Sunday, February 27, 2011

I has a better! :)

O hai! My name is Keisha, and this is my blog. Thank u for readin. :)

Today, I am lucky. My Mom and Dad called the v-e-t, and he said I am gonna be okay. I am doin pretty good! My head is a little tilty, after I fell off the bed the day I had the Thing; but now I can walk, and eat, and drink, and I have run around like a good goggie full of en-ar-jee. :) Mom and Dad were so happy!! When D.R. came home from church, they told her what they dokter said, and she pet me a lot. :) It is a releef not to have to be so wurried all the time. I still like to sleep on the big towel next to the bed, though.

I got a special treat for lunch! :) I got to eat chicken and rice. Mom's brother, mah Uncle, said it is good for dogs who have an upset tummy. I had a little tummy rumbles after the Thing, so the food was not just yummy, it made me feel good. Thank u, Uncle. :)

D.R. was playin video games on a new thing she has, called the Kinect. It goes with her X Box game thing. U jump and run and stuff, and the Kinect-whatsis has a camera that can see u, so u move around on screen as if u were in the game. U can get exercise just like in the gym. D.R. says it is a lot of fun! If they have games called Jump on the Bed, Wrestle the Toy, or Chase the Tennis Ball, I would like to play, too.

I did some barkin today! :) Mom says this means I am back to normal. The doggie across the street yips a lot, so I went to the window and told him, Arf-arf-arf. I don't know if he heard me. Maybe he did, 'cause it's kinda quiet now. I hope he is takin a nap, or maybe watchin some teevee. :)

Speakin of the teevee, I got to watch the nooz with my Dad today! :) It was funny. They had some numbers on the screen, and pikshers of airplanes, and cars and stuff. Dad had some ice kreem while he was watchin it. I got to have a little!! :) It was vanilla. That is o-kay for dogs. (Chocolate is not, so plz be careful.)

I had a little bit of peetza, when D.R. was eatin lunch. She gived me a tiny piece of crust. It was good! It had some sauce on it. :) The best thing was, my tummy felt good after it.

I am gonna go for a walk outside with my Dad. It is nice and sunny. I will see u later! Bye! :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

O hai, it's Caturday :)

Hi there! It's Keisha. Thank u for comin to read mah blog today. I happy to see u here! :)

I has another update for u. I am feelin a little better, but my Mom and Dad want to take me to the v-e-t today, for a special check-up. The doctor is gonna look at my tummy and stuff, to see if I'm doin okay, and I think they are gonna test my neck and my eyes too. They want to know if my bwain is workin okay. Mom and Dad are kinda nervous. D.R. pet me a lot. I can't wait until I get back. Then I get to sit on my special blankey next to Mom's bed. :)

D.R. had a chikin sammich for lunch. I didn't get to have any, because Mom told her it would make my tummy sick. So, I just got to watch her eat. That was fun, though! It smelled good, too. :)

It is sunny today. I got to go for a couple of walkies outside. I had some tummy rumblies, but I walked and came back.

I will tell u all about it after I come back from the v-e-t. Wish me luck! I bet I do good. :) Thank u. Luv, Keisha :)

*** Update: I don't have to go to the v-e-t place on Caturday. The doctor didn't call Mom and Dad, so I don't have an appointment until at least Sundee. Great! This means I get to sit at home and maybe get cookeys. :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

I has a update for u :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. I am a spaniel mix. Thank u for comin to read mah blog. I happy! :)

I have been feelin sick since I had a strowke a few days ago. Today, early in the mornin, I got really scaired and started to yarp. I was sleepin on a blankie next to the couch in teh front room. Mom was on the couch. I waked up, started to walk around, and got confoozed 'cause everythin didn't look normal. So I sat by the bathroom door and went yooo-yooo-yooo. Mom, Dad and D.R. got really scared, and came runnin. They hugged me and pet me a lot. D.R. even taked me for a walk on the lawn. I had to go! Whew. :) So, after that, we came back inside, and I went into Mom and Dad's room. I jumped on the bed, and they let me stay there. I just felt more comfortable. My hooman friends are good. :) :) :)

