Sunday, January 30, 2011

Here comes Febawerry! :)

O hai! This is Keisha. I am a dog. It nice to see u. Thank u for comin to read mah blog. :)

The monf of Febawerry is almost here. It is short, with only twenny-ate days in it. We has a duck livin in front of our house! :) I go look at it every time I go for walkies. I wonder if the duck will have bebehs by the end of the monf. D.R. says they are cyoot. :)

I went into D.R.'s room today, and rubbed on her foot while she was typin' on the capooter. She pet me a lot. That was good. :) Then I went around sniffin stuff, like the teevee wire, which she asked me to stop (sry), and the shooez D.R. put in the corner, and some art stuff. D.R. has markers and speshul drawin pages. She likes to make pikshers sometimes. Maybe I will ask her for some! Then I can do a piksher, too. :)

I sat next to Dad when he ate dinner. It was fun. The food smelled so good! I was right by the table. Watchin my hooman friends eat is like goin to the mooveys. It is so excitin! Sometimes they put sauce on their food, sometimes they have a knife and other times they just have a spoon. U never know what they are gonna do! :)

My Mom was eatin some almonds before. They had a cream-flavur coatin on them. They were crunchy! Mom gave me a couple. I liked them. :)

My friend D.R. has gone out for a walk for exer-cyze nearly every day. It's kinda cold sometimes, but she has a big jacket. Maybe I will borrow her little hand weights. U can lift them a lot, and they make ur muskles more strong. Plus, they are a pretty purple color. When D.R. is gone, I can lift the pillows on the couch instead.

Today, Dad watched a show with lots of Navy boats in it. I sat on the floor. I think it would be fun to be on a boat, but my tummy might go flibbity floo. I think I will let the hoomans do that instead. If u are in the Navy, they give u a hat! That is really good. :) Also, they help keep everybody safe, which is even more gooder.

Okay, now I am gonna take a little rest, so I will see u later. Thank u for stoppin by! Luv. {{{hug}}}

Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Thursdee, how r u?? :)

O hai! I am Keisha. Thank u for readin mah blog today. It is good to have u here. Plz put up ur foots. :)

Mah hoomin friend D.R. was eatin some noodles for dinner tonite. She gived me some! And they had sauce, plus vegables on dem. Mmmm! They were good. :)

I also had a tummy pat while I was sittin on the couch. D.R. came over and hugged me, as soon as she got back from werk, and I felt really good. :) My furs were ripply. It is vurry relaxin' at the end of the day.

My Dad is gonna go to a train show in Febooary. They are gonna have model trains that go on tracks on the table, and the trains say choo-choo and have blink lites and stuff. Hooray! :) I wish I could go, too. I hope Dad takes lots of pikshers.

D.R. says she can't wait for the warm weather, in a couple monfs. She would like to go to the beach and build a sand kassle! :) Yay! That's gonna be fun. I bet she builds lots of towers and stuff. With crumply parts in them. Hoohee! :)

Do u like to cleen ur toes? I do, sometimes. I wash mah paws when I is sittin on the couch. I like to be all fresh and neat to watch the teevee with Mom and Dad. I let them pick the show. Sometimes Mom puts on Animal Planet for a few minutes. I like to see jeraffs and lions. The jeraffs go trot-trot-trot like super-tall horses, and the lions sit unner the trees and just yawn and stuff. They are like kittehs, only hooj. :)

U know whut? I think I saw a mousie! He runned away before I could get him. If I see him again, maybe I will give him to one of the kittehs next door.

Okay, I gotta get some rest. I see u later. Bye byes! Thanks. :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Food box is better! :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. Thank u for comin to mah blog today. I glad u readin it. :)

Today, we had a scairy thing. Our fridgerator broked!! :( It stopped keepin all our stuff cold, and Mom and Dad had to put all the nom noms and drinkses in cases on the patio. Yipes! Then they called a guy, and he showed up and fixed stuff. Thank u, Mr. Fix-Stuff. :) Now all our things are back in the fridge, and everything is better. D.R. even gived me some bacon, and it was fresh and yummy! Mmmmm. :) I am so glad I have food and a good home. I hope all critters will have those things. :)

It was cold and rainy today. D.R. still went for a walk outside for ex-er-cyze, and she was kinda cold when she came back. Mom has a coff, and she had to take medicine. I had to check up on my hoomins a lot today. That's part of my job. Mom said she felt a little better after the medicine, and D.R. pet me a lot, so I think it worked. Dat makes me feel like I did a good job. :)

My Dad was watchin a funny movie before. It didn't make a lot of sense. It had robots and lots of cars in it. There was a bunch of noise, and splosions, and things caught on fire. I went to sit with Mom after that, and she was watchin "House Hunters." These nice people were lookin for a place with a yard, and we were thinkin why, and it turns out they had two dogs!! Yay! :)

