Thursday, March 31, 2011

A good dog needs your help - Save Lennox! :)

O hai. This is Keisha. I am bringing u a special news story about a friend who needs help.

Lennox is a dog from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is a mix of bulldog, terrier and Labrador. He is a really good dog! Lennox never bothers anybody, lives with a good family and is fun to play with.

But something sad happened. The City Council dog wardens said Lennox's family couldn't have him anymore, and they put him in the pound. The poor dog is going to be put to sleep, unless people can get the officials to change their minds. Lennox wasn't in trouble and doesn't bite. Some people are just scared of him because he is part bulldog. His family misses him a lot.

If you go to this blog by Frugal Dougal, you can learn more about Lennox, and how to help his family get him back. Also, you can look at this site too, Save Lennox, where a lot of people are helping tell the story. I really hope Lennox will be home very soon. We love you, fella! :)

Big thunners!

O hai, my name is Keisha and this is mah blog. Thank u for readin it. :) I glad u are here. :)

Wow, we had some loud thunders today! :( It was in the very early morning. D.R. was scaired when she heard them. She got out of bed and couldn't go back to sleep. I waked up too, and went to sit on the floor in the living room. Dad was watchin teevee nooz, so I felt better.

D.R. is workin at her new job, and she says it is good! :) She types stuff on the compooter for an insurance company. The first couple of days, she worked part-time, 'cause they can change her hours every day. She says it's okay, though, 'cause the people are really nice and she is happy to be at work. :)

Yesterday, D.R. watched a teevee show. It was about the animal rescue agents who take critters away from bad situations. She said they rescued a lot of kittehs from this one person. The kittehs all went to a shelter, where they were cleaned up. D.R. said it was so cute when the kittens got washed! They wiggled and did not like the water. It was good for them, though. :) I cross my paws for them all to get nice new forever homes. :)

D.R. got a tiny little camera. It is a real digital camera, only it is smaller than mah paw. She says she will use it to take pikshers in lotsa places, like church and stuff, because it is easier than a big camera. I hope she goes to the park. She said there was a deer once! :) It walked out right in front of her. Then it went back into the woods. It was a little fella. She said it had pretty spots and a bushy tail. :)

Okay, that's all for now. I'm going to see if Dad has any cookies. I hope u has a nice week. I see u later! Bye! :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

It is raining

O hai, this is Keisha. Today is Mondee. Thank u for reading my blog. :) I happy to see u!

Early this morning, it started to rain. There were big, loud thunnerboomies comin from the sky! I was very scaird. :( Then Mom pet me, and I felt better. Whew. By the time Dad got up for breakfast, and I went to sit with him, it was not rainin so much, only drizzlies. We went out for mah walkies. I did okays, even though mah ears got kinda scraggly. I felt better once we got home. I sat on the couch, while Dad went to play compooter. :)

D.R. starts her new job tomorrow!! Yay!! :) She is very nervous, but I told her she would be all right. I went in her room and rubbed on her foots. I know she will be just fine. :) :)

The bug spray guy came to take care of our house. Dad was very glad to see him. Now our house won't have little insect thingies runnin around. The Bug Guy would have been here the other day, but somethin happened, so he visited today. D.R. is happy, because she is scaired of spiders. I is happy too, because I get to see the truck. I like to bark when there are trucks. Thank u, Mr. Bug Spray Guy. :)

D.R. saw the kitteh cat yesterday!! :) It was runnin across the street. It got there safely. D.R. was very happy. She said the kitteh was probably goin back to its owner's house. Kitteh will be safe there. I wish the kitteh could come into our house. Then we could play catch the stuffed toy. I guess he's got to go home, though. I will see him later. :)

D.R. had a little bread roll for breakfast. She breaked it into different pieces and gave some to me. Mmmmmmm! I was happy! :) The bread had a crunchy crust, but the middle was nice and soft. I liked it a lot. :)

Okay, that is all for now. I am gonna watch teevee on the couch. I see u later! Bye-bye. {{{hugs}}}

Friday, March 25, 2011

I has a Fry-dee :)

(O hai! This is me, running to get some food at the Furry Kitmas party in December.)