I was wobbly on Thursdee nite. It was kinda difficult for me to walk. Mom got a big towel and folded it, and I sat on that. It was very warm and fuzzy and made my tummy feel better. D.R. even gived me a tummy pat! :) I rolled on my side and pulled up my paw. She pet my tummy for a little bit. Then I flipped back over. Mom said I flipped too hard. I been doin that sometimes, since the Thing happened. They were both scaired for me. I like to look around, and do stuff, and I also like teevee, but Thursdee I had a special assignment. I had to sit on the towel real good. So I tried! I missed bein able to play, and get snacks, but I managed to sleep for a little while. Later I waked up, and had my scairy time, but my friends came to help me. I will snuggle with mah Mom and Dad tonight. That will be good. :)

The doctor I went to the other day, said that I will be all right if I can go a few days with no repeats of what happened. My hooman friends are treating me with a bunch of hugs and cuddles. I don't think I have to go to the v-e-t soon, but I will let u know if that happens.

My hoomans were really scaired on Thursdee nite. Still, I jumped up on the bed by myself! :) When Mom and Dad asked me to go sleeps in their room, I walked in, and then I got a bit of energee, and I jumped! :) Wow. I felt pretty tired after that, and I stretched out nice and flat. Mom and Dad pet me some more. That was good.

D.R. and Mom were talking about when I was a little dog, just six years young, and I came to their house 'cause they adopted me. I ran around 'cause I didn't know where anything was. I jumped on and off the couch! Later, I felt better and started to think it was my house, too. I even let D.R. hug me. Ever since then, we've done all sorts of fun stuff. I get to eat, drink, play, go outside, and relax with my friends. They feed me and pet my tummy. I know where everything in the house is, and what it smells like. It is good to have a forever home! :)

I am gonna try to rest up real good, and get lots of sleep, and have happy dreams. I even cleaned my paws, so they look nice. :) See u! Thanks! :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oops, I sick :(

O hai. My name is Keisha. Thank u for readin mah bloggy today. :)

I has a sick today. I was sleepin the other day, and I fell out of bed. Mom, Dad and D.R. were very scaired. Mom thought I had a strow-ke. That means the stuff in ur brain isn't goin quite right. So, they took me to the v-e-t. He said Mom and Dad were right, it really was a strow-ke. My hooman friends have to watch me very closely for the next four days. If I don't have another one, then I'll be okays. They are goin to give me baby aspirin. This will help my brain feel better. My hooman friends were very sad, but now they feel a little better, because I am gonna have medicine and rest up. Plz don't worry too much, I have been to the dokter and I am gonna do what he said. I'll be fine. :)

D.R. has another innervoo on Friday. It's kind of a different thing, a test instead of talking to someone. D.R. has to take a thing on the compooter. She will go to a town called Oldsmar on Friday, take the quiz and then come back. If she does well, they might give her a job. I hope she wins! :)

D.R. did something nice for me. She bought some special dog treats! There are different kinds, twisty ones and cookey ones and ones with peanut butter in them, and more. I can't wait to eat them. :)

Okay, I am gonna snuggle with my hooman friends, and get some sleep. I will get better, I promise. Thank u! :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I had a ouchy in mah foot :( but I's okay now :)

(O hai. This is part of my back. I is restin on the couch. Hee hee!)

Hi there! I am Keisha, a spaniel mix, and this is my blog. Thank u for comin here to read it. :)

Today, I had a repeat of a thing that happened before. I was comin back to the couch, after I went to the water dish, and I slipped and hurted my foot. I went Yolp. Mom and Dad were really scaired. They put me on the couch and looked at my foot. I was lucky. It kinda stopped hurtin after that. D.R. went to eat some chikin for dinner, and I sat next to her. She gived me a few bits. Mmmmm! They were good. Mom was still worried, but Dad and D.R. kept watch on me, until I was walkin like normal again. Mom went to sit on the couch and took a nap. I watched Dad eat some ice kreem. Boy, that smells good. :) Don't worry, I's back to normal now. D.R. said it was just a flooke. :) I'm just glad I don't have to go to the emerjensee v-e-t.

