Sunday, June 14, 2009

Helloo! :)

Oh hai, I am Keisha, and welcome to mah blog. :)

Wow, it's hot. I have been doing a lot of resting on the floor, just to be safe.

My Mom and Dad are Outside, on a trip to Mom's brother's house. I am home with mah hooman friend D.R. today. I think I am gonna rest most of the day, except when we go out for walkies. :)

The piksher is from mah berfday partee! I am playin with a prezint I got from mah friend D.R. I like rope toys. I chase them and go Grrrrrrr.

There are a lot of ducks around lately! I think some of them have a nest between our house and the neighbors' house. As long as the ducks don't bite anybody, I guess they're okay. :)

Thank u for readin'. I'll see u later.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I has a birthday!! :)

Hi there. It's Keisha. Welcome to my blog.

Today is my birthday! Actually, my hooman frends don't know what day I was borned. They just know it was in 1998. They adopted me in June, 2004. That's why we have my birthday today. Yipee!! :) :)

It is really hot here. I have to drink a lot of water when I come home from my walks. I like to take naps on the floor. It's good when D.R. tickles my tummy.

I was scared tonite 'cause my Mom and Dad went Outside for a while. They came back, though. D.R. let me have some cheese from the pizza she had for din-din. I also got some of the crust. It was really thick!

Okay, that's it for now. I'll see you later. Thanks. :)