Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Gnu Ear 2012!! :) :) :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. Thank u for reading mah blog today. Good to see u. :)

I want to wish everyone a Happy Gnu Ear. I hope u has a healthy, fun year in 2012! :) Please be careful and stay inside so u don't get scared by all the fireworks. Also, ask your hooman friends to take a taxi cab home if they are going to have some drinky drinks. My friend D.R. says that is very important. :)

I has kind of a sad nooz. Two of my uncle's dogs got into a fight. One got hurt and had to go to the v-e-t for help. :( I hope it doesn't happen anymore.

D.R. is still looking for a job. She said she sent lots of e-mayos, and nobody wrote back yet this week. She told me next week there might be more, once New Year's is over. I hope she will still sit on the couch with me and rub my tummy, after she gets a job.

At my house this morning, almost everybody was napping. My Dad took a nap, my Mom took a nap on the couch, so I went into Dad's room and took a nap on the floor. Later, D.R. had pizza for dinner, and she gave me a little bit! I had the crust, with a little sauce and cheese on it. Yummy! It was very good. :)

D.R. was feeling sick in her tummy again today. She didn't throo up, but she said she was gonna lie down and maybe read. I do that sometimes. I lie on the blankie next to the bed in Mom and Dad's room, and if Mom is reading something, like a book or newspaper, I come over and take a look. I think next year, I would like to get my own liberry card. That way, I can get all sorts of books about dogs.

Mom fixed our flag this morning! :) There is a nice, pretty flag of the U-S-A outside our house. Mom and Dad put it there. The other day, it got kind of wound up around the metal stick it's on, so Mom went out there and fixed it. Now it looks all better. I like the flag. I especially like the flag cupcakes we have around the Fourth of July. :) I don't like the noise of fireworks so much, but they are fun to watch on the teevee. D.R. likes them, too. She knows a lot of flags! Sometimes she plays games on the compooter, where u look at a flag and guess what country it is from. I bet I would be good at that, too.

Okay, I am going to sit in Dad's compooter room and watch him play vidyo games. He is good at games with airplanes in them. Sometimes they make a funny Buzzz-zzz-zz noise. I see u later! Happy Gnu Ear!!! {{{2012}}}

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wensdee nooz :)

O hai! My name is Keisha and this is mah blog. Thank u for reading. :)

Today is Wensdee. I am having a good time at home. I went for a couple walks with Dad. My Aunt Mary had to go home. I miss her already. She lives near Miami. She had to go back there because she was only visiting us in Port Richey for Christmas. Aunt Mary got to see me play Santa Paws. Also, she gave Mom a dancing Snoopy toy. I thought it was another dog, and I barked at it.

D.R. eated some potater chips before. She gived me a couple! They went crunch, crunch. MMmmm. She also gived me some bread from her burger. It had a little bit of ketchup. Wow! :)

I may have to go to the v-e-t in March. I don't likes that, but Mom says I gotta go one or two times a year. If I get a good check-up this time, I don't have to go for a while. That would be good.

Mom says I losted some weight! :) I is moar smaller than I used to be. Mom has been feeding me a healthy kind of dog food, so that helped. Also, I have gone for moar walkies with Dad every day. Exercise is good.

D.R. throo up yesterday. She said she doesn't know what caused it, but today, she is feeling better. She had no moar sickies today. I hope she feels good enough to have a cookie, and maybe share some with me. :)

I tried to eat some stuff on the lawn the other day, when D.R. was taking me out for walkies. I sniffed an anthill, and it was kinda good. D.R. told me to stop. That is a good thing, because I did not get sick today. I am glad I have nice hooman friends who help me. :)

Okay, that is all for now. I hope u has a good week. Byebye! :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

I has a happy :) :) :)

O hai! This is Keisha. Welcome to mah blog. Yay! (paw tap)

Kitmas was awesome! Santa brought me lots of stuff. U can see my toys. They are in the green sock. Three toys + sock= four! Hooray! :)

D.R. went to a party at her aunt and uncle's house. Cousin Mike and his daughter were there, and Uncle Thomas. So was Dad's sister, Aunt Mary. Everybody had lots of fun. There was food and everything. Mmmmm. :)

Cousin Mike's daughter got lots of fun toys. D.R. taked pikshers of them! U can see them here. I love my toys, too. They go squeak! D.R. threw one to me, and I chased it around. It was red! It is a porcupine. I think his name should be Spiky. :)

D.R. came home a little early and took me for walkies. She also walked with me before she went to the party. When my hoomans were out, I taked a nap. I dreamed I got lots of cookies. When I waked up, D.R. said her auntie brought lots of cookies. Yay! :)

D.R.'s aunt is going to stay here a couple days. She and Mom and Dad are going to have lots of fun and go see stuff. D.R. said she will mostly look for work, play compooter games, read and sleep. Oh yeah, she said she will also give me lots of hugs. I like that part. :)

U can see some photos from this year's Christmas, right here. The best part is, I got to be Santa! Thank u Aunt Mary for my Santa suit. :)

I is Santa!

