Friday, August 31, 2012

O hai, Fries Day is here :)

Hello. My name is Keisha! I am a black and gray dog who lives with three hoomins. We has a happy. :)

U know what, I had a not so good thing on Furs Day. I woke up at two in the morning, went in the bathroom, and had an accident on the floor. I went to Mom's room and jumped on the bed. Mom woke up, cleaned up the spot and took me for a walk. Oops. I sorry. :( When I got back, it took a while but I was able to relax. I said bye-bye to D.R. when she left for work. :)

D.R. and her Mom got some dinner at a chicken and fish place yesterday. D.R. said the chicken was a little burned, but it was still okay. I wish I had been there! I like chicken, especially with sauce. :)

My furs are very long. Mom and Dad haven't taken me to the hair-cutter's for a while. I am fuzzy, so when you pet me, my furs go ripple ripple. I like that. :)

Mr. Duck was on our lawn again! He walked by our house. He is a big guy. He has a red crumply bit on his head that looks like a triangle. It makes him look like a rooster. Mr. Duck likes to stare at cars and people. I bet he is protecting a nest. I like bebehs. :)

I found a funny vidyo, which has a kitteh and some bebeh birdees. U can watch it here. It is very cute. :)

Okay, I am going to see what Dad is having for breakfast. I see u later. Bye! Thanks. {{{Luv}}}

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Today, Wins Day :)

Hi there. I am Keisha. I am a dog. I thank u for reading mah blog. :)

It's Wins Day. It was sunny today, which was good. I heard kittehs outside the house yesterday. They seem to be visiting us again. There was also a kitteh running across the road. He got there okay. :)

A big boy duck was on the lawn between our house and the one next door. I bet he was guarding Mrs. Duck's nest. That means the duckies are going to have bebehs! :) I wonder if one of the kittehs tried to mess with the eggs. I hope not. I know kittehs need to eat, but hopefully the kittehs will find some fruit or something.

I jumped up on the couch today. I sat next to my Dad! Then I checked to see if he had cookies. He didn't, but that part of the couch smells like that. Sometimes he eats cookies there, and little tiny parts drop off. I get to look for them. Also, I push my nose onto his food, if he has a plate. Then Dad kind of nudges me away. I jump on his tummy. It is a very fun game. :)

D.R. did a lot of stuff on her compooter at work today. She has to call phone numbers sometimes, and get information from the phone recordings. Then she writes down what they say. Today, there were a lot of problems with the phones. The recordings kept stopping in the middle, and D.R. had to call the place again, and give them all the information from the beginning. It took a long time. D.R. was kind of frustrated at the end. She came home and pet me, then. She even had leftover chicken for dinner. Because she had dipping sauce with it, her fingers got sauce on them, and I licked her fingers at the end. It was good! :)

On the teevee yesterday, they had a lot of polly tix stuff from the Convention Thing they have in Tampa. D.R. did not go, but she has visited that building before. She said it is a nice building. They always have the car show in it. Yesterday, the polly tix people had a lot of speeches, like this: Blah blah blah, werble werble werble. I got confused and put my head on my paws. Then my Mom put on a different show, which was better. It was just some people standing next to a tree. I like trees. :)

In doctor stuff news, D.R. had to go get another test of her bloods. The doctor wants to see if D.R.'s bloods have numbers in them. If D.R. gets the right numbers, she will get a lot of points and win. :) Then, D.R. has to go to a special doctor, this weekend, who will look at other stuff. It costs a lot of green papers, though, which made D.R. have a big Sad. I rubbed D.R.'s feets before, so I think that will help. :)

Okay, I am going to sit by Dad and watch teevee. U has a good week. I see u later. Thanks!! {{{Luv}}}

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I has an oops :)

Hi, my name is Keisha. I am writing to u after the storm is moving away. I happy! Thank u for ur wishes. I also send good thoughts to the hoomins and critters who are next due to see the storm. Be safe. :) {{{Luv}}}

Yesterday, I made an oopsie on the carpet. I wanted to go out, but I couldn't get out in time. My friend D.R. told Dad, and Dad cleaned it up. He pet me and said he was sorry. Then D.R. and later Mom did too. :) Everything was all better. The carpet spray worked. I glad about that. :)

D.R. has to go to the doctor for some more tests. They are going to cost a bunch of green papers. She is a little skeered. I went into her room to make her feel better. She smiled at me. Then I went to go sleeps in Dad's room. :) I bet D.R. will be okay.

