Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. I am a little spaniel dog who lives in Heaven. Thank u for reading mah blog. :)

Today is Halloween! That is a time when hoomins, and critters, dress up and go to parties and ask for candy. I like candy! Just to let u know, if u are a hoomin, please do not let your critters have chocolate or raisins, because they will make the critter have a tummy ache. Thank u. :)

In Heaven today, there is a big costume party, and a parade, and tons of food! I am going also. We will have a very good time! And I hope you do, too. Thanks. {{{Luv}}}

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

O hai, it is Toes Day :)

Hi there! My name is Keisha. I live in Heaven, at the Rainbow Bridge. Thank u for reading this blog. :)

These are the duckies my hoomin friend D.R. saw when she went to look at a new apartment place. They were sitting there, and lots of other duckies were on the rest of the property too. It was cute! :)

D.R. had a sick tummy last night, and she threw up. Then she went back to bed, and when she got up, she was a little bit better. She went out and gave some stuff away to a thrift store. Then she went to a medical laboratory place and they stole her bloods, for a test. Ouchie! :) After that, she went to a health insurance place and got them to put her new money card in their information, so she could pay them green papers and keep going to the doctor. Whew. :)

Today in Heaven, I am going to help rake leaves, and then we are going to have a party, with fruit punch, dancing and games. It will be fun! :) I hope all of u have a nice week too. Thank u. {{{Luv}}}

Friday, October 24, 2014

Hi, it is Fries Day :)

O hai there! My name is Keisha. I am a dog. I live at the Rainbow Bridge, in Heaven. Nice to see u! :)

D.R. went to look at some apartments, and there were lots of duckies sitting in front of some of the rooms. They were very cute ducks. I do not think she gets to keep them. 

Today, D.R. went to do some volunteering. She had to make some phone calls, and most of the time, she left a message, but she got one lady on the phone who yelled a lot. That made D.R. has a Sad. :(

Up in Heaven, we are watching the World Series. We have big tee vee sets and lots of popcorn. It is very exciting! :)

D.R. brought some food to another critter shelter yesterday. Also, she signed an application to volunteer at a place that helps blind hoomins. She hasn't heard back yet, but maybe they will call her next week. D.R. also has to go back to the brain doctor next week. I am sending her hugs. {{{Hugs}}

Today in Heaven, I am going to ride on a choo-choo train. It will be fun! I will look out the window and see stuff. I hope everyone has a good weekend. I see u soon. Thanks! {{{Luv}}}

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

O hai on Toes Day :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. I am a dog. I live at the Rainbow Bridge, in Heaven. Nice to see you! :)

These are some pictures from the walkies event my friend D.R. and her Mom went to! The organization Animal Coalition of Tampa raised over $100,000 for a new v-e-t office to help critters get spayed or nootered. That is good! :)

D.R. applied to work at a local school. Also, she wrote to another company, which said they may be hiring, but then they said later that they're not hiring after all. She was a bit sad, but she is still going to apply to other stuff. :)

Also, today was D.R.'s Uncle's birthday. D.R. went out to dinner with her Mom and Dad, her aunt and uncles, and her cousin's daughter. Then they had cake at her aunt and uncle's house. It was lots of fun! :) Happy Birthday, Uncle Thomas. Uncle Thomas is very nice. He has dogs! :) When I lived with D.R.'s family, he used to visit us, and he would pet and hug me. :)

In Heaven tonight, we are going to watch old movies and then some game shows. We are also going to have pizza. All the hoomins and critters in Heaven are invited. :) I hope everyone on Earf has a good week too. I see u soon. Thanks! {{{Luv}}}

Saturday, October 18, 2014

D.R. and her Mom are going for a special walkies! :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. I'm in Heaven at the Rainbow Bridge. How are u? Thanks for reading this blog. :) {{{Hugs}}}

Tomorrow, Sundae, my friend D.R. is doing a very special thing. She is going to a walk-a-thon for the Tampa organization Animal Coalition of Tampa. (ACT) You can read about it here: Stride for Strays. She is going to walk five kilometers, about 3.6 miles. She also raised green papers to help pay for spay and neuter operations for critters in Tampa. Yay! :) D.R. and her Mom are going to do the walkies thing tomorrow. They get special green shirts! It is going to be fun. :)

I am having a good time in Heaven. We play and take naps a lot. I hope u are having a lot of fun too. Thanks! I see u soon. Luv to everyone. {{{Luv}}}

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

O hai, it is Wins Day :)

Hi there! My name is Keisha, the little dog from the Rainbow Bridge. Nice to see you! :) Thanks.