Helloo! :) Thank u for coming to read mah blog today. My name is Keisha. It's good to see you. :)

It's kinda hot where I live. I go outside for walkies, and then I come back in and rest. Sometimes I play a game. It's really fun. It's called Jump and Land on Dad. I run into his room and leap on the bed. Sometimes I land on Dad. He pets me, and it's fun. :) I like that.

D.R. had half of a very tiny little dish pizza tonite, with two tiny slices in it. It was one of those things for one hooman only. She eated half of it, and gave me some little bits from the crust. It was yummy! :) I liked that a lot. Mmmmmmm.

Yesterday, D.R. had some cereal for dinner. I was sleepin on the couch. I was so tired, I didn't even check to see if she'd give me some cereal. A lot of nites, I watch teevee with Mom, and it gets late, so I just go to sleep right there on the couch. I can stretch my paws, which makes me feel good and relaxed. I also put my head on the armrest, like it's a pillow. That helps me catch all the Zzzzzs. :)

There were lots of birdees outside before. They went caw, caw, caw. :) A lot of them are doin stuff, now that it is springtime. I was walkin with Mom before, and it was fun to watch the birdees goin flap flap all around.

The flowers are growin in front of our house. They are very pretty! :) D.R. said they looked very fluffy before. I like to sniff them when I go out.

D.R. was havin a cookie before. She said I couldn't have it, because it had chocklat. She did pet me on the head, though, and that made me feel okay. :) Later, D.R. had some pistachio nuts, and she gived some to me!! :) Yay! They tasted good. I crunched them pretty good. Crunch, crunch. :) Mmmmm.

Okay, that's it for now. I see u later. Thanks! :) Bye-byes. :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

O hai, Toosdey is here :)

Good mornink! Or whateber tiem it is where u are. Thanks for readin mah blog today. :) I am very glad to see u.

Today is kinda fun. Mah Dad went out to buy one of those e-book macheens. I think they are funny. D.R. has one. I walked up to her while she was readin with it. I sniffed it and gave it a tiny lick. I like to make sure mah hooman friends is okay. I think she is safe with the macheen, so Dad will be, too. :)

Mom said I had a bad dreem in mah sleep last nite. I don't really remember it, but Mom said I was wigglin around and kickin mah feets out like crazy. I feel okay this mornin, so maybe it was just a dreem of not bein able to catch a bubberfly or somethin.

Last nite, I watched teebee with D.R. and my Mom. D.R. gived me a tummy pat. :) She rubbed my tummy, and I felt all warm and good. I hope we get to watch more Animal Planet. They have good stuff with giraffes and things. :)

My furs are growin very fast. Mom says I may have to get a hairkoot soon. Oh no! I don't likes the hair place. It smells funneh. It is a nice spring day, so I hope I get to go outside and see the birdees instead. I can hear them goin cherpcherpcherp. I think it would be fun to fly like they do. :)

My Dad has the pool all nice and shiny! He puts lots of cleaners in it, so it will always stay nice with clean water. Next month, mah hooman friends are gonna swim in it. Teh water is not warm enough now, but in April, it probably will be. I don't go swimmin. I just watch mah hooman friends. It is fun to sit out there while Dad and Mom and D.R. go splash splash splash, the radio is playin, and the sun is nice and shining. :)

Okay, dat's all for now. I gonna sit on the couch and relax. I hope u has a good day too. Bye bye! Thanks. :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy spring-is-here! :)

(This is one of the ways u can take a nap. If u are a hooman, u may want to bring a pillow and a blankey.) :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. I am a dog. Nice to see u. Thank u for visitin mah blog. :)

Today is Mondee! Mondee sounds like Mug-day, so u can have a mug of tea if u want. :)

My hooman friend D.R. has to call a companee she's gonna work for, to see when they want her to start. It could be this week, or next. D.R. is a little nervous, but I think she gonna be good there. I could help her. I could type with mah paws.