D.R. had a good innervoo today! :) She was very glad after it. She said the people at the company were really nice. They have a special lab where they run tests on the stuff from animals. What a coincidence! :) D.R. is good at lab stuff, because she used to work at a lab place in Tampa. The company people said they would call D.R. in one or two weeks, if they make a decision. That gave D.R. a little bit of hope. I would be proud of her if she werks there. Even though I don't like goin to the v-e-t, all critters need to be healthy. From pets to farm critters, we all have to go to the dokter. D.R. will help do the science bits, so the dokters can know if the animals are sick or not. (This is not the stoopy kinda lab that does testing on animals for makeup and stuff. They just help v-e-t-s.) If D.R. gets the job there, she will be helpin the cats and doggies and horses every day! :)

D.R. also got her money check from the Gov-a-mint. That means she paid too much Tacks last year, so they had to give back her stuff. Tacks are confusing things that get in ur money, so u have to fill out a special paper every year. Sometimes they give u money, and sometimes u go to jail. D.R. is okay, though. She got back her moneys. Then she put them in the Bank. She was very happy! :) D.R. even went and had some ice kreem. Too bad I wasn't with her. It was vanilla. :)

It is windy and a little bit rainy tonite. Not big rain, just drizzly. D.R. doesn't have any innervoos tomorrow, so I hope she stays home to watch a moovey with me on the couch. The couch is a good place to sit all day. It is flat and has pillows and a blankey on it.

The dog across the street keeps barkin. I hope he will get used to his new house. He probly needs a friend. I would like to be that. :) Also, a lady duck has built a nest outside our house. We have a space between the flower bushes and the front window of our house. Sometimes birdees put nests there. I hope Mrs. Duck has lots of babees. D.R. says they would be cyoot! :)

Okay, now I gotta go and rest. I see u later! Thanks. :) Bye byes.

Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Munchday :)

O hai! This is Keisha. Welcome to my blog, and thanks for readin. Today we have some nooz. I hope u like it. :)

Today, my hooman friend D.R. got a phone call from a nice person in a company in St. Petersburg. This place is a laboratory. D.R. has a job innervoo there, tomorrow! Wow. I hope she does really well. I will give her speshul hugs for good luck.

D.R. went for a walk today, and because we live in Floridey, it gets to be spring kinda early. That means there's lotsa pollen flyin around and stuff. D.R. has allerjees, so she felt kinda ick after her walk. She is gonna lie down. I hope she has a nice nap. That always helps me. :)

Did u know, I is in two new vidyos? They are fun. I felt like I was on teevee (but they are just at home). U can see dem! Yay. :)

Today, I was sittin next to Mom and D.R., while they watched teevee for a little while. I rolled over, and D.R. pet my tummy. That was good! It lasted a lot of minutes. Then I sat up for a bit. I rolled over again, and she pet my tummy some more. Wow. :) Tummy pats make me feel warm and good.

D.R. went to a special outdoor thing for a pet adoption group, and they had a person who was sellin dog treets, and she buyed me some!! Yay! :) Thank u, D.R. I can't wait to nom them. There are peanut butter ones, and chewy ones, and crispy little ones. It is like mah birfday, but early! :) Thanks.

I went for a lot of walkies today. Oh, boy! Mom and Dad took me outside a whole bunch of times. I heard the new neighbor dog barkin. I still didn't get to say hi. I hope he comes outside sometime. It'll be fun to have new friends to sniff and play with. :)

Okay, that's it for now. I have to sit down for a bit. I will see u soon. Thanks! :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

O hai, Sundee time :)

Hello! My name is Keisha and this is my little blog. Thank u for reading it. I am glad u are here! :)

Today is Sundee. Mah Mom and Dad are goin to lunch with some friends of theirs. U know what that means: the couch is mine!! :) I get to stretch out as much as I want. I hope D.R. comes into the livin room to watch teevee. That will be even more funner.