There was a lot of water on the road when my friend was driving home. She was okay, though. She was careful. Hoomins have to drive slow in the rain. Thunder boomies are scary. I hide in Mom's room when I hear them. It helps when mah friend gets home, and she pets me and cuddles me. I likes dat! :)

This morning, I went for a walk with Dad. It was fun. We walked down the block, and then came back to the house. It's good to get some exercise. The birdees were singing. I like to listen to them. :)

Okay, now I am going to sit with Dad for a while. I see u later. Bye! Thanks. {{{Luv}}}

Monday, August 27, 2012

We can has storm (but we are okay) :)

O hai! My name is Keisha and this is mah blog. Thank u. :)

You may have heard on the news about Hurricane Isaac, which is going to hit Flory-dah soon. According to the weather reports on the teevee, our house is in a place where we are going to get lots of rain, but most of the storm will pass us. So don't worry too much, we will be okay. :) {{{luv}}}

There is going to be a big convention of polly tix in Tampa. My hoomin friends are watching the teevee news about it. I think I am just going to stay home and sit on the couch. I got to watch the news with Mom and Dad this morning, and they pet me a lot. I am glad I could keep them safe. :)

D.R. watched a soccer game on teevee last nite. I went into her room to check on her a bunch of times. She pet me a lot! Then I tried to read one of her books that she had. It was good. D.R. likes to read mystery books and science fiction. After that, I went back to sit with Mom. :)

Okay, I am going to see what Dad is up to. Don't worry about us, we will be okay. I see u later. Thanks! :) {{{Luv}}}

Saturday, August 25, 2012

D.R. has moar doctor stuff

O hai! I am Keisha, a little dog. Thank u for coming to see this blog. :)

Today, my hoomin friend D.R. had to go to the doctor. They said her blud preshur was good, but they sticked her with a metal thingy and stole some more of her bloods anyway. They said they had to look at it. Also, they said she needs an exam for her pelvic area. That will be next week. D.R. was a little skaired. I went and sat in the hallway by her room when she came home, to show her it was okay. She tickled me under my chin. That was good. :)

It is windy today. They say a hurricane could be here on Monday. We will be very careful, and I'm sure we will be all right. The hoomins have watched weather stuff on the teevee. :)

I has a Sad. The first hoomin to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong, has gone to the Heaven place. He had heart stuffs, and he died today. Awwww shucks. Rest in peace. {{{Neil}}}

My Dad gave me lunch today. He put it in my dish and I ate it good. Mmmmmm! Yummy. :) After that, I sat on the couch with Dad and we watched teevee. He pet me a lot. That was awesome. :)

Okay, I am gonna see if I can steal the hot dog Dad is eating. I bet it's good. See u later. Thanks! :) {{{Luv}}}

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I can has tasty noms :)

O hai, I am Keisha. This is mah blog. Thank u for reading it. :)

U know what happened today? Mah hoomin friend D.R. came home and made macaroni and cheez for dinner. She gave me the last few spoonfuls! She put the dish on the floor and let me eat the last bits. Mmmm, they were good! :) It was warm and made my tummy feel full. I bet it had lots of nutrition in it.

D.R. made the Internets work again on her music player thing at work. She said it was fun to sit there and listen to the radio shows. She forgot her earphones, but the iPod Touch has little speakers on the bottom. D.R. is glad to have a job, but it is even better when it is not bo-ring.

There is going to be a big convention in the city of Tampa, Flory-dah, which is not far from where we live. There are going to be a lot of hoomins there. It's about polly tix, so I do not think I will go. I think it is okay for hoomins to vote for whoever they want, but I do not want to get squished in the crowd. I will just stay home and watch the teevee with Mom and Dad. :)

Our kitteh friend still did not come back. I bet he lives across the street. I hope he is having a good time with his hoomins. :) There were some pretty birdees down the block, though. I saw two big sandhill cranes! They had very lovely feathers. They would point their wings and preen themselves. Also, they walk kinda funny. Cranes are fun to watch. :)

I took a walk with my Mom today. I drank a lot of water after that. It was cloudy today, but we didn't really get a lot of rain. There may be rain next week. I will go hide in Mom's room if that happens.

