Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh boy, it's Toes Day :)

O hai, everybody! My name is Keisha, and thank u for reading this blog. :)

Today is Toes Day. I woke up, stretched, walked a couple feet in front of my blankie in Dad's room, and went right back to sleep. Sometimes it is too early and u need some more Z's. :) Then I got up, later, and went to see if Dad had some breakfast. He takes me for a walk after that. :)

The U.S.A. did well in some diving stuff in the Olympics. I watched it on teevee. I also watched the volleyball and the handball. They were neat! I really would love to run around with the ball in handball. :)

I also watched House Hunters International, when Mom was sitting on the couch. She put on the show, and a nice family wanted to find a house on the beach. They looked at some really pretty places. I would love to run up to the water. :)

Then I went to look in D.R.'s room. She was playing on the compooter. She said I could come in, but I just looked in the doorway, and went back to the teevee. :) I have to get my proper number of lying-down hours. I like to rest most of the day.

D.R. had kind of a Bad day at work. Her boss told her she and some of the other people did a bunch of stuff Wrong. We all make boo-boos sometimes, so D.R. said to herself, she will just try harder as long as they let her work there. D.R. was skeered a little, though, because the work lady said, "I don't want to say that we're letting people go, but we may start letting people go..." When D.R. came home, I ran right up so she could pet me. That made her feel better.

Okay, I am going to sit down and watch the end of the show with Mom. Then it's back to watching Olympics stuff. D.R. said the gymnastics teams were really good, and the swimming guy Michael Phelps won his elebenty billionth medal. Wow! That's more than the most by one person ever. The Olympics is really fun.

I see u later. Thanks! {{{Luv}}}

Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Dad has a birfdee! :)

O hai! I am Keisha. This is my blog. Thank u for reading it. :)

Wow, we had a fun day! My Dad is celebrating his birfdee tomorrow. We had a party today, so our familee could come to see him. They eated sammiches, chicken and cake. I got little bits of some stuff. I was so excited, my pulse was like a drumroll. I jumped on the couches and sat on D.R. She pet me a lot. That was good. I also jumped on Dad, when he was sitting on the good couch. Oops, I am not supposed to do that. I did it anyway. Then I left, 'cause Mom told me to. :)

D.R.'s aunt and uncle came over, and they brought their little granddaughter, Brennae. She was super cute. She pet me, too. :) Brennae did a jigsaw puzzle and watched teevee. The Olympics was on! We watched boxing, field hockey and other stuff. That was fun. :)

I got to eat cheez, roast beef, cake, crackers and chicken today. Oh boy, my tummy was happy! I got tired and sat on the floor, when that was done. :) Parties are good. I like to see people, plus I like food.

I am in the Parade of Athletes at Posie Dorg's site! Yay! Thank u, Posie Dorg, and ur hoomins. I has a proud. :)

Today, we saw a lot of cranes. There were five of them walking together. They were small, maybe two feet high. When they grow up, I bet they are big and pretty. I like burdees, and D.R. does too. :)

I get to sleep in Dad's room tonite. Mom and Dad want me to relax after all the stuff I did. I get worked up when company comes over. I will be okay, though. A nap on the blankie is always good. :)

Okay, now I go sleeps. I see u soon. Thanks! {{{Luv}}}

Friday, July 27, 2012

It's Fries Day: here comes the Olimpiks! :)

O hai. My name is Keisha! Thank u. I very happy today, because it is the opening of the Olympics, where hoomins from all countries get together and do sports stuff, for shiny pretty medals. Yay! It is very fun to watch on the teevee. My hoomins and I are going to watch it, and I hope u do too. :)

Today was also good, because D.R. came home from work. She checked on the compooter, and her company sent some green papers to her bank. So she is good! D.R. is very relieved. I is too, 'cause now maybe she go to store and get me yogurt treats, oh please please. :)

Did u know, the Olympics are being held in England, so the time to watch on teevee is different? D.R. is going to make popcorn and we are gonna sit on the couch. Yay! :)

D.R. had some ice cream today. She couldn't give me some, because the outside was chocolate. Awww, shucks. I went walkies with Dad instead. :)

D.R. said she felt better at work today. They taught her more stuff for the compooter. D.R. said she remembered most of it, and didn't make boo-boos like before. Now, it's Fries Day, and she can do whatever she wants! Hooray! :)

U know what? My friend D.R. gave me a little piece of bread before, and I eated it from her finger. I also kinda ate a little bit of her finger. I sorry.