A little dog who lives across the street was barkin' before. He doesn't like noises, like when something loud goes by the house. I do the same, sometimes. It's good to protect ur home, but if u see there is nothin new out there, it's okay to sit and enjoy the floor. I don't know why my hooman friends always want to stand up and walk around and stuff. Lying flat on ur tummy is kinda fun. :)

There are more duckies comin to visit us. A nice speckled black and white duck walked by the house on Sundee afternoon. D.R. liked the pretty colors. Sometimes we get the little ducks from Cana-dee. They like to land on the water in the lake, and sit there and paddle around a bit. They look like very tiny ships.

I've been seeing more plants now that it's springtime. There are lots of flowers and little puffs of colorful plants. The lawns are growing. A lot of skwirels are hoppin around. It's fun to take walkies with Mom and Dad and count all the different new things I see. It's even fun to watch people ride their bikes, or take their own goggies for walkies. I sniff and say hello if I get the chance. Sometimes I am too far, I can only look, but it is good to know they are enjoyin themselves. :)

Okay, I am gonna get some rest now. A big thank u to everyone. I see u later. {{{hug}}}

Friday, March 18, 2011

We got a special visit

(This is me, sittin with mah Dad. :) )

O hai! How are u? I is doin okay. Thank u for readin mah blog today. I glad u have stopped by. :)

I gots news! My hooman friend D.R. was comin home, and she parked the car, and a little kitteh walked across the street and came up to her. The kitteh was goin Mew-mew-mew. D.R. had some leftover peetza from lunch, so she took bits of crust out of the box, and gived it to the kitteh. The kitteh licked the food, lik lik lik. :) Then it rubbed on D.R.'s ankles. D.R. pet the cat, and it went to sit under the car for a minute, then left.

The kitteh didn't have a collar, but it looked healthy, and when D.R. told Dad, Dad said the kitteh belongs to a guy across the street. So, it is okay. D.R. was scared because the little critter was walkin in the street, but Dad said he knows who owns it, so things are all right now.

D.R. was lookin through some stuff in her room, and she found a couple of old compooter games she lost a while ago. She was very happy! :) She is gonna play them this weekend. I think I am gonna help her. I can press buttons! I can blow up spaceships and stuff! :)

It was really foggy this mornin. It's sunny now, but in the mornin, u couldn't see a lot. There were two ducks walkin across the lawn. They had pretty colors. Now, there are more birds comin in. There are some Canada ducks goin quack-quack-quack. :) They are funny.

Okay, that is all for now. I see u later. I hopes u has a good weekend. Thank u. :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It is Wensdee, I has good nooz :)

(This is mee. Hi there!) :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. Thank u for comin to mah blog. I happy u here! Put up ur foots. Have some cookeys. :)

D.R. got a job!!!!! :) Wheee! Yay! :) D.R. got a job. She is gonna werk for a inshoorance companee. She got the job 'cause of an employmit agencee, which helps people find jobs. D.R. said the lady she spoke to today was very nice, and told her all about the ways they do stuff, with the compooters and things. D.R. said she would like to work there, and the nice lady shook hands wit her.

Then the agencee called and said D.R. has to go do some Paper-work on Thursdee, which means she just goes to the office and writes stuff for the records, and then she gots to take a Drug Test. D.R. does not have any drugs, but they makes u go to a Clin-ick and give them a Sample, and they make sure u do not have any bad drugs. D.R. does not like drugs. She likes cheez and popcorn and stuff. :) Then, she said she thinks they will ask her to start Workin at the new office on Mondee. So, she is kinda nervous, but very happy too. :) And so am I!! :)

I am really happee for mah hooman friend. I think she will try very hard. Also, I hope she gets corn chips from the snack macheen, and maybe she brings home the leftobers!! Yay, whoooooo! :)

I had to get special Ear Tabs. I didn't like it. Still, mah Mom and Dad was very kind, and hugged me, and said Awwwwww. They put ear cleaner swobs in mah ears, to get rid of the little bugs that can fly in dere sometimes. Now, mah ears is really clean and good. Yeeeee! Now they are better, I don't hafta have the tabs thing until next time. Thank u. :)