My hoomin friend D.R. got a new medicine from her doctor. She took it yesterday for the first time, and so far, she hasn't had the wiggly legs. I hope it stays that way! :)

There was a big thunderstorm early this morning, where D.R. lives. It's over now. The sun came back out. The flowers and grass got a lot of water. That is okay. :)

D.R. is applying to lots of jobs. She is hoping some of them will call her back. I am too. Paws crossed! :)

Up in Heaven today, I am going to play Chase the Ball with a lot of friends. I hope everyone has a good week. Thank u! {{{Luv}}}

Friday, October 10, 2014

D.R. does not have Cooties! :)

O hai. My name is Keisha! Thank u for reading mah blog. I am coming to you live from the Rainbow Bridge. :)

Today, my hoomin friend D.R. went to the doctor, and he told her she does not have cooties, she just has to get a new kind of medicine, instead of one she is taking now. That will make her not have the wiggly legs anymore. D.R. was very happy! And so were her Mom and Dad. And me too! :) I'm wagging my tail a lot.

Also, D.R.'s cousin John is still in the hospital, but he is getting better. We all hope he can come home soon. :) Thank u everyone for all your prayers and good words.

In Heaven, I am going to play air hockey with some puppies and then go for a boat ride at the lake. I hope everyone has a fun weekend! :) Thanks. {{{Luv}}}

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

D.R. went to see the brain guy

O hai, it is me, Keisha, the little dog! I live at the Rainbow Bridge. Thank u for reading this blog. :)

My hoomin friend D.R. went to see a brain guy called a neurologist. He gave her tests to see if her reflexes worked. The doctor said everything was pretty good, and he doesn't know why D.R. had wiggly legs, except it may be from low blood pressure, or sleep apnea. He wants D.R. to get special pictures taken of her brain and back. They are called MRIs. D.R. should be okay, though. I am going to send her extra special beams of Happy so she will be all right. :)

One of D.R.'s cousins is at the horse-pital. D.R.'s Mom and Dad have a Sad. I am crossing my paws that Cousin John comes through all right. I hope he is home soon. {{{hug}}}

U know what is good news, though? It is the start of the NHL hockey season today. D.R. loves ice hockey! I am going to watch some games on the big tee vee in the lounge here.

In Heaven today, there is a croquet tournament! It is fun to hit the ball with a stick. I hope our team wins. :)

Okay, I see u soon! Thanks. {{{Luv}}}

Saturday, October 4, 2014

O hai, it's Caturday :)

Hi there! I'm Keisha, the little dog who lives at the Rainbow Bridge. Thank u for reading mah blog. :)

Up at the top of this post, u can see D.R. giving me a tummy pat. It is cute! :)

Yesterday, there were a lot of thunder boomies where D.R. lives. It rained a lot. Then, this morning, the sun came out. D.R. had a bit of a cough this morning. She is feeling a little better, and later, she will go out and enjoy the sunshine. :)

D.R. is going to see a brain doctor next week, to see if there are any hairballs or string stuck in her noggin. She said she will be happy when it is done. I am sending her lots of happy beams, so she will feel good! :)

Today in Heaven, it is Burger Day, so I am going there, before the line gets too long. Have a nice weekend, everyone! I luv u. {{{Luv}}} Thanks. :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

D.R. went to see the kittehs! :)

O hai! It is Wins Day. My name is Keisha. I live at the Rainbow Bridge. Thank u for reading mah blog. :)

My hoomin friend D.R. went to help out at a kitteh rescue place called the Little Cats Rescue. She met the nice lady who runs it, and saw lots of kittehs. The lady's name is Rae Ann. She said she was not feeling too well, so she asked D.R. to write an e-mayo later in the week, and come back then. D.R. said yes. :)

It has rained a lot where D.R. lives. There are big clouds, which go kaboom with thunder, and then lots of rain comes down. Yipes! I hope it doesn't last all the time in fall. D.R. likes to go out, and it is more fun when there is sunshine.

I am helping some kittens learn to make caramel apples for Halloween. It is lots of fun to dip the apples in caramel. U know what? Caramel apples taste best when u nom them. And the kittens really love to lick the bowl.  :)

In Heaven today, I am going to see the circus. I hear they have acrobats! :)

Thank u very much. I see u soon. Kthx. :) {{{Luv}}}