Plz stay inside and watch the Games on teevee, with ur favorite hoomins! :) Thanks. {{{Luv}}} I see u later!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

O hai! It is Wins Day :)

Hi there! My name is Keisha. I am a dog. Welcome to mah blog place. :)

Today is Wins Day. I had a good time. I went outside with Mom a bunch of times. Then I came back home. It is good to take a rest after your walkies. :)

The picture for this post is from D.R.'s office. It shows her capooters. I bet it would be fun to play Dad's airplane games on them. Yay! :)

D.R. was having some ice cream before, but this time she didn't give me any, because it was chocolate. I can't have that. It isn't good for dogs. It smells good, though. :) She also had some vegetarian taquitos. I was on the couch while she was eating. D.R. sat at the table. I didn't come over until she was done. Oops. :)

I went into D.R.'s room and rubbed on her feets. That was good. Also, I got to smell under her desk, where she keeps her capooter. It's pretty interesting. There are shoes, and other stuff down there. I like to sniff to see if anything new happened. U can learn lots of things by smelling. Try it sometime! :)

I helped Mom read a book before. I sat next to the couch while she was there. She looked at me, and then she went back to her book. I like to sit there when she does the crossword, too. Mom holds the pen, but I look to see if I know any of the words. :)

The Olympics are coming up very soon! They are going to have the people carry the torch, and then they will have the parade with the flags. That is always fun. After that, there are lots of days of games, and people win medals! I like it. D.R. and Mom and Dad do, too. :) The Paralympics is fun as well. I can't wait to watch both of them.

D.R. was Sad because of some things on the news. I was, too. Lots of people be doin Things That Are Bad. So I said a little prayer to Ceiling Cat: for every hoomin and critter who is hurt or sad, may there be peace. Amen. {{{Luv}}}

D.R. luvs Crispmouse, and so do I. U know, it is only July, and there are radio stations that have Crispmouse songs on them? :) Hee hee. It makes D.R. feel moar happy. Me, too. So if U has a Sad, put on some happy caroling songs, have a candy cane and think about Santy Paws. He will be here in a few months! :)

Okay, I am going to see if my Dad will let me watch teevee. U has a good nite. I luv u!! {{{luv}}}

Monday, July 23, 2012

O hai, it is Mom-and-Dad day :)

Hi der! I am Keisha, a little dog. This is mah blog about stuff I like to do. Thank u for reading it! :)

Today was going to be Burger Day, which D.R. likes to have on a Monday sometimes, but she had pizza for dinner instead. So, today is Monday or Mom-and-Dad Day. :) I like it. I got to take walks with my hoomins. It rained a little, so I got wet, but then I came home to rest.

D.R.'s friend, who she talks to on Face Book, adopted two kittens! Yay! :) :) She adopted them after D.R. posted an announcement that they were at a shelter. I am happy! I used to be at a shelter, before my hoomins met me. I love adoptions! :)

I sat next to mah Dad on the couch before. I leaned over and tried to get the snacks on his table. No cookies, too bad. :) We also watched the news. It was skeery. I don't likes it so much. Then Dad put on a show that had an opera lady, which was better. :)

D.R. had a Sad before. She said she saw a deer that had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I hear the meadows are nice in Heaven, though. {{{deer}}}

I got some ice cream the other day! D.R. gave me two little bits of vanilla ice cream. She put it on a plastic thing, so I could eat it. And I nommed up the ice cream real good. Mmmmmmm! :)

D.R. is thinking of maybe moving back to Noo Yawk, where she growed up. She is looking for jobs there, and maybe next year, she may stop there to see if she can get an innervoo. Then again, maybe she stay here. She dunno. D.R. was kind of Sad, because she is all Growed Up and stuff, and it is hard to buy a house and all that. Maybe she can stay with me. I will let her sit next to me on the couch. We can watch teevee. :)

D.R. went to a thing after church on Sunday. They had kids singing and everything. It was fun. D.R. said she got to sit next to new people, and she had some soda too.