This is the choo-choo train and Christmas tree at Aunt Fran's house.

This is Mr. Bear. He is little Brennae's polar bear. :)

My prezints from Santy Paws! :)

I had a really good Christmas. I'm also looking forward to New Year's. I hope u are, too! {{{Love}}} Thank u.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

O hai, Fursday is here :)

O hai! I put this funny piksher of a kitteh because it is cute. :)

Hello! Today is Fursday. Only a few more days until Santy Paws comes here! :) I hope u has a very fun Kitmas.

Happy Chanukah to all those who are celebrating. :) If you win at dreidel, please save me some candy.

I went into D.R.'s room and rubbed on her foots a bunch on Wensdee. It was good, 'cause she pet me a lot. She even kissed me on top of mah head. That made me feel very happy. :)

D.R. had an innervoo on Wensdee. She was very nervous. The people told her they liked her resume, but she didn't get the job. D.R. was very Sad. Then I let her pet me, and she felt kinda better. I know she will get something soon. :)

Mom and Dad had an Oopsie with their car. There was a thing stuck in the tire. Mom had to go get it fixed. Now it is better. D.R. has a thing she uses with her car, called a GPS. It tells you how to find a place. I hope it knows where the pet food place is. I would like to go look at the big bags of dog food.

I had some popcorn on Wensdee. It was good! :) D.R. gave some to me. It was a little burnt, but that was okay. I like the crunch and the taste. Mmmm mmm mmm. :)

D.R. has a Cold. She is sneezing a lot, and has to take medicine. That makes her sleepy, and she doesn't always remember stuff. D.R. said that today, she is just gonna apply for some jobs on the compooter, then read, watch teevee and go to sleep. I think that is good. I will do that too. Except I already have a good job, as a dog. :)

Yesterday, D.R. was listening to a radio show, when she was driving home from the innervoo. She said the radio thing was about Poly Tix. It was not very funny. I do not like when the teevee nooz talks about Poly Tix. I'd rather watch the weather show instead. It shows you when it's gonna rain and stuff. That is good, 'cause I do not like rain.

U know what was funny? At the place where D.R. went to her innervoo, there was a big dog in the office! A furry black sheepdog. D.R. said she wished she could have had the job, but it did not happen. It would be nice to go to the office and see a dog every day. That's okay, 'cause she still gets to see me every day at home. :)

Okay, I gonna see if there are any Christmas singing shows on the teevee. Thanks. Bye-bye! :) {{{love}}}

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Furry Kitmas and Happy Gnu Ear! :)

O hai der! I am Keisha. Thank u for reading mah blog. I so glad to see u! :)

There are only five more days left until Kitmas! Are u gonna stay up and watch for Santy Paws? I sure am. I hope they leave out extra cookies for him, so I can have some too.

I went for a walk with Dad early this morning. Then we came home, and I rested on the floor. I went to say Hi to D.R. when she waked up. After that, I sat on the floor again. We have nice carpet in the living room. There is a small rug near the patio door. I like to rest on that sometimes. :)

Yesterday, I went into D.R.'s room. I sniffed everything. The lamp table was good. There are always interesting smells under there. I tried to sniff the electric plug, but D.R. made me stop. She said it is Not Safe, so I will try to remember that.

D.R. likes to play a video game called Skyrim. U play a person who fights dragons and trolls and other bad critters. I went in there, and she was playing it. Maybe I can try next time. I think I could win. I am a strong dog. I always catch the tennis ball.

We still do not have a tree. D.R. said she may go out and look for one, even just a little tree to put on the table. I hope she finds one with pretty lights. I like to see the blink-blink-blink.

Okay, please be extra good so u can get gifties from Santa! Also, the best gift to have is a loving forever home. Thank u. :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

O hai, a new Sundae is here

Hi there. I'm Keisha. Thank u and welcome to mah blog. U can see me in this piksher. I am walking around at the party we had on Thanksgiving. I was trying to see if I could get more food. I did get a lot of pettings. :)

Today was good. After a lot of sad things happened last week, I was glad to have some fun too. I got to watch teevee with Dad. I jumped on his lap when he was having lunch. Yay! It was like I tackled him in football. I winned!

