live in a tree. You can see lots of stuff from up there, I bet. :)

Okay, I am gonna sit on the floor and listen while Dad makes a model boat. I see u later. Bye! :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Caturday to everyone :) :) :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. It is Caturday today. Yipee! :) (You can see me in the piksher above.)

I has some good news, I is feeling kinda better. I had a rough couple days, with lots of lying down and going nowhere, heavy panting and making Mom and Dad skeerd. Now, though, I is eating more, and going for walkies. Also, I is drinking wawa. My hooman friends feel a little better too, because they love me :) and I love them too. :) :)

I want to say a big Thank You to all the hoomans and critters who read my blog and write nice things. It cheers me up! I am a happy dog. :) :) :)

My hooman friends say it is almost * eight years * since they adopted me! Wow. That's a lot. I was at the Pinellas County Humane Society for one day. (You can read about them here.) Just one day! Then I met D.R. and her Mom and Dad, and they took me home. Now I have a home I love, which is warm and clean and safe. Thank u to all hoomans who help with rescues and shelters. And all the critters too. :) {{{Love}}}

D.R. went to ride her bike at the park today! She goes a few times a week. She says it made her legs tired. It is good exercise. Also, she got to see all the plants and trees at the park. And the bugs, too. The bugs are not so much fun.

D.R. worked some more at the food bank. She goes there two days a week, and helps with their compooters. She checks people's names and gives them a plastic ticket thing so they can get their food. They keep the food in big stacks in the other side of the building. This way, everyone gets what they need.

I gonna be fifteen years young on June 1. Wow! Fifteen! That's more than eleventy. :) I have done lots of fun things in those years. I learned, don't eat things that aren't food; don't put the tennis ball in Dad's shoe; and don't eat hooman fingers, they aren't food and they don't really taste good. :) I like tummy pats, teevee and to be with my friends. :) :) {{{hug}}}

There was a Sad thing. A shelter in the north end of Florida had to close because the owner was not taking proper care of some of the critters. A lot of critters lived there, 600 - 700. Now they had to be taken out and put in v-e-t care. I feel sorry and I hope this person has learned his lesson. I hope all the animals get placed in new homes or rescues. I have my paws crossed for them. {{{Love}}}

Also, lots of people in the U.S. got hurted by tornadoes. Lots of storms came to the South and the Midwest. I say a prayer for everyone involved, the hoomans and the animals too. I wish them to be safe. {{{Love}}}

I am gonna think happy things and try to get some rest. I hope all of u have a nice weekend. Thank u!! :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's Fursday, hello :)

(This is me, sniffing the floor in my friend D.R.'s room.)

O hai! My name is Keisha. Thank u for reading my little blog today. I glad. :)

My health, it is funny. First it goes up, then it goes zoom back down. I try to eat all my stuff and rest, but sometimes I feel pleh, and it is not so good. I had another accident in the house. My hoomans cleaned it. I wish I didn't have the oopsies, but my hoomans are very nice and they help me.

I'm still eating the high-fiber food that is good for o-l-d dogs. Mom stayed home to watch me this morning. Then she went out, and Dad stayed home. D.R. got home after that. I got tired and went to rest on the floor in Dad's room.

I was kinda sick before. I just lay on the floor and didn't move. Then Mom and Dad gave me some water and food, and I got a little more energy. It is hard to stay awake after the morning walkies. Mom and Dad made sure I kept up my strength.

I ran around the living room this morning. I panted a lot, which scared my hooman friends. Dad got up early and sat with me, and had breakfast. He got people food, I got goggie food. Then Dad read the paper and watched the nooz. Teevee nooz is loud and has lots of car commercials and polly-ticks and stuff in it. I don't understand it too much. I like to sit on the couch with Dad, though.

The Olympiks are coming up soon! Yay!! :) :) These will be the Summer Games. My hooman friend D.R. wants the Yoo-S-Ay to win lots of medals. I like medals because they are shiny. I wish they would let dogs win, too. I am good at chasing the tennis ball.

Did u know? We have lots of flowers growing in front of our house. They are dark red and white and yellow and stuff. They are fun to sniff. I do that when I go out for walkies.

It is also going to be baseball time in the Yoo-S-Ay soon! I like that. I watch the games on the teevee. My hoomans like it too. I bet I could catch the ball, if they let me go to the stadium. I also would eat lots of hot dogs and popcorn.

Okay, now I am going to see what Dad is doing. I see u later. Thanks! {{{Luv}}}