Okay, now I am going to sit with Dad some more, and maybe this time I can get a snack. I see u later. Thanks! :) {{{Luv}}}

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Caturday is here :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. Thank u so much for coming to read mah blog today. I like that!! :)

Today, we had a Skeered. My Dad was taking a swim, and he saw smoke coming out of a house across the way. He went inside and called the Fire Department. We were all okay. I am glad the firefighters came to help the people at the other house. Nobody was hurt. They sprayed water all over the other house. :)

D.R. went to the liberry today. She got some books, and when she came home, she saw me, taking a walk with Mom. I turned around and went back to the house. D.R. pet me, and then she went inside. I kept walking with Mom. That was good. :)

It is still very hot here. When D.R. got in the car this morning, the thermometer said 108 (Fahrenheit)! That is a lot! Please drink a lot of water if you live in a place where it is hot, and stay inside. :)

Here is a cute picture of a kitteh. He is not ours, but he is cute. :)
This is a neat place, where D.R. wants to adopt a couple of kittehs. She said she will do that when she gets a new apartment. That may be this year or next year. I will visit her a lot, and I will try to be nice to the kittehs. I will not eat all the treats and I will not hide the squishy mouse toy under the couch. :)

The Olypmics starts in five days! Oh, boy, I am really excited! I want to see all the running, swimming and other stuff. It will be fun to sit on the couch with my hoomin friends. I bet I get popcorn! :)

D.R. is joining a gym. They are going to open a place really close to our house, so she will be able to go there a lot. That is good. D.R. said that when she gets home from there, she will give me a hug. I like that! :)

Okay, now I am going to rest. I see u later. Thx! :) {{{Luv}}}

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

O hai, Wins Day was good :)

Hi there! I am Keisha the dog. I welcome u to this blog. :) Here I am in this piksher, running under mah Mom's foots. :)

Today, a lot of things happened. It rained all morning! Eeeew. There were thunder boomies, and I got skeered, and ran in Mom and Dad's room. That is my favorite place to hide. It is warm and cool, and there is a blankie for me. I have a green striped blankie this week. That keeps me comfortable.

D.R. went to work, even though it rained a lot, and she almost had to stop her car. She did a lot of stuff on the capooter. Then she came home. I went for a walk with Mom, and when I came home, D.R. pet me. That was good. :)

D.R.'s Mom had a birfdee today! She was borned this day elebenty bleen years ago. D.R. got her Mom a gift card for a restaurant. Mom went to lunch with Dad, and they had steak and shrimp. I sniffed them when they got home. They smelled good. :)

I also got some bread tonight, when D.R. had a salami sandwich for dinner. That was good! It even had a little mustard on it. :)

A different family is going to move into the house across the street. We don't know who they are, but it will be soon. I will let you know if they are nice, and if they have a cat or dog. :)

I entered the Olympics at Posie Dorg's website. U can see the pikshers later, because a lot of critters are in it too, and Posie + her Dad have to finish working on stuff later. Meanwhile, the hoomin Olympics are going to be on teevee this month. Also the Paralympics. Please watch both, I know they will be fun!! :)

Okay, I am going to rest now. I see u later. Thank u all of u, very much! {{{hug}}} {{{Luv}}}

Happy Birfdee to D.R.'s Mom :)

O hai! I am Keisha the dog. Thank u for reading mah blog. :)

Today is the birfdee of D.R.'s Mom! She is going to have a nice lunch and cake. D.R. has to go to work, but she will give Mom a hug and kiss when she comes home. :)

It is going to rain soon. I am going to take a nap in Mom and Dad's room. I see u later. Thanks! :) {{{Luv}}}

Monday, July 16, 2012

Woof to you :)

O hai! My name is Keisha and thank u for reading mah blog. I happy u here. :) (This is not me in the picture, it is just another dog. He cute.)