Okay, I got other nooz now. It is a little Not Good, but then it gets better. :) Dad was out ridin his bicycle. He gets ek-ser-size and has a lot of fun. But, the other day, he had a Boo-boo. :( He falled down! He falled off the Bike. :( Then, he picked up the bike, and he came home, and he was safe after all. :) :) I very happy now! I am so glad my Dad is okay. He fixed the stoopid bike tires and signal light thing, which broked, and now his bike is ready to play like always. Hoomans have to be careful. I got to be careful too, like when I jump on the bed. I gives my Dad a hug. {{{Dad}}}

I had a good time tonite, sittin with Dad, while he watched "Survivor" and eated snackies. I went to D.R.'s room, and she gived me a couple pieces of bread with cheez. :) Yay! Mmmm mmm, they were good. :)

I want to say I Sorry and I has a big Sad, for the people and critters in Japan. Also, Australia. I sorry to u. Plz has my Luv and sympatee. {{{love}}}

Okay, I gonna get some rest now. U be good too. I loves u! Bye bye, see u later. :) Thanks!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

O hai! My name is Keisha, and thank you for comin to mah blog. I have some good news to tell you! :) Today is a very fun day.

It is called Adopt the Internet Day. :) That means u can look up stuff on Petfinder and learn all about how to adopt a critter! Yay! :) I was adopted, and I love it when other critters can find good homes, too. :) There is also a new site called aKeKee, which is a new search engine that will help u find lots of stuff about pets in your area, too. Yay for learning. Yay! :)

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day

I loves mah home. It is good to have a safe, clean place where u can sit and watch teevee with ur Mom and Dad, or just hang out on the couch. My human friends take very good care of me. Just think, soon you may meet that hooman who will give u a hug and a couch of your very own! :)

More love, is more good. :)

Just an update: my hooman friend, D.R., went on an innervoo today. She said the lady was nice, but the compooter in the office got broked! It went all blahblahblah. The screen got stuck a few times. Then it went back to the regular way, so D.R. took a test, to see if she could do work stuff. She finished it, and the nice lady shook hands with her, and said they would let her know when they have made a decision. Also, D.R. has another innervoo on Wensdee. She said she is very grateful to have a chance to do these things. Even though she gets nervous, it is still good to try. When she gets work, I hope she scratches my tummy every day, when she gets home. I will watch baseball with her, too. :)

Okay, I am gonna get some sleep now. U sleep well too! Bye-byes. {{{luv}}}

Sunday, March 13, 2011

O hai! Happy St. Patrick's Day :)

Hi there. I am Keisha, a dog who lives with my hooman friends. It's good to see u. Thanks. :)

Sundae was fun! :) I went for walkies with Mom, and I sat next to Dad while he was in the front room watchin the nooz. D.R. took me for walkies when she came home from church. Mom and Dad went to lunch with one of Mom's cuzins, and then they came back. I always like it when they bring back a box of leftovers, 'cause it smells good. :)

Caturday nite, I was feelin a little blah, so Mom gived me a big hug and tummy pat. :) That helped me a lot. I woke up a couple times during the nite, and left my room, but D.R. pet me, and I went back. I sleep on the floor mostly now, 'cause it's easier than jumpin on the bed. I have a special blankey next to the bed, and I got used to sleepin there. It's kind of fun, because it's like a camping trip. Whee! :)

D.R. is goin on two innervoos this week! Wow! :) She said she is nervous, but she will be happy when they are done. One is Mondee, and one is Wensdee. I am wishin her extra good luck. :)

D.R. cleaned up a lot of stuff in her room. She is giving away some stuff to the library and the homeless shelter. D.R. was really tired and not feelin so good, because she didn't sleep a lot on Caturday nite, but she started feelin a little better. I think she should have a cookie. That helps me. :)

Okay, I gotta go now. I see u later. Thank u very much, and Happy St. Patrick's Day! :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Good news, my hooman friend had a innervoo :)

(This is a big burdee that landed on the dock behind our house. Yay!)