I went to see D.R. a couple times last week. She was in her room, and she was eatin some cereal. I got to have some of the meelks, at the end! :) Mmmm. That was yummy. I glurped it up. Meelks has vytabins, did u know that? It also has prow-teens. I bet that's what makes it taste so good.

There is a new dog who lives with a famlee across the street. The famlee moved in a couple weeks ago. Their goggie likes to bark, sometimes. He will go to the window and arf-arf-arf. U can see him. I bark too, so he knows I'm there. He's okay, I think. Maybe he's just nervous 'cause he just moved here. I hope he starts to like it. I like to have new friends. :)

The big news is, I had my hair-koot! They shaved nearly all my furs, except for a fluffy part on my tail. It still looks like a brush. My hooman friends liked it a lot. I was so scaired at the groomer place! Zoiks. I shivered and everything. When it was all done, I ran to see my Dad, and I was so happy to go home, I jumped out of the car seat and ran to the house. Then, Mom and D.R. pet me, and Dad did too, as soon as he came back from the car. It felt so good to get all those snuggles. I drinked a lot of wa-wa, to get my strength back. Mom says short hair is good for the spring. When my furs were long, I left little bits of floof on the carpet sometimes. (Tee hee!) Maybe that won't be so much, this time.

The other day, I walked over to Mom and D.R. while they were watchin the teevee in the front room. I sat down next to the couch. D.R. petted me, and Mom did too. I stretched out, and D.R. pet my tummy. That was good! :) Mom and Dad say my new hair is sleek. That means it's soft and slippery at the same time; u can pet it, and ur hand goes whoosh. D.R. says it's like I am a car seat. Wow! :)

Okay, that is all for now. I am gonna get some rest. I hope u has a nice week! Thx. :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

It's groomer day

(This is a piksher of me, being petted by D.R.)

O hai, everyone. I am Keisha. I happy u are here! Thank u. :)

Today is a big day. I gotta get a hair-koot. Why? I don't likes them. I get scaired 'cause the table at the groomer place smells funny, and I don't like the Zzzrzzz noise the clipper makes. The only good thing about it is that my hoomans hug and pet me a lot when I get home. Oh, and I get a pretty kerchief around my neck. It looks cyoot. :)

D.R. and Mom were watchin a teevee show Thursdee nite. It wasn't very good, but we saw the end of it anyway. Mom and D.R. petted me. I felt very happy and warm. The couch is a nice place to relax, even if the teevee show isn't fun. Having people who luvs u makes even bad teevee better. :)

D.R. got some new medicine from her dokter. She says it took a while to work. Now D.R. is feelin a little better. That is good. :) I like it when all my hoomans are doin okay. I even barked at a guy across the street, who was walkin on his lawn. It turned out he was okay. Mom gived me a hug and Dad said it was all right. I had to check, though.

Thursdee was even more funner for a speshul thing!! D.R. and her Mom and Dad had Chineez food for dinner, and D.R. gived me some chicken. Mmmmm, it was good! She even put some red sauce on some of it. Yummy. That was very good. :)

D.R. saw lotsa goggies walkin with their hoomans. She says it's fun to watch them in the morning. It is good to make sure ur hoomans get some walkies every day. It keeps them healthy. :)

Okay, that's it for now. I am gonna get some rest. I hope u has a good weekend too. If u live in the U.S., Monday is President's Day. Be sure to go to the park and sniff stuff and chase a squirrel! :) Thank u. {{{luv}}}

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

D.R.'s job went bye-bye :(

O hai! My name is Keisha. Thanks for comin to read mah blogity today. :)

I had a sad yesterday, because my hooman friend D.R. got a phone call from the agency that gived her a job. They said don't go in anymore. D.R. lost her job. She was very sad to hear that. D.R. said it was a tough job to learn, but once she got used to it, it was good. She picked up a lot of new stuff she can do on the computer. Now she can say on her resume that she worked with mortgages. This is a thing where you type stuff for people who are buying a house. D.R. said that even though she doesn't have a job now, she has a chance when she applies for another one, because now she knows how to do more stuff.