Today, I was going out for walkies in the morning, and D.R. walked out the door to go to work. She stopped to pet me and say Hi to Mom. I was happy! I wanted to go in the car, but I stayed with Mom. :)

D.R. had a Sad at work today, because there were problems with stuff, but she tried to fix them. She has to finish that tomorrow. D.R. had to use the copier to scan and e-mail some stuff to herself. She's not sure if it worked. Tomorrow, she will have more time and probably finish it. Compooters and work stuff are funny. I just like to press buttons. Maybe I will go there and help her. :)

Guess what D.R. had for dinner tonight? Steak! I got to have a couple pieces. Mmmm, they were good. Nice beefy taste, and lots of protein. Mmmm mmm mmm. :)

D.R. says that at the end of this week, she is going to stop at the pet supply store and get some food for cats and dogs, to give to the shelter. She likes to do that. She says that every time she goes there, she sees a kitteh or doggy being adopted, so it is good luck. :)

I was watching teevee with Mom. I sat next to the couch. Mom pet me a little. I lay on my side. Then Dad came over. It was nice to have them together for the same show. Usually I go back and forth to see what show I like, and who has snacks. This time they were watching the same thing, so I got to be comfy next to them. I like it when my hoomins are in the same place. :)

Today we didn't get lots of rain, like we did the other days. It's good to have rain sometimes, though, because there is a drought in parts of the U-S-A right now. I hope they get rain soon. :) I don't like the noises, but rain is good for the ground and the plants.

The Olympics are going to start soon! D.R. is very happy, and so am I. We want to watch judo, footraces, martial arts and other stuff. I can't wait to see all the pretty colors when the teams walk into the stadium. :)

Okay, I am going to get some rest. I see u later. Thanks! {{{Luv}}}

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rainy Caturday

O hai! My name is Keisha. This is my blog. I glad u reading it. :)

Today we had some short rain storms. I was not as skeered as I usually am. It is still cloudy outside, but I got to go for a nice walk with my Mom. :)

D>R. had a Sad before, because she was driving home, and a little dog got away from his Mom, and ran across the street. D.R. stopped the car just in time. The dog got to the other side of the street and was safe. Then the dog's Mom went to get him. D.R. just drove home. D.R. was Sad because it was almost a Bad Thing, but happy after that, because no one got hurt. That was scary. I glad everything is finished now.

Mom came home, and she watched some teevee. I sat next to the couch. She pet me. :) Yesterday, Dad watched a loud show with lots of police cars in it. Today, Mom is watching some stuff with interviews in it. Dad also got some new DVDs with nature and science stuff. I bet he watches them later. Then I can sit on the couch, and he'll pet me. :)

My furs grow pretty quickly, and D.R. noticed when she was petting me before. She rubbed my back and my tummy. I am kinda fuzzy now. I like it when my hoomin rubs my back, 'cause that makes my neck furs ripple. :)

I saw a duck before. He was at a house across the street. He was sitting on their lawn. He preened his wing feathers. I like ducks. Some of them have had nests at our house over the years. D.R. even saw new babies last week, at a house down the block. They were walking on the lawn with their Mom. The lake is a good place for them to live. It is behind all the houses on my block. I don't go swimming there, but sometimes I like to sit and look at it. :)

D.R. is saving green papers from work, so she can get a noo apartment next year. I will visit her a lot when she does. She is not sure where it is going to be. There are booklets with pictures of buildings in them. That's good, because then she will have even more furniture in her room that I can sniff.

Plz to make sure u call for help if u see a critter stuck in a hot car. It is summer where we live. If u see something bad, plz call the police. Thanks.