U know what? D.R. bought some food and cat litter the other day, and took it to the animal shelter. She bought cat food, dog food and a bag of cat litter. Then she went to the SPCA place, and gave it to them. I was adopted, years ago. I lived in a shelter in Clearwater. Then D.R. and her family found me. Yay! :) Adoption is good.

Okay, I am going to sleep now. U be good. I see u later. Thanks so much! {{{Luv}}}

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wins Day :)

O hai, I am Keisha. I am a dog. I keeps this blog. Thank u for reading it. :)

Our super air box was working very well today. We got nice cool breezes, and I was able to rest a lot. I drank a bunch of water, and ate all my food. Mom was a little worried before the air thing was fixed, because I was panting, but now I am much better. Yay! :)

The kitteh who sat under the car yesterday didn't come back yet. I missed it, but I hope it went home. I would be glad if the kitteh lives with a neighbor across the street.

D.R. gave me some food bits. I got a little piece of a flatbread she was eating with dinner tonight. Later, she had some cheez crackers, and she gave me a couple of those too. Wow, they were good! :)

It rained here today some more. There were thunder boomies. I don't like those. I had to go in Mom's room for a while. Later, I felt a little better, and I went back to the living room. :)

Dad is watching teevee. I like to sit with Dad when he does that. He doesn't ask me to pick the show, but I try to follow the story anyway. There are shows with lawyers in them, shows with cars, some with lots of people talking and then sometimes the news. I was skeered of a noise the other day, and I barked a lot. Then Dad pet me, so I felt better. Whew. :)

I went out for a walk this morning. I took Mom with me. We saw some nice lawns. Then I came back. D.R. said goodbye to me before she left for work. :) Later, I went in her room and rubbed her feets. That was good! I was checking for new stuff under the dresser, and her feets were there. Rubs make happy. :)

Okay, now I gonna see if Dad has cookies. Bye for now. Thank u! {{{Luv}}}

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Toes Day - our magic air box all better :)

O hai, my name is Keisha. Welcome to mah blog. I glad!! :)

Oh, wow. Lots of stuff happened today. It's Toes Day, and a guy came to our house and fixed the Magic Air Box. Now the air is nice and cool, like it is supposed to be. :) Thank u, Mr. Guy. :)

There was a lot of rain today. We got bad noises and wind and rain. There is a tropical storm out by the ocean. I don't like thunders. Yipes! I had to hide in Mom's room. Later, it went away, so I'm okay now.

There was a car accident on the road while D.R. was going home. She wasn't in it, but the police had to close part of the road and make everyone drive on a detour. It took D.R. a long time to get home. She was okay, though.

We even had a kitteh come by our house today! :) A brown and white kitteh was hiding under D.R.'s car in the morning. It was very cute. It probably wanted a place to keep warm. D.R. had to drive to work, though, so her Mom told the kitteh to shoo, and the kitteh got out and walked down the block. D.R. wanted to keep the kitteh! She almost did, but her Mom said maybe the kat already belongs to someone, so they had to let it leave. D.R. said if the kit comes back, she will pet her. :) I will put an extra blankie on the floor for the cat, in case she wants to move in with us.

Mom was all skeered yesterday, because I was panting a lot, when the Air Box wasn't working. So, she gave me a lot of water. I drank it up. Mmmm. Then I felt better. My hoomins went swimming. I can't do that, but it was fun to watch. I got plenty of sleep, and after the guy fixed the air box this morning, I was fine again. Whew. :)

I am going to watch teevee with Mom. I see u later. U has a good week. Bye! {{{Luv}}}

Monday, August 20, 2012

O hai, it is Burger Day :)

Hi there! I am Keisha. Thank u for reading mah blog. :)

This is Burger Day for my hoomin friend D.R. On Mondays, she likes to have a burger. :) That is good.

The magic air box at our house is broken. Mom and Dad got kinda Sad, and they called the company to come and fix it. :) Mom got a big bag of ice cubes and put some of them in a bucket. Then she put that in front of the fan, and it made the living room kind of good. Dad got sammiches from a roast beef place, and he let me nom a little. Boy, was it good! :) The air box guy said he is coming back tomorrow morning to put in a new part of the machine, which will make it all better. I bet we are all very happy then! :) Thank u, Air Box Guy. (P.S.: Mom was a little bit worried about me, but she put ice coobs in my water, and that helped a lot. I is okay.)