D.R. sleeped a little late this morning. That's okay, I did that too. :) D.R.'s Mom told her not to be worried, and D.R. applied for un-em-ployment right after she got the call yesterday, so she could have a money. D.R.'s company owes her a couple checks, which is how hoomans get money, so they will be sent to D.R. later on. D.R. was pretty sad, but she is gonna try to find a new job real soon and everything. She pet me on the head this mornin. I am goin to make sure she is safe, don't worry. I went in her room yesterday, and she gived me some cereal. :)

The other day, D.R. was playin a video game. It is called Kinect. It works with her XBox machine, and it can see u when u move around. The camera was pointed at D.R., and she sits on her bed when she plays the video games, so that when D.R. went to lie down, she saw it on the camera! :) D.R. says this kind of freaked her out a little, 'cause she looked like a ghost or somethin. Wow. I will jump on the bed sometime, to see what I look like. Whee! :)

D.R. is gonna go out later and visit the liberry. She is also gonna find a place for lunch. I am gonna hang out at home and watch Dad play on the compooter. Don't worry, I'm sure D.R. will find a nice new job real soon. I see u later. Thanks! :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I had a boo-boo in mah foot

O hai! My name is Keisha. Thank u for readin my blog today. I glad u here! :)

Tonite, somethin funneh happened. I was walkin between the lamp table and the couch, in the front room, and I got an ouchie in mah foot. Yipes! :( I went wooowooowooo, and my Mom and Dad came over to help me. They picked up mah foots, and checked to see what was there. Dad thinks it was a staple from the carpet. It fell out. When Dad took a flash-lite and had me sit on the other couch so he could check mah paw, the staple thing was gone. D.R. pet me a lot. Mom hugged me, too. That made me feel much better. Thank u, Mom, Dad and D.R. :) I is all better now. U don't have to worry. :)

Did u kno that the stars in the sky are really pretty? I can see them when I go for walkies. It is fun to look up at all the shiny dots up there. I like to dream about goin in a spaceship, to see all the planets and stuff. D.R. says she went to the Space Center, and they have real rockets and a space shuttle!! The real one that went to space!! It is parked now, and you can walk in it. I hope I get to go sometime.

D.R. went to church today, and after that, she got some lunch. She had chikin-strips, and some fryes, and she eated some of it, but took home the leftovers. I got to have them!! :) I had one piece of chikin and a bunch of fryes. It was a speshul treet. I enjoyed havin some tasty noms like that. :)

D.R. went to the store tonite, and bought some food for the dogs and kittehs, and kitteh litter too. She is gonna drop everything off at the local shelter when they are open on Wednesday. D.R. loves critters. :) I came from a shelter, and I know how good it is to be safe and healthy, so you can find a new forever home. Yay for adoption. Yay! :)

Tonite, I had some popcorns! :) Mmmm, tasty. D.R. made it, and she let me eat a few. They were very crispy and fluffy. There was a little bit of salt, too. Popcorns are good. :)

My Dad was watchin the Grammies, which is an award show for moozik. I watched a little. There was a guy on stage, and he did some singin, and then a lady came out and singed, and the audience went Yaaaay. It was all right. Then I went to see Mom for a little while. She was watchin a moovey. After that, I went to see D.R. That's when she gived me the popcorns. D.R. was watchin a guy on teevee who was yelling a lot. D.R. says sometimes she watches shows that are really bad, just 'cause they're funny. Monday and Tuesday, there's gonna be a really good show on teevee, though: the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show!! :) Hooray! Please check your teevee listings, to make sure u can watch it too. I luvs that show. It is lots of fun. :)

Okay, I am gonna go for now. I will rest and watch things with Mom and Dad. Bye-bye! I luvs u. :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Mommeh all betterer now! :)

O hai, I am Keisha. Thank u for readin mah blogy today! :) I glad to see u.