Okay, time to be a sekoority guard and check all the rooms! I see u later. Thx. :) {{{Luv}}}

Thursday, July 12, 2012

We has a lot of rain

O hai. My name is Keisha. This is my blog. Thanks for reading it. :)

We had a lot of thunderstorms today. I got skeered because of the boom noises. I went to hide in Mom and Dad's room. At least there's a blankie on the floor, that I like to sit on. Now it stoppped. I am glad. :)

D.R. came home from work, and I went right up to sniff her. She pet me! :) Then I rubbed on her foots. I like when my hoomins come home.

My Mom came home today, too! She went to Sarasota to see her brother for a couple of days. She just got back this afternoon. I was so happy when she walked in, I wagged my tail and ran back and forth. Mom pet me. Wow, I was glad to see and smell Mom, and be able to sit on the couch with her again.

D.R. had fish for dinner tonight. She let me have a couple little pieces! They had lemon sauce. I liked that. :)

I watched some teevee with Dad tonight. It was a noisy show where a guy got arrested for something. I didn't really understand it, so I sat by the table.

The bad people across the street didn't come back today. We hope they stay somewhere else.

I am going to see if Mom will pet me on the head. I see u later. Bye! {{{Luv}}}

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

O hai, new stuffs happened

Hi, everybody! I am Keisha the dog. This is my blog. Welcome. :)

I got sick today. I ate some chicken and rice, and Mom says something was wrong with the rice. I threw up. Mom and Dad cleaned it up. Now I feel a little bit better. I even got to have a small bit of a burger for dinner.

D.R. had another pretty good day at work. She says the compooters were slow. She tried to finish everything, and the manager hoomins even said her work looked good. The company is moving to a new building later this year. D.R. said she hopes she can stay there after that.

There is a family across the street that keeps trying to move back into a house. They rented it from some other people. The family made a lot of noise, and the police would go to the house sometimes. The furniture place said they have to return their stuff. Since then, Dad saw the same family try to move back in the house even though they are not allowed to. They climbed in a window! Oh, boy. There is a new notice on the door that says they have to leave. D.R. says she was scared of the people, because they made noise all night and the police kept coming back. Hopefully they will not stay there anymore, and maybe nice new people will move in, with a cat or something.

It was very hot in the morning today. Then it rained a lot. Yipes! I like it better when it's cool. So I stayed inside, except to go walkies. :)

Yesterday, I went in D.R.'s room when I was on patrol. I rubbed on her foots a lot. Then I went to look at the furniture. It was good. D.R. pet me before she left for work this morning. I liked that. :)

Okay, I am going to sit next to Mom and relax while she watches teevee. I see u later. U has a nice week! Thanks. :) {{{Luv}}}

Monday, July 9, 2012

O hai, we has Mondae :)

Hi there! I am Keisha the dog. Thank u for coming to mah blog. :)

I found out something. I has a thing. It is a problem with my thyroid. It makes me pant a lot, and sometimes my tongue gets fuzzy. I get too excited and try to jump on the bed. When that happens, I also try to make my friends take me out right away. Mom and Dad give me medicine that is very strong. It makes me sleepy a lot. Dad says I have this because I am fifteen. Mom gives me my medicine tucked inside a piece of pound cake. That way, it is much better. It tastes yummy then. :) Don't worries, as long as I take my medicine, I is okay. :)

D.R. is still at her new job. She likes it. She said she parked in a big garage today. I bet that is exciting. If I was there, I would wait until there were no cars, and then I would run up and down the ramp. :)

There was a rainstorm today! :( I hate thunnerstorbs. They make me skeered. I go and hide in Mom and Dad's room until it is over. If I see my hoomin friends, I ask them to pet me. That makes it better.

There are lots more dogs around where I live lately. A new family moved in next door and they have two dogs! :) It will be fun to meet them. I hope I see them next time I go for walkies.

