Saturday, February 19, 2011

O hai, Sundee time :)

Hello! My name is Keisha and this is my little blog. Thank u for reading it. I am glad u are here! :)

Today is Sundee. Mah Mom and Dad are goin to lunch with some friends of theirs. U know what that means: the couch is mine!! :) I get to stretch out as much as I want. I hope D.R. comes into the livin room to watch teevee. That will be even more funner.

I went to see D.R. a couple times last week. She was in her room, and she was eatin some cereal. I got to have some of the meelks, at the end! :) Mmmm. That was yummy. I glurped it up. Meelks has vytabins, did u know that? It also has prow-teens. I bet that's what makes it taste so good.

There is a new dog who lives with a famlee across the street. The famlee moved in a couple weeks ago. Their goggie likes to bark, sometimes. He will go to the window and arf-arf-arf. U can see him. I bark too, so he knows I'm there. He's okay, I think. Maybe he's just nervous 'cause he just moved here. I hope he starts to like it. I like to have new friends. :)

The big news is, I had my hair-koot! They shaved nearly all my furs, except for a fluffy part on my tail. It still looks like a brush. My hooman friends liked it a lot. I was so scaired at the groomer place! Zoiks. I shivered and everything. When it was all done, I ran to see my Dad, and I was so happy to go home, I jumped out of the car seat and ran to the house. Then, Mom and D.R. pet me, and Dad did too, as soon as he came back from the car. It felt so good to get all those snuggles. I drinked a lot of wa-wa, to get my strength back. Mom says short hair is good for the spring. When my furs were long, I left little bits of floof on the carpet sometimes. (Tee hee!) Maybe that won't be so much, this time.

The other day, I walked over to Mom and D.R. while they were watchin the teevee in the front room. I sat down next to the couch. D.R. petted me, and Mom did too. I stretched out, and D.R. pet my tummy. That was good! :) Mom and Dad say my new hair is sleek. That means it's soft and slippery at the same time; u can pet it, and ur hand goes whoosh. D.R. says it's like I am a car seat. Wow! :)

Okay, that is all for now. I am gonna get some rest. I hope u has a nice week! Thx. :)


Lorenza said...

Hi, Keisha!
Sounds like a good plan!
Having the couch all for you! Well... maybe you can share it with D.R.!
That grooming thing does not sound very fun to me!
I hope your new doggie neighbor will want to be your friend!
Have a pawesome day!
Kisses and hugs

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Yah Keisha

Pepsi the Lazy Bum said...

A hair cut always means lots of snuggles, which is the best!

Happy Sunday!


Unknown said...

Thank u, Lorenza. :) It is sunny outside. I went for walkies with Mom. That was fun! :) I bet D.R. and I will watch a movie later. :) Kthx.

Unknown said...

Thank u, Sam. :) I like to still have a floofy tail, because then I can wag it a lot and it looks like a big banner. :)

Unknown said...

Thank u, Pepsi. :) I was scaired when I was at the groomer's, but I felt better as soon as I got home. All the cuddles and hugs are worth it! :)