Mom took me for a lot of walkies yesterday. I didn't always have to go on the lawn, but I did enjoy getting outside and breathing the fresh air. There were a lot of birdees, like baby cranes and ducks and crows. Cute! :)

The other day, I was a little sluggish and didn't want to run around much. Mom was a little worried. I did move around more today. I eated all my food, and even asked D.R. for a little bit of the crust when she had pizza. I also drinked more wawa. Sometimes your tummy just needs a day off. :)

My Dad watched a moovey today. It was "Night at the Museum." It was noisy and there was a big fight at the end, but I liked it. I would like to go to a real museum. I would sniff everything.

I walked into D.R.'s room a couple times last night. She was trying to get to sleep, but she just pet me, and I felt good. It makes me happy to know all my hooman friends are safe. It is part of my job as the house sekoority guard.

I can't wait for Santy Paws to get here. I hope he gives us lots of neat gifties! But really, the bestest thing about Kitmas is being with ur family and having fun. I wish all of u a very Merry Kitmas and Happy Gnu Ear. :) {{{love}}}

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Prayers for the Houston Pittie Pack and family

O hai. I has some Sad nooz. :( There was a fire at a house in Houston, Texas; the humans got out okay, which is good. Five of their dogs were lost, though. I am very sorry to hear that, and my hooman friend is saying prayers for them.

Here is the website for the lady: Kissa-Bull, and here is a blog by one of her friends, Jan's Funny Farm, where she talks about what happened. If u go to Jan's site, u will see a Chip-In where you can help them.

May the critter friends who were lost rest in peace.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Admiral Hestorb is in Heaven now

O hai, everyone, I hope u is havin good before-Christmas time. :)

I has a new Sad in my heart today. One of my best Kitteh friends, Admiral Hestorb, has gone to Heaven. She was sick for a long time. Then she went to the Rainbow Bridge, where it is nice and clean. Her Mom is very Sad also. U may want to stop by her blog and say hello. Thank you. {{{Admiral Hestorb}}} {{{Mom}}}

My hooman friend D.R. did a nice thing today. She bought some food for the kittehs and doggies at the local animal shelter. She dropped it off there, and something even better was happening. A hooman was adopting a new dog, to be the brother of her other dog! :) D.R. said she was so happy, her head almost asplode. D.R. also saw a lot of nice critters when she was at the pet store getting the food. She said they have birdees, fishies and lizards. She wants to get some of those when she has a new apartment. I will go visit her a lot! :)

D.R> said I should be extra good, because Santy Paws sometimes leaves gifties early. Santy may have dropped off some really good prezints for a certain good puppy. I hope that is me!! :)

Some very Naughty people stopped at our house yesterday. They threw eggs at Mom's car, and knocked our mailbox onto the ground. Yoiks! Mom and Dad were kinda mad. They didn't get to call the police, because the strange people were already gone by the time Mom and Dad went outside to look. Lots of our neighbors had the same thing happen. I hopes they catch the bad people soon. Being Nawty right before Kitmas is not fun.
Okay, I see u later. Thank u, everybody. Let's all enjoy the Kitmas and Gnu Ear. Be good, so Santy Paws is good to u!! {{{Luv}}}

We have good news! :)

O hai, everybody! Thank u so much for all your purrs, woofs and prayers for my Uncle Thomas. We has good news!! :)

My uncle went home from the hospital yesterday. He has no more bleeding, and the doctors said his operation was good. My Mom came home after she helped Uncle Thomas get back to his house. Uncle Thomas has lots of dogs! They jumped on him when he was on the couch. :)

So, everyone is much more happy now. The doctor said my uncle has to rest a lot. Also, I hope he has some ice cream. I always feel better when I have some. :)

(U can see my Uncle in the piksher. He is on the right. He has a pillow on his head.)

Okay, I am going to get some rest. I see u soon. Thanks! :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Update- we can has a Sad :(

O hai. My name is Keisha. Thank u for comin to mah blog.

I has a nooz. It not so good, sorry. My uncle, who went to the hospital the other day, had lots of tests and lost blood and stuff. The doctor found out that he has a Can-Sur. :( My Mom is still visiting him in the hospital. She is gonna come home tomorrow, but she will go back soon after that.

(Uncle Thomas is not in the picture up there. That picture has other folks in it.)