D.R. had a small piece of pizza for dinner tonight. She gave me a couple pieces of the crust! Mmmmm, they were good. I ate them up good. :)

Last night, I checked on D.R.'s room a lot. I was just making sure she was okay. Also, I wanted to sneak in between the chair and the dresser again. So I did! And then I left. :)

Okay, I am going to sit now. I see u later. Bye, and thank you! :) {{{Luv}}}

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Caturday :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. I am a springer spaniel dog. Thank u for reading this blog today. :)

Good news! My hooman got her first paycheck from work. That means she has some green papers. She is very happy, and I am too. :) Every time she comes home from work, she pets me on the head. That is good. :)

Yesterday, I went to bed all by myself. I walked into Mom and Dad's room and sat down on the blankie in front of the bed. I used to jump on the bed, but I mostly just sleep on the floor now. It is comfy and warm. :)

My hoomins pet me a lot yesterday. D.R. scratched behind my ears and gave me a tummy pat. Mom and Dad pet me, too. That made me happy! It is sunny today, so I hope I get to take lots of walks. :)

D.R was having a piece of flatbread for breakfast this morning. She gave me some pieces! Mmmmm, it was good. I ate it all up. :)

I went in Dad's compooter room to see what he was doing. He does a lot of software stuff, and he also plays video games where you get to fly planes. It is fun to sit there and watch him. Sometimes, he pets me too. :)

My friend D.R. has a lot of vidyos at U Toob. There are even some with me in them! :) U can see them by clicking here. :)

Okay, now I am going to see what Dad is doing, and hopefully I will get to share his lunch or maybe a cookie. See u later. Thanks! :) {{{Luv}}}

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July! :)

O hai! I am Keisha, a small dog. Thank u for coming to mah blog today. :)

Today is the Fourth of July! In the U-S-A, it is the anniversary of the day America became a free country. Hooray! :)

My Dad made burgers for all of us. I even got one! It was good. Mom chopped it up and put it in mah dish. MMmmmm. :)

I would like to ask that everyone please be careful. If u are celebrating, and u have drinks with alcohol, please get someone to drive u home. Also, please keep your pets at home indoors during all fireworks. It is not safe for them to be outside with the noise and danger. Thank u. {{{Luv}}}

I wish happiness and fun to all people and critters, whether or not u is from the U-S-A. Thank you! :) {{{hug}}}

Monday, July 2, 2012

Update: I is better :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. I am a dog. Thanks for reading my post today. :)

I has good news. I feel better! :) I was sick yesterday. I didn't feel good, and I had to take medicine. This morning I woke up, and I felt much better. I went and sniffed my Dad's foot, and he took me for a walk. Then I came back, and I had breakfast with Mom and Dad. D.R. woke up and she was so happy! :)

Thank u everyone for your words and purrs and woofs of comfort. They helped me a lot. I am very happy to have a lot of good friends. Thank u. {{{Luv}}}

Sunday, July 1, 2012

I sick :(

O hai, everybody. My name is Keisha. Thank u for coming to read my blog today.

I has a news. Yesterday evening, I got really sick. I had to go outside because of a b-u-t-t problem. Then I came back to the house, and I was huffing and panting. My heartbeat was all messed up. Mom and Dad gave me some medicine. I was able to go to sleep.

Today I was able to eat, and go outside to p-o-o-p again, but when I came back, I had a hard time walking. I stumbled a lot. I was very woozy and frail. Mom kept an eye on me. I sat next to the couch. Mom watched the teevee, and she pet me, and checked on me a lot.

D.R. gave me a french fry from her lunch. It was very tasty. I was so tired, I could hardly move, but she gave me one fry and I let it cool a little before I ate it. Mmmm mmm mmm. :)

After a little while, I went back into Dad's room to get some rest. I sat on the blankie. Dad was taking a nap on the bed. It is good to relax, and I hope I feel better after that.

I am going to sleep a bit, and maybe later, have some water and pettings from my hoomins. Hopefully, I will be all ship-shape again soon.

I luv u, everybody. If u are in the U-S-A, have a good Fourth of July. If u are in Canada, have a good Canada day. Everyone else, I hug u too. {{{hug}}} Bye! {{{Luv}}}