I has a good nooz. My Mom is better today! She doesn't have a cold anymore. She was feelin so better, she taked me for walkies. Wow! I was very happy. I wagged my tail a lot. :)

The parakeets visited our tree again yesterday. It was awesome! I heard them chirp chirp singing. Our tree must be like a big apartment building for the birdees. :)

Today, and yesterday, it was kinda cold, and it rained. I was glad to be home after my walkies. Then I rested on the carpet. This morning, I watched the nooz with Dad. Mom and Dad read the noozpaper, too. I am not tall enough to go up to the table and read it myself. Sometimes, I help Mom look at the crossword, or help D.R. read the Sunday ads for stuff. I sniff all the pikshers of stuff from the compooter store. I hope she takes me with her next time she goes.

D.R. may be goin to the docter next week. The docter is a nice lady. I hope D.R. gets a pretty neckerchief when she goes home, like I do when I go to that v-e-t place. D.R. says they used to give her lollipops with no sugar. I bet those are good.

I am wishin a big Happy Birfdee Nummer Sevin to mah big friend, Daisy the Curly Cat. Today, she is seven years young! Whee! Have a good one, nice kitteh. :)

D.R. said the capooter were broked at werk today. It took a long time for them to fix dem. She sat and read a book. That part was fun. Tomorrow is Fries-dee, though, and D.R. can take a nice nap when she comes home. Maybe we can watch a moovie, too.

Okay, I see u later. Thank u! :) Bye for now. {{{hugs}}}

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Mommeh sick :(

(U can see me and D.R. in this piksher. Hee hee!)

O hai! My name is Keisha. Welcome to mah blog today! :) Thank u for reading it. I glad u here. :)

I has some not-so-fun news. My Mommeh is sick. She has a Cowd! :( That is when u sneez and coff all the tiem. She sleeped most of the day. Dad wouldn't let me sit on the bed. He said Mom needs to sleeps. Mom waked up later. Then she went to rest on the couch, in the front room, and she watcheded the teevee a lot. I hope she gets better soon, so we can play and go outside and stuff. Get better soon. {{{Mom}}} :)

D.R. gived me some noodles before! :) They were yummy. They had sauce, the sweet and sour kind. Mmmm. D.R. came home early, because they made her go to werk early, to be at a Meetin; then at the end of the day, she got to leave early. D.R. was happy, 'cause she was a little tired, and she was glad to see me and Mom & Dad too.

The other day, D.R. gived me some popcorns! :) Mmmmm. They went crunch! I had fun catchin them out of the air. I eated a lot, and I got to watch teevee with D.R. I heard a kitteh outside the window! He meowed a lot. I hope he comes back, so I can say hi when I go for walkies. I think this is the same kitteh that got in a fite with a skwirel before. I heard them, on Caturday. They were goin eeeeek-eeek at each other. I don't think they jumped on each other. They just made some noise. I think all the critters around here like to come visit our house, because we have a big huge tree on the front lawn, and we have lots of pretty ferns and stuff close to the windows, which are good if u want to lie down in some nice shade. So, we see lots of birdees and skwirels and kittehs. Also lizerds, but they run really fast. :)

It's kinda cold here. Now is the part of the year I'm really glad I have long, fuzzy furs. Dad takes me for walkies, even when it's freezin. Thank u, Dad. :)

Okay, now I am goin to see if Mom is okay, and then maybe I'll sit down in the livin room. I see u later. Thank u! :) Bye-byes.