They is giving my Uncle Thomas a noo visit to Sir Jerry. They are trying to see where the bad Can-Sur is so they can take it all out of him. I hope they do that.

D.R. has a worried, but Mom called and said Uncle is getting some rest now, and the sur-jury is later on. My Dad took me for a walk outside. I eated some of my food. I didn't feel so good, because Mom was gone, but D.R. sat next to me and pet me a lot. That was better.

Okay, I gonna go now. I hope Uncle Thomas is all better soon. We is gonna send him extra moar hugs and wishes. I see u later! :) Thanks.

Monday, December 12, 2011

My uncle, he sick :(

O hai! My name is Keisha. In this piksher, you can see some people in mah family at a dinner we had for Thanksgiving. It was a lot of fun to see everybody. :) Also, we nommed lots of turkey. :)

I has a Sad, because my Mom's brother, D.R.'s Uncle Thomas, had to go to the horseytail to have an operization. Awww, shucks. :( He felt Sick last nite, and he went to the horseytail. He called Mom, and she went to visit him. She is gonna stay at his house in the town of Venice, Flori-dah until he gets all better. That may be a few days, although we hope the doctor place will send him home soon. I would bring him cookies, but Mom didn't take me on her visit. I just send him a hug. {{{Uncle Thomas}}}

In other stuff, D.R. is still looking for work. She called some people this morning. No one had a job offer, but it is good to try. I think D.R. should take a nap on the floor, like me. That works really well if you need to relax. U will not has stress then. :)

Dad had chicken for lunch! :) He went to a chicken place and brought home a box of food. I got to sit on the floor next to the table, while Dad was eating there. He even gave me a couple little pieces. Mmmm mmm, yummy! :)

The tree guy came to our house last week, and he cut out some little stumps that were in our lawn. Now our lawn is nice and clean, with just one big tree, and some bushes and flowers by the front of the house. It is a good place to sniff when you go on walks. Also, you can still see the birdees that come to visit our tree. I like to watch them. They play tag a lot.

My Mom and Dad went to a music show yesterday. They watched some people play a Kitmas concert. I didn't get to go. I stayed home. Most of the time, I slept on the couch. Then I went to D.R.'s room, and she took me for a walk on the lawn. I was very happy when Mom and Dad came home. Oh, boy! I barked and jump up and down.

U know what is good? I have not had to go to the v-e-t or the groomer for a while. I get to stay home a lot. It's less scary when u don't have to get shaved or have people look at ur b-u-t-t and stuff. I like to be home with my hooman friends. :)

It is almost winter here, though my hooman friends say it is already just as cold as that. The lawns are still pretty good to sniff. We don't get snow, but sometimes we get rain. I don't like to go out in the rain, because it makes my furs wet. The only good thing about that is, Mom and Dad and D.R. feel moar sorry for me when I come back in the house, and they pet me a lot. :) Sometimes Mom even dries me with a towel. Wow!

Okay, I am gonna watch teevee with Dad. I see u soon. Bye! :) {{{Luv}}}

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Caturday is good! :)

O hai! Happy Caturday to everyone. In the piksher up there, u can see the new wreath that my Mom's friend sent her for Christmas. It is neat. :)

I slept on the floor in Dad's room last nite. It was good. I got up a couple times, once to walk around because I couldn't sleep, and again when Dad had breakfast. I sat on the couch and watched teevee with him this morning. It is fun to catch up on the morning nooz. Sometimes u see ambulances going Rrr-rrr-rrr. The weather stuff is fun too. :)

D.R. went to the vidyo game store and traded in some of her old games for some new ones. She got the game "CSI: Fatal Conspiracy," which is from a teevee show that has detectives in it, and "Velvet Assasin," which is based on a real lady spy in World War II. I bet these games are fun! :) D.R. also plays a game called "Skyrim," which is where you are a hero who fights dragons and wizards. I walked in when she was playing it. I would like to try it sometime.

It is getting cold where I live. We have had some foggy days and some cold, rainy ones too. I like to go for walks and then come back and enjoy the warm house. It's good to sit on the floor and stretch your feets.

D.R. didn't have any more innervoos this week. She hopes next week will be better. D.R. has petted me a lot lately, which is really good. She pets me on the head and rubs my chin at the same time. That makes me feel very warm and happy! :)

I has a Sad thing to say, though. D.R. saw a kitteh that was hurted at the side of the road. It already went to Heaven. D.R. was very Sad. I know the kitteh is at the Rainbow Bridge, though, and it is peaceful there. Rest in peace, Kitteh. {{{Love}}}

There was a big birdee who came and sat on the dock at the lake behind our house. It is a brown and gray bird. I don't know what kind it is, but he is big! He likes to sit there and stretch out his wings. He doesn't do much, just sits there. His feathers are really wide when he stretches.