O hai! My name is Keisha. Today is Fries-day. U can has french fries, if u wants. :) Hee hee. I am doin well, and I hope u are, too. :)

Today, there is somethin good. U know what? My human friend D.R. went to a job innervoo! :) Yay! She was really happy. The last time she talked to this companee, she didn't do so well, but they gave her another try. Today, she took a new typing test, and she got a good score! :) D.R. was very happy, and hopes she hears from them again later.

March 15, 2011 is Adopt the Internet Day! That means is going to help everybody find out how to adopt pets. U can go to Petfinder and learn all sorts of neat stuff about how to find pets near you, how to take care of them, and more. I was adopted years ago, after my human friends read Petfinder to find out lots of stuff. Go there, it's good! Shelter pets are cool. :)

D.R. got a new dance game for the X Box. It is called Dance Masters. D.R. traded in another game and got this one. She was playin it, and I walked in the room, and I was almost gonna play it with her. U dance and the Kinect camera thing can see u, and u have to dance better than the people on the screen. D.R. said she was sweatin a lot. The game is hard, because u have to play against a person who looks just like Lady Gaga, plus more people. The lady on the screen can go real fast and point at stuff. D.R. was wavin her arms and stuff, and even though she didn't win, she said it was fun. Maybe next time I will jump on the bed, so the Kinect can see me. That would be good. :)

Yesterday, D.R. was havin some macaroni for dinner, and she gived me some. Yay! :) I nommed a little bit of that, and a bean burrito, too. Mmmmm. :) When she came home from her innervoo, she pet me a lot. That was good! :)

I am gonna sit on the floor and relax now. I see u later. Hope u has a good weekend. Bye! :) Thanks. {{{hugs}}}

(These are my feets. U can see the furs. Hee hee!)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wensdee good stuffs :)

(This is me on the couch, and D.R. is pettin mah tummy. Yay!)

O hai! My name is Keisha. I am a dog. Thank u for readin mah blog. :)

Today was fun. I went outside for walkies with my Dad. I sniffed a lot of lawns and things. Then I came home, and some people stopped by our house, to mow the lawn. I watched them out the window. It was fun to see them driving around with the big lawn mowers. I wanted to go out there and help them! That looks like fun. :)

D.R. went to a moozeum the other day, and she looked at some very pretty paintings. :) She also got a book, called Mewington Manor. It is very cute! :) The book is about little kittens who live on a farm. The kittehs can fly! Yes, they can fly! U should look for the book in a library or the bookstore. It is really fun. :)

My Dad is fixin the pool to get ready for everyone (except for me) to swim in it. He puts stuff in there that makes the water clean. Next month, it'll be warm, and I can watch my hooman friends go swimmin. I don't really know how to swim, but I like to walk out there and stand next to the pool. It's kinda fun. :)

My Mom is gonna visit her brother in his house in the city of Venice. (This one is in Florida.) She is gonna be there tomorrow, but D.R. and Dad are stayin home with me. Yay! :) I bet I get to be on the couch, and maybe have some cookies with icing.

Okay, that is all for now. I see u soon. Thank u! :) {{{hugs}}}

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

O hai! Good news from a friend!!

Hi, everyone. My name is Keisha. Thank u for reading mah blog today! I am very glad u are here. :)

Today is very neat for a new reason. My friend Chicco, a dog who lives in Italy, gave me an award for this blog! Hooray! Thank u, Chicco!! :) Thank u very much. :) :) :)

You can read Chicco's blog here: Chicco and his World. Enjoy! :)

U can see the award on the side of this page. U can also see it here:

I am very, very happy to receive this nice award. Thank u, Chicco, and woof woof woof. :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A new week is here :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. I am a spaniel mix dog who lives with mah hooman friends in Floridey. I am glad u read my blog today. Thank u. :)

I has good news! I took the last of my medicine!! :) I don't have to have any more! Yay! :) It tasted really Bad. Mom and Dad said it made me feel better, and it's troo. I am feelin pretty normal now. I go for walkies, I eat food and I get to sit on the blankey by the couch. That's much better than I was before. :)

There's also somethin a little not-good, though. My Dad has a Sick, and he has to go to the doctor. Get better soon, Dad! :) Dad is really good at takin me for walkies, watchin the news with me, and lots of stuff. He pets my tummy a lot. :) I am gonna check and make sure he gets lots of rest, so he can feel good again.