I did a lot of restin on my side this weekend. D.R. and Mom gived me tummy pats. I am very furry now. I think I will curl up on the blankie with the paw prints, or maybe go and jump on the big bed. Sleepies is good. :)

Okay, that's it for now. I hope u have a good week! Luv to everyone. Bye-bye. :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

O hai, happy Fryes-dee :)

O hai dere! I am Keisha, a dog, who lives with my hooman friends. Thank u for readin mah blog. :)

I got to have parts of a cookey today!! Yay!! :) D.R. was havin tew choklat chip cookeys, and she breaked off the choklat parts so I wouldn't eat them, and she just gave me the parts with brown sugar. YummmmmmM! Oh boy, they were good! Nom nom nom.

D.R. was at the office today and a nice lady gived her a orinj. Wow! D.R. put it on the counter at home, in the dish with the other froot. It will probly be very yummy at breakfis tomorrow.

It was rainin a lot today. I had to go outside for walkies, and my furs got rain on them. Yahhh, not so good. But Dad was nice, he took me home pretty soon. :) This evenin, I got to sit on the floor and watch teevee with Dad, too. It was pretty good. The carpet felt good on my tummy. U should try it sometime. :)

D.R. also had some fish for dinner. She gived me little pieces of the rolls she had with it. Mmmm! I like bread. It's fun to catch food when my people friends throw it to me. That is a good game. U can try it. I hope u get lots of points!! :)

D.R. says there are parakeets livin outside our house. Some of them land in our tree, sometimes. They go cheepcheepcheep, and it's really cyoot. D.R. likes them a lot! :)

Yesterday and today, I went to the door to say bye-bye to D.R., when she left for werk. She was so happy, she said she thought about me the whole tiem when she was at werk!! :) I wish I could be there. I would play with the capooter and help people get their stuff from the copy macheen.

Okay, that's it for now. I will get some sleep. I hope u has some fries today. They are yummy, and that's what Fry-dee is for! Tee hee. :) Have a fun weekend. Bye-byes! :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

O hai, it are Toosdee! :)

Hello! My name is Keisha. I am a dog. Thank u for readin this blog. Welcome to it! :)

Yesterday, my hoomin friend D.R. brought home some leftover stuff from dinner. She had chikin and fryes. I got to eat the rest!! :) Mmm, nummy! I nommed it all up real good. Urp. :) Sry.

I was goin to see Mom by the good couch in the front room yesterday. D.R. was sittin on a chair next to the sofa. I kinda stepped on her foots. Oops. :) Once I sat next to the couch, it was kinda fun. I got to watch the teevee show, and Mom pet my furs a little.

Mondee mornin, I waked up real early and watched the nooz with Dad. I like when he gives me cereal sometimes. It's fun to watch the nooz, too, because u get to see tanks and planes and stuff. And weather! They tell u about all the rain storbs. D.R. says she likes to watch nature shows, so she can plan where to travel. When the weather gets nice and warm, she may go see some stuff. I hope she takes lots of nice pikshers! I would go with her, but I'm scaired an allmagater may eat me up, if I go too close to the river. I will tell D.R. to be real careful. The trees and little burdees are nice. Maybe she can take pikshers of those, instead. :)

Speakin of burdees, a duck was outside our house! It walked around on the lawn. Then it went somewheres else. We have a big, big tree in front of the house. I would climb it, if I weren't scaired to get in trubble. :) Tee hee.

Okay, I am gonna stop now, so's I can watch a funny show with Mom. I see u later. Have a good week. Thanks! :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

O hai, it are Sundee :)

(That's me, walkin out of the kitchen. Hee hee!)

Hello there, and thank u for readin mah blog. :) I are Keisha, a spaniel dog who lives with some nice hoomans in Floridey. I glad to see u! (happy tail)

Today is kinda cold. I'm stayin inside, except for when I went for walkies before. I was watchin teevee with Dad. Then he and Mom went out to see somethin, and D.R. stayed with me. D.R. had a cheeburger for lunch, did u know? She smelled nice. :) D.R. said she had an extra one, which we can share tomorrow. Oh, boy!! :)

I am gettin very floofy. D.R. and Mom said my furs are nice and long. That means when u pet me, ur hand goes whoosh. :) I like that, espeshully when it's cold. It helps to have a jacket u can wear all the time.