I got a little skeered when we had thunderstorms yesterday. The booming noises were loud. They didn't last too long, though. I went to sit with my Dad. I felt better after that. :)

D.R. went swimming before it rained. She went underwater, because she had a special mask and earplugs. That must be fun. I can't swim, but I like to watch when my hoomins go swimming. :)

Dad has little fishies in two tanks on the back patio. They are fun to watch. They swim all the time. Sometimes they get bunched up by the seaweed thing. They love to race for their food. Fishies are cute. :)

Okay, I am going to watch teevee with Mom now. Don't worry, the Air Box will be all better on Toesday. We be okay! Thank u. :) {{{Luv}}}

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Caturday things :)

Hi der! I am Keisha, a spaniel mix dog who lives in Flory-dah. Welcome to mah bloggity gog. :)

My hoomin friend D.R. went to the doctor place. They said she has to come back one more time, next week, but she okay with that. Her bloods were better, 30 points less o-hai blud preshure. Also, she losted a pound. Yay! :) I am glad. I didn't want my hoomin to have to go to the horsey-tail.

D.R. and her Mom went out for noms after that. I was at home, and when they came back, I was happy. :) Dad took a nap, and when he woke up, we watched the teebee together.

There was a big, scary thunderstorm this morning. It was so loud, my hoomin friends woke up early! Oh, no. :( I was skeerd. Then Mom hugged me, so I felt better. It is sunny now, which is good.

Mom and D.R. both joined a gym which is going to open in a few weeks. They are going to have lots of shiny machines the hoomins can use for exercise. That is good. I bet they hug me when they come back. Maybe I will join, too! :)

My Dad took me out for walkies. It was good. We went right to the lawn. I stepped over there and when I was done, we walked some more. I was happy because it finally stopped raining. Yipee! :)

Okay, I am going to sit next to the couch so I can be near my hoomins. I see u later. Bye! Thx. {{{Luv}}}

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fursday is here :)

O hai. My name is Keisha. I has this blog. Thank u for reading it. :)

Today was kinda odd. My hoomin friend D.R. got sick to her tummy at work. She had breakfast, and a little after that, she threw up. Oh no! Then she washed and went back to her stuff. She finished the whole day. D.R. didn't get sick again. She will have to take her medicine again, later. I am going to watch her so she's okay. :) I am a sekoority dog, so that's part of my job.

D.R. got to use the wi-fi Internets on her iPod Touch at work! She pressed a special search button and found out that the signal was working. So, she got to use it as a 'guest.' It worked! She was able to listen to some neat stuff on the radio. She said she hopes it works again tomorrow, so she's not bored. Also, she did get to look at the cat pictures after that. So, that's better. :)

I was sleepy again this morning. I like to nap by the door sometimes. Tonight, D.R. took me for a walk. That was good. :)

There was a U Toob vidyo I saw, of a dog show! It was good! The doggies ran across the carpet and did stuff when the judges asked them. They have dog shows on teevee sometimes. They are so much fun to watch. :) D.R. and her Mom love them too. :) D.R. says that when she gets a new apartment, she is going to get the Pet Channel on cable teevee. I bet they have dog shows all the time! :)

Dad was having pretzels before. He ran out, though. He did pet me. That was good. :) We had a little thunder noise today, but no rain. I am glad it was gone pretty quickly. I don't like thunderstorms.

The power went off for a second at D.R.'s office today. Then it came back again. Wow! She said it was a little skeery. Then it was over. Whew.

I got some new toys! Yay. Thank u, hoomins. :) I got three fluffy toys. One is shaped like a star, one is a cat and one is a rectangle that says Catnip on it. I am not a cat, but I like to wrestle my toys. That is fun. I push stuff all over the rug, with my paws and my nose. :)

There is a neat show online, called Rainbow Dog Dachshund Rescue of Texas. It has a show every week. You can watch and meet a real dog, and her hoomin friend. They talk about pet rescue, health, fun games, and other stuff. I likes it! U can watch it for free. U have to get a screen name at Stickam, but that's it.