P.S. -- Tomorrow is my Mom and Dad's anniversary!! Yay, Mom and Dad! They got married in 1969. I loves u, Mom + Dad. :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

O hai, it iz time fo the Puppy Bowl!! :)

Hello there! I am Keisha. Thank u for comin to read mah blog today. I glad u here. :)

Today is a very important day. It is the day of the Sooper Bowl, which is a big game of American football, but even better than that, is a game they are havin on Animal Planet!! :) It is called the Puppy Bowl. It has lots of cute puppies runnin around, playin with toys, sloshing in the water dish and stuff like that. Also, there is a halftime shown with kittins!! :) It is soooo cute, and it starts at 3:00 today. They run it all day after that, so if u are takin a break during the regular Sooper Bowl, u can turn to Animal Planet's channel and see the puppehs and kittehs. :)

We have a lot of burdees in the tree outside our house! The tree is hyooj. It has so many branches, with fluffy leaves, all the burdees like to come and build their homes there. D.R. likes to hear the burdees singin. They go tweee tweeee tweeeedle twee. :) U can tell the different burds by listenin to the songs. I like to look at them when I go outside for walkies. D.R. taked me for a walk yesterday, and I watched them a little. It was fun. :)

D.R. gived me extra hugs yesterday. I was very happy and warm. I was sittin on the couch, watchin House Hunters with Mom, and D.R. sat next to us. D.R. hugged me and pet my furs. I felt very relaxed. Mom pet me, too. Dad would have maybe shared his pretzels with me, but he couldn't watch teevee that time, because he was sick to his tummy and had to go sleeps early. He is feelin a little better this mornin. I hope he can watch teevee with us later.

There is a neat contest for best piksher of a critter. It is the Bissell MVP Contest. U can vote here. U have to register first, but that's really easy. Then u can vote! D.R. voted for a nice kitteh today. Here is his info: "Guido-- Pet Parent: Judi B "Guido's M. Entrant #: 40982." After u sign up, u can look for his number, and vote for him. Yay! :)

Okay, that is all for now. I see u later. Thanks! :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

I has a big sad :(

O hai. My name is Keisha. Welcome to mah blog. Thank u for readin it today.

I has some sad news. The body of the missing young man from England, Ben Manning, has been found; he passed away. You can learn about the story here. I send my condolences out to his family and friends. Rest in peace, Ben.


Please say a prayer for his loved ones. Thank u.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wensdee nooz

O hai! My name is Keisha. It is Wensdee now, though I'll be goin to Dream-land pretty soon. :) Thank u for stopping by.

I has a serious thing to let u know. There is a young man in England who is missing. His family needs help to find him.

If you see him, or hear about him, please use the information in the ad to contact the police. This goes for anyone in the U.K., or elsewhere. Thank you very much. :)

And now, a sad story from Canada. A company put to sleep a lot of dogs because they were not going to be sled dogs anymore. :( D.R. was very sad and angry when she heard about it. The only good thing is, there is no more pain for the dogs. They are now at peace. :( My heart goes out to them. May they romp forever at the Rainbow Bridge.

Okay, I want to tell u about something else, too. I was in D.R.'s room, and she gave me popcorn! I kinda sneezed once, and D.R. was a little scaired, but I was okay. The popcorn was tasty. :)

D.R. is taking part in a really neat event called the Idita-Walk! It is a thing where you give to a camp that helps kids, and u get to list your walking time every day for a couple months. When you walk a minute for every mile in the Iditarod race, that's it! :) D.R. walked for 27 minutes at the gym after work, so she wrote that on her chart on the compooter, and she can't wait to do the rest of the walks. D.R. even took me for a walk tonight. That was different, though. I just went to the lawn. It was fun to go outside and sniff things. :)

I hear there is gonna be a lot of snow in parts of the U-S-A! Please be careful, if u live in a part where the storm is gonna be. Try to stay inside, don't drive too much, and if u have a dog or other critter, cuddle them a lot! :) Maybe u can even have some tea and watch a moovey. Then u will feel good. :)

I was watchin the nooz with my Dad on Toosdey. They had a lot of stuff about the snow storm. Also, they had a story about what is goin on in Egypt. I have my paws crossed for them. :) D.R. says she remembers when Anwar Sadat died, and it was very scary. I'm going to say a word for peace tonite. :)

Okay, that is it for now. I see u later. Thanks! :)