Saturday, February 26, 2011

O hai, it's Caturday :)

Hi there! It's Keisha. Thank u for comin to read mah blog today. I happy to see u here! :)

I has another update for u. I am feelin a little better, but my Mom and Dad want to take me to the v-e-t today, for a special check-up. The doctor is gonna look at my tummy and stuff, to see if I'm doin okay, and I think they are gonna test my neck and my eyes too. They want to know if my bwain is workin okay. Mom and Dad are kinda nervous. D.R. pet me a lot. I can't wait until I get back. Then I get to sit on my special blankey next to Mom's bed. :)

D.R. had a chikin sammich for lunch. I didn't get to have any, because Mom told her it would make my tummy sick. So, I just got to watch her eat. That was fun, though! It smelled good, too. :)

It is sunny today. I got to go for a couple of walkies outside. I had some tummy rumblies, but I walked and came back.

I will tell u all about it after I come back from the v-e-t. Wish me luck! I bet I do good. :) Thank u. Luv, Keisha :)

*** Update: I don't have to go to the v-e-t place on Caturday. The doctor didn't call Mom and Dad, so I don't have an appointment until at least Sundee. Great! This means I get to sit at home and maybe get cookeys. :)


Unknown said...

We are all keeping our paws crossed fur you, Keisha! I hope da Vet has nothing butt GOOD news fur you!!

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

I hope woo are still feeling better -


Have had khookies!


Amber-Mae said...

We hope to hear some really good news from the Vet! *paws crossed*

Unknown said...

Thank u, Minna. :) I think I will be okay at the v-e-t. I am feelin better this morning, and I got to share Dad's breakfast! :)

Unknown said...

Thank u, Khyra. :) I hope D.R. gives me cookeys when I get back from the docter. Mmmm, those are gonna be good! :)

Unknown said...

Thank u, Amber-Mae. :) Mom and Dad say I look better today. I am walkin more, and I eated up all my food. :)

Chicco said...

Hello Keisha! I'm Chicco and i found your beautiful blog and i follow you now.
Come to my blog and follow me too.
Happy sunday.


Unknown said...

Thank u, Chicco. :) It's very nice to meet u! I will follow ur bloggy too. :)