Okay, I am going to sit down with my Mom. I see u later. Thanks! :) {{{Luv}}}

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oh boy, lots of stuff :)

Hi there! My name is Keisha. I write this blog. Thank u for reading it today. :)

D.R. went to the doctor today. That is like a v-e-t, only for people. They stuck her with a metal thing and stole some of her bloods. She said it hurt. Then she has to go to the doctor ( a different one) on Caturday. That stinks. :(

The people at the office where D.R. works won't let her go to the website I Can Has Cheezburger anymore. They blocked it with their big, mean compooters. How is D.R. going to work if she can't look at cute pictures of kittens and dogs? She will have a big Sad all day. Oh no. :(

This morning, when I woke up, I was so tired, I went right back to sleep, close to the front door. When Dad was finished with breakfast, he took me for walkies. Then I jumped on the couch and watched teevee with Mom and Dad. :) The teevee shows were okay. They were kinda loud. The other day, they watched a lawyer show, and she had a cat. I liked that. :)

A duck near where we live went to Heaven the other day. It got hurt because of a bad car. At least at the Rainbow Bridge, everybody can play in the happy place. Fly free, Duck friend. {{{birdee}}}

Mom was doing the crossword yesterday. I helped. I sat next to her. Mom always gets more words when I do that. :)

I went to Dad's room to make sure everything was safe. It was sunny, so I couldn't take a nap yet. I walked out, and went back to the living room. It's good to sit there and just think sometimes. U should try it, and ur hoomins can, too. They may need to bring a pillow and a blankie. It's good to share time with ur peoples. :)

D.R. was looking to get some movies from a DVD place that mails the movies to her. She likes science fiction, mysteries and learning stuff. She watched this one show where a helicopter flew around and took pictures of a big national park. Also, she watched some movies with robots. This weekend, she is going to watch some special teevee shows about cats. D.R. already has them on DVDs. I bet the kitties are cute! :)

In less than two weeks, they are going to have the Paralympics. This is really good! Go to that site and u can learn about how to find it on the teevee. It is going to be lots of fun. :)

Okay, now I am going to rest. Thank u. I see u soon. Bye! :) {{{Luv}}}

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sundae time :)

Hello, everyone! My name is Keisha. :) Thank u for reading this blog. :)

My friend D.R. took her first medicine for her blood pressure. She said it was okay, it didn't make her feel too funny. She did take a nap after church, but that was not too bad. :)

The Summer Olympics are done now. They had a closing thing, with a lot of singing and stuff. It was good! D.R. says she wants to get DVDs when they come out. I am happy because I saw lots of good athletes during the games. And the medals are pretty. :)

I got lots of pettings before. I also checked D.R.'s room a couple of times. One of the times, I poked open the door with just my nose. Then I sniffed, and after that, I turned around and left.

U know what is good news? We have new neighbors, who are very nice, and they have three dogs! :) Three! I can't wait 'til I meet them. I would love to say Hello and sniff and talk about dog stuff. Yay! :)

My Dad is feeling okay, too. He watched teevee today, like he usually does. He talked to some friends on the phone, and he had some snacks. My Dad is fun. He makes breakfast really early sometimes, maybe 4:30 a.m.- it depends on when he gets up. Then, he watches the nooz and takes me for a walk. I like to spend mornings with Dad. Then I go back to sleep. :)

Okay, I am going to get some rest. I hope u has a good week. Thanks! :) {{{Luv}}}

Saturday, August 11, 2012

D.R. has a medical thing

O hai! This is Keisha, a little dog who writes this blog. Thank u. :)

Today, we got some good news. My Dad doesn't have to go to the horsey-tail anymore! Yay!! :) He just has to go to the doctor in six more months. The doctor said the test came back on the boo-boo in his kidney, and it was just a little bitty thing called a cyst, not the bad Can Sur. So, they are just going to ask Dad to come back for another visit next year. Hooray! :) Thank u, doctor person. (wagging my tail)

Another thing happened, though. D.R. went to the doctor place today, and she found out she has Hi Blud Preshure. This means her bloods are a little funny. She has to get special new medicine. She was Sad when she heard it, but her Mom and Dad told her not to be Skeered, because it will make her bloods better. D.R. also has to go to the doctor next week, and get some more tests. She does not like it, because they may have to Poke her with a Metal Thing. That part is Bad. But when it is over, D.R.'s Mom and Dad will be very Happy. :)

