Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hi there :)

O hai, everyone! I am Keisha. Thank u for reading my blog. :)

D.R.'s friend Tiny Timmy the Cat is bringing attention to the problem of bad flea and tick remedies that hurt pets. Please take a look at Timmy's campaign for healthy and clean soap, a better alternative, and let's all be loving toward our critter friends.You can read even more about it here. Thanks. :)

D.R. went on an innervoo today! :) She also got one by phone after that. She is still looking for a new job. I have my paws crossed for her. :)

It is a sunny day. I hope you get to enjoy it! Thanks. {{{Luv}}} My love to everyone.


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Squee :)

Hi, my name is Keisha. I live at the Rainbow Bridge. In this picture, you can see me. Tee hee! :)

D.R. has a bit of a tummy ache. She is going to lie down and read a little. When I lived with her, I would jump on the bed and put my nose under her arm. That was fun. :)

Again, D.R. saw lots of nice doggies taking their hoomins for walkies. The weather is good, and a lot of people and critters are enjoying it. Yay! :)

A nice kitteh named N2 the Talking Cat, who made some funny videos on You Tube, has passed. D.R. and I loved him. He supported adoptions and was always sweet. Rest in peace. {{{N2}}} You can watch his videos here: link. Thanks.

Okay, now I am going to chase a jingly ball with some of my friends. After that, we will have ice cream, and take naps. I hope you get a chance to do those things too! :) Thanks. {{{Luv}}}

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mrs. Duck

O hai, my name is Keisha. I hope everyone had a nice Easter or Passover. I like springtime! :)

I has a sad news. Mrs. Duck, who was sitting on a nest outside the house, has died. D.R.'s Dad buried her and she is in Bird Heaven now. Rest in peace. {{{hugs}}}

D.R. went to an innervoo today! She talked to some nice people at an office. I am glad. :)

Okay, now I am going to take a nap on a cloud. They are fluffy, like big pillows. I like that! :) See you soon, thanks. {{{Luv}}}

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter!

O hai! My name is Keisha. I am a little dog who lives at the Rainbow Bridge. In this picture, you can see a real goat. My hoomin friend D.R. saw the goat when she was at the Renaissance Fair a couple weeks ago. Hi, Mr. Goat! :)

I hope all of you have a very Happy Easter, if you are celebrating, and that you get lots of jelly beans from the Easter Bunny. :)

Yay! Thanks.  {{{Luv}}}

Friday, April 11, 2014

O hai, it is Fries Day

Hi there! My name is Keisha. I am a little dog. I live at the Rainbow Bridge. :)

Today is Fries Day. It is a good day to have french fries, if you want. :) My friend D.R. found out that her temporary job will last at least another week. That made her smile! :)

U know what? D.R. says that when she goes to work in the morning, she sees lots of doggies taking their hoomins for walkies. That is fun to see. :)

Easter is April 20. I hope u get candy from the Easter Bunny! :) Hee hee.

D.R. says her Mom and Dad are going to get the swimming pool ready to swim in next month. Yay! D.R. likes to swim a lot.

Okay, I see u later. Thanks! I luv u. {{{Luv}}}

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hello, I is happy :)

Hi, everyone. My name is Keisha and I am a dog. I went to Heaven last year. It is fun up here! We get to play or take naps, whatever we want. :)

I keep watch over my hoomin family, who loved me when I lived with them. My friend D.R. has an innervoo next week, for a possible new job. I hope she gets it! :)

It is foggy where D.R. lives. She hopes the sun will come out soon, so she can go and see the Renaissance Fair. That is going to be fun! :)

Okay, I see u soon. Thanks! {{{Luv}}}