D.R. cleaned up a lot of stuff in her room. She took all the things out of a bunch of boxes, got rid of them, and put other stuff in there, and then stored them under the bed. I wish I could have helped. I would have jumped in the boxes, to make sure they worked. I could sniff things, too. Maybe next time, I will.

D.R. got a new mousie-pad for the capooter! :) It has a piksher of two kittens!! :) D.R. said she likes it so much, she wants to kiss it. :) In the piksher, one kitten is huggin the other. It is very cyoot!

I am growin my furs a little, even though I had a hairkoot just a while ago. I don't want to get another right away. Mom was pettin me, and she noticed. I think I will hide under the blankey next time, so she doesn't see me. Well, maybe she can see my nose, because there are no furs there.

Okay, I will see u later. Thank u. I see u soon. Bye! :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

O hai, Caturday is today :)

(O hai. This is me, and D.R. is pettin me. Yay!)

Hi, evrybunnee! :) I happy to see u here. Thank u for comin to read mah blog. It's Caturday! Yay! :)

I took my medicine this morning. Eeeew. It was pleh. I still drinked it, though. Mom and Dad were very proud of me. Dad said I am doin better. I sat on the couch after that, and Dad pet my tummy. We watched the teevee together. I felt very happy and safe. :)

After that, I went to rest in Mom and Dad's room. I sat on the floor, with a special towel. It was soft, and there was a good breeze. It was very relaxing. :)

D.R. saw the kitteh outside again! :) It was walkin from one house to another. It looked a little fuzzy, but not too bad. D.R. said she hopes the kitteh can find some mousies or froot to eat. She said if it comes to our house, she would leave out little nibs of bread. Mmmmm. :)

Some duckies had babies! Not the Muscovy ducks, which are big and black-gray-red and white, but little Canadian green and gray ducks. D.R. saw a Mom and Dad with their babee. She said they were very cyoot. Too bad she didn't have her camera.

Yesterday, I was sittin next to Mom, and she had a liberry book. I tried to read it, but the case flap kept goin crinkly-crinkly, so I got distracted. I will try to help more next time.

Okay, that's it for now. I hope u has a good weekend. Thanks very much! :) Bye.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursdee is all rite :)

O hai! Today is Thursdee. My name is Keisha. Thank u for readin mah blog. I glad u are here. Yay! :)

Today, I had to take my medicine again. Ick! It was No Fun. :( Mom and Dad made me go in the garage, even though the car was not in there, and they put the plastic thing full of bad stuff in my mouf, and made me drink it. Blah! It was Bad. After that, I went back in the livin room and sat on the floor. I rested my head on my paws and just relaxed. That was okay. :)

My Dad has a bicycle, and it had a tire that was flat. Oops! He went to the sports store yesterday, and he got a new tire tube and a helmet. He put the tube on the tire frame. Then he put the helmet on his head. The helmet is a shiny plastic hat. I wish I could ride a bike. :) I am glad my Dad is gonna be okay. I want him to come home safe every time.

D.R. saw a kitteh yesterday! :) It was a black, white and gray kitteh. It was walkin across the street. D.R. couldn't see if it had a collar or not. The kitteh walked onto somebody's lawn, and then it went in between one house and the next, so D.R. couldn't see it anymore. It looked like a healthy cat, so she thinks it's okay. D.R. says she would love to adopt a kitteh someday. I think it would be fun to have a kitteh friend. :)

D.R. is doin exercise every day. That makes u healthee. :) She tries to walk a mile every day. She also plays the Kinect games on X Box. U can keep track of ur walks with a special pedometer made by Nike. When u are done with ur walk, u plug it into the compooter, and it shows u how far u went. It has maps of different cities, and u can see stuff like New York, Paris and Tokyo. D.R. likes it a lot. Sometimes it makes her tired, but that's kinda good, because then she'll hug and pet me when she comes home. I like walkies too. I wish they made one of those compooter things for dogs. It could show all the trees I sniffed and all the budderflies I saw. :)