So, I was sitting on the couch today, and I watched a mystery thing on the teevee. It was about a hoomin who did a crime. It was scary. Then Dad turned the teevee off, and went into the compooter room. He likes to build boats there. Sometimes I watch him. The boats are small, so you can't sail on them. :)

I am going for a walk with my Dad. U have a good Caturday! Thanks. {{{Luv}}}

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Furs Day funny :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. This is my blog. Thank u! :)

D.R.'s car is fixed now. They took the thing out of the tire and put a different thing there, to plug the space. Now it is all better. They put it back on the car, and she is going to work like normal. D.R. and her Mom and Dad are very happy. :) I am too, because sometimes she takes me to the park. Maybe she do that this weekend? I hope so. :)

U know what? I had an oopsie this morning. I did a mistake on the carpet. Mom and Dad weren't mad, though. They cleaned it up. Then I walked around the house for a bit, and later, Mom and Dad put on the teevee. Everything was okay.

The U-S-A won some more shiny Olympic medals! Other countries won some stuff too. I liked the gymnastics. People were running and jumping and all sorts of things. It was exciting. :) The women from the U-S-A won the gold medal in soccer. Hooray! :)

I saw a truck before. I didn't bark, though, because it didn't stop. It just drove down the block. So, I let it go. :) Then the bug spray guy came to spray the house. I let him do stuff, because he visits us every few weeks. He makes all the bugs go away. That is good. :)

I saw a duck! He was waddling around on the lawn across from our house. He lifted his wings and his b-u-t-t. He wiggled a lot. Then he walked some more. I bet he and Mrs. Duck are building a nest there. :)

I watched teevee with Mom before. She likes this show where police officers ride around and do stuff. I was hoping the canine officers would be on it, where there are some cops who work with search dogs, but we didn't see that. It was kind of fun anyway. Cop cars are funny. They have lights that blink and spin. They also have sirens that go drrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Guess what? Today I ate a dental stick! It is like a toothbrush, only it is made out of minty food. I chewed it all up, instead of brushing with it. The stick makes my mouth smell good, like my hoomins do when they brush their teeth. My friend D.R. kisses me sometimes, before she goes to work, and she smells good. :)

Did u know? There is a fun site where us critters can talk, and stuff. It is called Furs Place. U can see it here. I likes it. :) It is free, too! :)

I went to check D.R.'s room a couple times today. I am a sekoority guard, and I have to make sure every room is safe. The first time, I sneaked in under D.R.'s compooter chair, and sniffed a paper on the floor. Then I got kinda stuck, and it took me a few seconds to back out. I was okay, though. The second time, I just stood in the doorway. After that, I went back to the living room. It was good to see that my friend was okay. Plus, her room still smelled like butter, because she ate dinner a little while before that. Shucks, I missed it. :)

Did u ever chase your tail? I used to do that. Then I caught it! Yes, I really caught my own tail in my mouth. I bit it. Then I fell down. That skeered me a little, so I let go. I looked at my tail a little bit this morning, but I decided not to catch it again.

My Mom was on the phone tonight. She was talking to her cousin. They both said a lot of stuff. I am not tall enough to use the phone. Maybe I could ask once, so I could call the pet supply place and ask if they have duck and pumpkin biscuits. I love those! D.R. got me some before.

Okay, I am going to watch the teevee with Mom again. I see u later. Thanks. {{{Luv}}}

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

D.R's car had a boo-boo

O hai, I is Keisha, the little dog who writes this blog. Welcome! :)

U know what? My hoomin friend D.R. went to work today and when she came out of the office, her car had a flat tire. Oh no! :( She called a guy at the AAA, which fixes cars, and he came and put a spare tire on the car. D.R. was okay. She came home and she pet me a lot. That was good!