My Dad was watchin an orkestra on the teevee yesterday. They played these pointy things called vi-o-linnz. They also had trumpets and stuff. It was good. Then I went to sit with Mom, and she watched a show with laywers in it. I wish we coulda watched Animal Planet. D.R. says they had a dog show on, the other day!! :)

Since today is Sundee, I am goin to stretch out on the couch for a while. I see u later. Thanks. :) Bye! {{{hug}}}

Friday, January 14, 2011

O hai, it's Fry-dee! :)

(This is me, sittin with my Dad. Hi, Dad!)

Good mornink. My name is Keisha. I am a dog. Thank u for readin mah blog. :) I happy u are here! :)

Today, my hooman D.R. has to go to a speshul Meetin at werk. She has to go early and everythin. D.R. says the good thing about it is, at the end of the day, she's allowed to leave early, too. Yay! More hugs for me. :)

This mornin, I was goin in to D.R.'s room to sniff her shoes, as I always do. She gived me lots of pettins. That was really nice. :)

D.R. saw the kitteh again! It lives outside. It was goin from one house to another. Kittehs like to patrol houses. That's good. D.R. says if it comes to our house, it can has some food. Right now, it looked okay.

There have been lots of goggies walkin with their people, on mah block! :) I meeted lots of noo friends. There were big goggies, like this Alaskan shepherd one, and there were some little pugs and cyoot little mutts too. It is nice to have lots of good dogs to say Hi to. I like to sniff them if I meet them when I'm out for walkies with Dad. :)

It's kind of cold today. I'm glad I has long furs now. Mom says I may have to go to the groomer when the weather gets warm, but that's two more monfs away, so I'm happy. :)

I had lots of wawa the past two days. Mom and Dad were kind of wurried, but I am okay. I just like to drink after I takes a walkies-time. I is doin fine. :)

So, that is it for now! Thank u so much. I see u later! Bye. {{{hugs}}}

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

O hai! I had some din-din! :)

Hi there, it's Keisha. Thank u for readin mah blog. I glad to see u!! (wags tail)

Today is Wensdee. I had some yummy din-din last nite!! :) D.R. was sharin her dinner, and she gived me haff of her haff a cheeburger, (which is like one forf), and lots of her chikin strips too. She was havin some small leftovers, but she let me have some too. They were still good! Mmmmm. The cheeburger even had kechup on it! Wow. :)

Yesterday, I also went into Dad's room to sleep. Most of the time, I like to stay on the couch, but I wanted a little more room to strech out. I feel comfy when I am next to mah hoomans.

I saw a bunch of hoomans out with their goggies before. It is good to have friendly neighbors. :) I sniff or say Woof to them when I am out.

Did u know, it rained? Not much, just a little drizzle. Mah furs got wet when I was outside takin a walkies. I flipped mah furs around with a good wiggle when I got back inside. I glad to live someplace warm. I wish all critters did. :)

Okay, that is it for now. I think Mom is gonna eat somethin, and I will sit with her. Thank u! Have a good week. :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I am home! Whee! :)

O hai, my name is Keisha. :) Thank u for readin this blog today. I glad u here! :)

Today, I camed home from Ms. Lori's house. It was fun! I was there for a couple days, stayin with her while my parents went on a trip. My Dad got to see some of his friends from high school, and Mom and her brother went shoppin and got all sortsa stuff for her brother's noo house. I got to play with the dogs and kitties at Ms. Lori's place. Yay! :) I also took a lot of naps at her house. Naps are good anywhere you go.

I want to say thank u to Ms. Lori, who let me stay over and have food and stuff. She let me go walkies in the yard. She has a beeg house that is fun for critters. It was like a vacashun for me. :) Now I's home. It's good to be back. I went over to D.R. when she came back from lunch, and she pet me and hugged me a lot. She said she was vurry glad to see me. I was happy to see her, too! :) It is good to be with ur hoomans and smell them and stuff.

After that, I jumped on the couch and watched teevee with my Mom. It was good to sit there and listen to the teevee people. I am glad the couch is still comfy and didn't change while I was gone. :) I can't wait to go for walkies with Dad later on. Yay!

D.R. said it was hard to wait for me to come home. She was vurry bored without me. :( I was happy when she pet me and rubbed the furs on mah head. I went to say hi in her room, then went back to teevee with Mom. It is nice to have a famlee that luvs u. Sundee is always quiet and comfy. There are movies, nice walkies outside, and just starin out the window is kinda relaxin too. :)

That's it for now! I hope u had a good weekend, too. Bye byes! :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Special trip! Yay! :)

O hai, everyones. :) My name is Keisha. Thank u for readin mah blog today. :) I am glad to see u.