Okay, that is it for now. U have a nice weekend! Kisses! {{{Luv}}}

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fursday hello :)

O hai! This is Keisha. I live with my hoomans. Thank u for reading mah blog. :)

My friend D.R. went to her innervoo the other day. She didn't get the job, so she was a little sad, but at least she tried. Also, her face is all better now after the visit to the dentist. D.R. said it is nice to be able to have a sandwich if she wants.

This morning, I was watching teevee with Dad, when D.R. sat down next to me and pet my tummy. This made me feel good. My furs are very long now. It's nice to be warm, because the weather is cold where we live. I am glad I have a good home. I wish all hoomans and critters would, too. :)

Dad had lunch before, and I got to sniff the fridge when he opened the door. Hoomans are funny sometimes. They put meat, cheese and lettuce in separate drawers of the fridge. I like it when everything is together.

D.R. had some good news. The guv-mint finally put her name into the Unemployment records, so she can has a money. Yay! :) D.R. said she is much less nervous now.
She is still looking for a job, but it is nice to have some help.

Mom and I watched some teevee last nite. Mom likes shows with lawyers in them. She petted me and let me have a pillow. I almost fell asleep during the show, but then I went to sleep in Dad's room. :)

Dad put up some Christmas lights outside our house! He put them on the bushes in front of the windows. He flips them on at nite. Other people also put lites outside. Some of them are really fancy, and they look like trees, Santy Paws and reindeer. I love Christmas. It makes me very happy. :)

I hope u is having a good week, and don't eat all the cookies yet- save some for Santy Paws! :) Thank u.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's Toes-day :)

O hai! Today is Toes-day, a good day to clean your paws. :) Thank u for coming to read my blog. :)

My friend D.R. is kinda nervous today. She went to the dentist and got some more fillings, and then she has to go to an innervoo tonite! Wow. I hope she is okay. I will rub on her feets to make her feel better. :)

I saw something this morning. There was a duck outside. I barked, and I didn't stop until it walked away. I have to protect my family. :)

D.R. got some medicine put in her face when she had the toof thing. It was called annasteeza. Her face was all weird after that. It felt like it was ice cold. She couldn't eat anything for a while. The dentist said to wait two hours before she could have a sandwich. That's really hard to do. If that were me, I would really want a sandwich.

I keep visiting D.R.'s room every day, not just because I like to see her, but because I like to sniff and lick things in her room. There's a bag next to the dresser. It has some books and papers in it. I love to sniff it and put my snoot in it. Then D.R. pets me. It's a good feeling.

There is a neat site called Fursbook. I am on there. All critters are welcome there! U should join. It is free. Thank you. :)

Okay, I am going to lie on the floor while Mom gets ready for lunch. I see u later. Thanks! :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Fries-day! :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. Here I am at home. I glad u readin this today. :)

It is Fries-day! :) Mmm, I love fries. Mom didn't make any for lunch today, but she did make sausage and onions. I am Not Allowed to have onions. It was fun to smell, though.

I went for walkies with D.R. the other day. She was putting on my collar, and I slipped out, and ran toward the street. Oh noes! She caught up with me, and put back my collar and leash. Then we went for a walk, like normal. It was cold, but I still sniffed a lot.

Yesterday, D.R. had peetza for dinner again. I got a couple little pieces! Mmmm. They were crunchy and good. They had little bits of sauce on them. I like tomatoes.

Mom's friend sent her a big wreath for Christmas. That's a circle thing made out of leaves and stuff. It also has berries stuck to it. You put it on the door and Santy Paws knows u are ready for presents and stuff. D.R. says when they put it up, she will take pikshers of it. D.R. loves Christmas decorations. :)

U know what we get to eat on Christmas? Cookies! Cookies! I like those a lot. I can't eat any that have chocolate, but I can eat others. Sometimes Dad gets oatmeal cookies with vanilla frosting on them. What's your favorite kind of cookie? :)

This Christmas, my wish is that all critters have a safe and good forever home. Plz if u can, give some stuff to your local shelter. Also give to the food banks for hoomans. That would be very kind. :) {{{{Luv}}}

Okay, I see u later! Bye-byes. Have a fun weekend! :)