D.R. was skeered because she thought she was in trouble at work, but they said she did "awesome." Wow, she was happy! D.R. had to send a lot of e-mails to ask some people to send stuff to the office. Some people wrote back, some didn't yet, but D.R.'s manager hoomin was happy. :)

My Dad isn't in the horsey-tail, uh, hospital place yet. He may have to go next week. I will still miss him. Mom says he will be there for four days. That is a lot! I will be super happy when he gets back. :)

I took my Mom for a walk tonight. She walked with me up and down the block. Then we came back. D.R. pet me. That was good. :) I watched teevee with Dad, but the nooz was on, so I didn't understand a lot of it. I just rested.

The Olympics is still on the teevee! I like them a lot. The U-S-A is winning a lot of stuff. I like the medals because they are shiny. I would be a little skeered to swim in the big swimmy pool they have. I also could not lift the big huge weights in the weightlifting thing. If they had a sport of Fetch, I would be good at it.

I have nice, long furs now. I like to lie down next to the couch, when Mom is watching teevee, and sometimes she pets me on my side. A lot of times, I fall asleep on the carpet, but when it is bedtime, usually at 9:00 or 9:30, I get up and go to Mom and Dad's room. Then, I sit on the blankie and sleep there. :)

Okay, now I am going to see what Dad is doing. Bye-bye! {{{Luv}}}

Monday, August 6, 2012

My Dad has a doctor visit :)

O hai, I am Keisha. Good to see u today. Thank u for reading this blog. :)

I found out my Dad has to go to the doctor a lot of times. Dad has a boo-boo on his tummy. He has to go to a doctor tomorrow, and then a horsey-tail, the hospital I mean, where they are going to fix it. He already went to one doctor today. The one tomorrow is different. Dad will be in the hospital place four days! Oh, wow. I will miss him. {{{Dad}}} He went to the doctor a lot before, when he had to get a metal thingy put in his hip bone. He was at a recovery place for a little bit, and then he came home. I hope he comes home right after he is finished with the operation, this time. I want my Dad! :)

Other stuff happened too. I went for walkies with Dad today, after it rained. The thunder boomies were loud. I didn't like them one bit. When they were done, Dad took me for a walk. I still had a good time, smelling stuff and walking up to different lawns. There are more new dogs, too! This morning there was a little dachshund mix, and a little terrier guy, and a big brown dog. I went "Yip, yip" when I saw them, just to say Hi. :)

One of the pet supply stores near our house has a new grooming center. Mom said she may take me there, later. I don't have to get shaved too soon, but next time, I bet it's that store. Everyone likes when I am done with my haircuts, because I look like a puppy. :)

D.R. went to church tonight. When she came back, she let me sniff the book she had. Then she pet me and scratched my chin. That felt good. :) For dinner, I got a little bit of a burger! Mom cooked it for me, and she put it in my dish, and I nommed the burger, mmmm mmmm! :) Wow, it was good. I like burgers.

I went into D.R.'s room a lot. She was sitting there, and I just looked in, and then I left. I went back, and then I left. I have to make my rounds as a sekoority dog. I also have to check if Dad has cookies. Sometimes he goes to sleep early, so I sit next to Mom, and she watches teevee.

I saw a funny thing on the Nooz. There was a camera spaceship thing called the Rover, that went to Mars. It can take pictures! Vroom, vroom. I wonder if it is going to find any big green creatures? Oh, boy. I hope the green critters don't come to Earth. I saw a lot of movies about that.

Okay, now I am going to sit with Mom and maybe she will scratch my tummy. I see u later. Thanks! :) {{{Luv}}}

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sundae stuffs :)

Hi there, I am Keisha, a little dog. :) It is good to see u here. Thank u.

Today is Sundae. That means people do stuff like mow their lawns, watch teevee, go to church and go to the store. I got up early, and had breakfast with Mom and Dad. Then I went to sleep on the floor. Later, I watched some teevee.

In the afternoon, D.R. came back from church. She had lunch, which was a fish sammich and fries. And she gave some to me! :) Oh man, it was tasty. I had a few fries and a tiny bit of fish. Mmmmm. :)

I got sleepy after that, and I went to nap in Dad's room. I have a blankie at the foot of the bed. It's good to sit there. It makes my tummy feel good. :)

This morning, I got lots of pettings. A lot! :) D.R. sat next to me on the couch. She gave me a tummy pat, and then pet me on the head. I was very happy. I likes dat. :)

I heard a guy mowing the lawn before. I didn't bark, because he was across the street. I guess he can stay there. I also saw some birdees before. One of them was a really pretty crane. He was a young guy, and he walked kinda slow. Burdees are fun to watch. :)

D.R. likes to watch vidyos on U Toob sometimes. There are lots of weird and funny ones. This one has a little kitteh, who is hiding under a hat. Yipee! :) U will smile.