I has an announcement!! :) Today, I am going to Ms. Lori's house. She is a dog-sitter. That means she watches dogs at her house, while the hoomans of the goggies go on vacashun or somethin. So, I will be stayin at her house, which is really nice. I have been there a few times. She has a cat, and there are always a bunch of dogs stayin with her, too. That's gonna be a lot of friends to sniff! :) It should be a pretty good time. I will be there until Sunday evening. Maybe I can ask Ms. Lori's pet kitteh to let me borrow the compooter sometimes. Then I can type stuff. Dat would be good! :)

My hooman friend, D.R., is stayin at home while her Mom and Dad go on a trip. D.R. said she will miss dem, and she will miss me, too. I think she will be okay. I told her, if u gets a sad, look at pikshers of stuff, with me in them, and u will be fine. :) I will have lots of fun stories when I get back.

One of the things I am lookin forward to doing, at Ms. Lori's house, is takin a nap on the floor. They have a big floor there! Also, there are couches and stuff. I like to be comfy. I will also be happy to say hi to the dogs and kittehs, and learn what they've been doin since my last visit. I likes dat. :)

I bet we even get to explore stuff in the house! :) I will go to different rooms and sniff things. Mom is givin me some toys and stuff to bring with me. It is like a big camping trip. :)

Okay, that is it for now. Thank u! I luvs evrybuddi. :) I see u soon! :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

O hai, Wensdee nooz :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. Welcome to mah blog. :) I is very glad u are here. Kthanx. :)

Today was Wensdee. I got to go for some walkies, which were good. D.R.'s Mom had to go get her some new medicine. D.R. was very happy about that. :) D.R. also stayed at werk all day, even though she still had a coff, and she went to the gym for a little while, too. :) I wish I could go to D.R.'s werk, sometimes. I would look at the compooter, and help with the coffee machine.

D.R. saw somethin really important. She saw a kitteh with two kittens, and they live outside! She said they were runnin over to this house across the street. They made it okay. D.R. said she hopes the people there will put food for the kittehs. She said if she sees them over by our house, she will put food too. :) D.R. luvs those kittehs, and so do I. :)

Today I sat on the couch, right next to Mom's feets. She was watchin teevee, so I did too. I curled up right by her. When I was done watchin the show, I went to the big room, to rest next to Dad. I likes the floofy comforter blankie.

D.R. kinda had a Sad after talkin to some people on the Innerwebs. She didn't like the argyments. D.R. says she likes to read a lot, but sometimes people are just Roode. Pfffffffh! I say to them.

I am goin to get extra rest tonite. That way, I can wake up in time for breakfast and the nooz with Dad. I like to watch the teevee with Dad in the mornin. U learn stuff like the weather, and people talk like this: Blah blah blah. The best thing is breakfast. :)

Okay, I see u later. Bye for now. Thanks! :) {{{luv}}}

Monday, January 3, 2011

O hai, Mondee stuffs :)

Hi there! This is Keisha. I am a spaniel mix. Welcome to mah blogygog. :) Today was Mondee.

My hooman friend D.R. has a coff. :( She said she felt sick at werk, but she din't go home because she is noo there and they might not let her. When she came home, she took some more medicine. It helped a little bit. D.R. din't have dinner. :( She just had a snack, some bread with a little piece of cheez, and I got to have a tiny part, so that was good. :) D.R. petted me a lot. I hope that made her feel better. :)

Did u know, somethin is gonna happen to the Moon? I heard it on the nooz. There is gonna be another ee-klips this year. I get scaired... Plz stop tryin to break the Moon. It is gonna get all messed up. :(

D.R. finished readin a book by Erin Hunter. She said it was called "Fire in the Sky," and it was good. It was about some bears that are lookin for a safe place to live. U can read it at the liberry. :) Also, D.R. likes to watch soccer games. I like that, too! :) I went into her room before, and she was watchin the game, and that's when she gived me the bread and cheez. So I felt good. :)

I watched teevee with Mom and D.R. before! :) They bofe pet me on the head. That made me really happy. I like to relax, and after the pettins, I went to rest on the couch. It is big and u can stretch out if u want. :)

Okay, that's it for now. I am goin to bed. I hope u has a good week! Luv, Keisha. :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. Thank u for readin this bloggygogog. I am happy u are here. :)

Today is Gnu Ears, which is the first day of January. Wow! Yesterday was fun. I watched teevee with my Mom and D.R. until the speshul countdown was over. We said Hooray and hugged each other. My Dad went to sleep early. :) Mom and Dad went to a nice party before. They brought home some food, but they put it in the frij. Oops. :)

Lots of people set off fyerwerks! Ouchie, my ears went boomity boomity. I don't likes loud noises. I did take a nap on the couch anyway. D.R. pet me when I woke up. I was okay, after.

I hope u and all ur loved ones have a very healthy and fun 2011. Happy New Year! :)

Love, Keisha