D.R. went swimming before. I can't swim, so I just watched her. She has a swim cap, a nose clip, ear plugs and goggles. She can swim really well. We have a small pool, with no diving board, but it is still fun. Sometimes when I'm watching the hoomins, I get a little splash on me. That is not like a bath, it is just few drops. It's kind of fun. :)

There is going to be a rainstorm soon, so I'm going to take a break. Go Team USA in the Olympics! Yay! :) Thank u. :) {{{Luv}}}

Friday, August 3, 2012

It's Fries Day, happy happy :)

O hai! I am Keisha. Thank u for reading mah blog. I wags my tail. :)

D.R. had some chicken for dinner! I saw her when she was eating. I got there too late, because she was just about finished. So I didn't have some. But I kissed her after that, because she smelled good. :)

I has some bimpies on mah head. D.R. found them when she was petting me before. They are just like the bimpies that were on mah ear. Also, the bad thing that was behind my left eye has now spread over to my right eye, a little bit. There is a thing that looks just like the right eye stuff, on the left side. I can still see out of the right eye, though. Plus, I eat and drink and go for walks all the time. So, I is okay. :) I am happy to have a good home with my hoomins. I don't have to go to the v-e-t, because my Dad said he called the doctor and he said No. I am happy, because I get to stay home and watch teevee with mah friends and get scratched on mah tummy. :)

D.R. was sick the other day. She went to sleep, and then she felt sick, and got up. She ran to the bafroom and throo up. Her Mom was skeered, but D.R. went back to sleep again and was okay in the morning. Now she is all better. :)

We have some new neighbors in our part of town. Lots of people have moved in, and I see them doing walkies with their dogs too. I wonder if I could meet some friends? I will go over and smell hello if I see them when I am out with Mom and Dad. :)

My Dad has a thing to do next week. He has to go see Sir Jerry again. They are going to give him a new opera-station, where he gets a boo-boo taken out of his tummy. I bet he is going to be okay. I hope he comes home in a jiffy, so he can have ice cream with me like always. :) I like to watch teevee with Dad, because he is funny, and he pets me a lot. :)

U know what? I was patrolling D.R.'s room last night. I thought something happened, but I went in her room and she was okay. I went in her room this morning, and she let me smell her socks. I have to do a thorough job. :)

I heard parakeets outside the house before. I didn't see them, but I bet they were in the big tree. We get wild green and yellow parakeets around here sometimes. They are cute. :)

Okay, now I am going to rest and watch some Olympic stuff. I hope u do too. Have a nice weekend! {{{Luv}}}

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wins Day Woof :)

O hai! I am Keisha. Thank u for reading this blog. :)

Today is Wins Day. It is the middle of the week. I had a good day at home. Dad let me sit on the couch, and I played Get the Snack, when he was eating. That is fun. I sit next to Dad, and when he goes to get a plate from the table, I reach over him and see if I can get the food first. Yummy! :)

D>R. said they taught her some new stuff at work. She said it was confoozin, but she did her best. Also, the snack table was out of bubble gum. They have a snack table in the office. U can put money in a cup and take some snacks. D.R. said she likes to get bubble gum sometimes. Today, they didn't have any. D.R. said she will stop at the gas station tomorrow morning, and probably get some gum then. I don't chew gum, but I do like cookies and chips. :)

Mom went to her exercise class. She does that a lot. I mostly get exercise when I go walkies outside, and sometimes I jump on the couch. I learned those when I was little. :) I am also good at catching toys. D.R. got me a new green wobbly toy, which goes boing boing when you throw it. I chased it down on the floor. It's mine mine mine. :) I wish they had Toy Chasing in the Olympics.

D.R. took me for walkies yesterday! It was fun. I went to the lawn. Then we went back to the house. I like walkies because you get fresh air, and you get to sniff things. There were lots of tree bits and leaves yesterday. I didn't eat any this time.

Okay, I am going to sit on the couch again. I see u later. Bye-bye! Thanks. {{{Luv}}}