Okay, that's it for now. Thank u for readin. I see u later. Bye byes! :) {{{luv}}}

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Medicine is not yummy

O hai! My name is Keisha. Thank u for readin this blog today. I happy u are here! :)

I had a little bit of a sick tummy on Toosdey, and I had to go to the v-e-t in the mornin. Mom and Dad took me. I didn't like it! The dokter gived me some Shotz, which were Bad, and then they gived me some more stuff I would have to take later at home. Mom and Dad took me home, and then they had to make me hold still, while they put a plastic dripper full of medicine in my mouf. Yuck!! :( It was Bad! But they let me go as soon as I had all of it. Pleh, pleh, pleh. It was not delicious. I felt better after that, though. My tummy stopped doin the cracklies, and I didn't have to go outside so much. Mom and Dad said they were glad I am gonna be better. :)

Ever since the Thing the other day, I like to sleep on the floor, instead of on the big bed where I have to jump up. Mom leaves a towel on the floor. The towel is big and fluffy, and very soft. It feels good on my tummy. Mom and Dad say it's good for me not to jump on things so soon after I was sick. It's like I'm on a special camping trip. :)

It rained a lot on Toosdey nite! Wow, it was loud. The thunders went boom, and lots of rain came down. When I went for walkies later on, Wensdee mornin, the ground was still wet, and there were leaves everywhere. There was a lot to sniff. I was happy to get back to the house and be warm again, though. :)

D.R. had noodles with sauce and a little bit of chicken for dinner on Toosdey. She gived me a little. Mmmm, that was good! :) It was nice to have some really tasty people-food again. I eated it and she pet me on the head. :) Yay!

D.R. is still lookin for werk. She calls a lot of people, and they call back sometimes. She is hopin to get some more innervoos soon. When she doesn't have stuff to do, she goes outside for a walk, listens to music, reads stuff, or watches the teevee. D.R. also likes to draw pikshers, or take pikshers with her camera. I will be happy when she has a new place to werk, 'cause then she can bring me what's left of her sammich from lunch. :)

Okay, that's it for now. I am gonna get some sleeps. I just wanted to keep u up to date on what happened with the v-e-t. I think I's gonna be good, so don't wurry. Bye for now. Thank u! :) {{{hugs}}}

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

O hai, it is March :)

Helloo! I am Keisha, and thank u for readin mah bloggygog. :) Today is the first day of March. It is the month when springtime begins. That means there is gonna be lotsa warm weather in the Northern Hemisfur. If u lives in the Southern, it is gonna be colder. I hope u has a good coat. :)

Mondee was pretty good at my house. I did regular stuff with my hooman friends. I sat on the couch while Dad watched the nooz. D.R. had lunch, and I went to see her. Mom went outside to do some errands, which I didn't like, but then she came back, which was good.

Later, I went in D.R.'s room, to say hi, and to sniff things. U would be surprised how much fun it is to smell different things, like shoes, and books, and little gum wrappers. Then I went over to D.R.'s chair by the compooter, and I rubbed her foots like I was a kitteh. She likes that a lot. She pet me, and I felt good. Dad said this was a good sign, because I am doin all the stuff I used to do before the Thing. If u are ever sick, it helps if u have 1) a docter, 2) good hoomans who love u, 3) food and water, 4) most of all, lovins. Then u can get better. :)

I sat next to Mom on Mondee nite, while she was watchin "House Hunters" in teh front room. I got really tired, and dozed a little. D.R. says if she ever buys a new house, it will have a big yard with a fence, and trees, so a dog can go outside and look at budderflies and stuff. I would like that. :)

D.R. said she heard wild parakeets when she was at a store! :) She was comin out of the place, and she heard birdees churping. She looked behind her, and there were a lot of birds flyin back and forth on the sign and the top of the building. I bet they have nests there. Yay, little birdees! :)

Now that it's gonna be springtime, when I go out for walkies, I can sniff even more things. There's gonna be budderflies, lizards, birdees, flowers, fresh lawns, and lots more stuff. The trees are gonna have pretty blossoms on them. D.R. says u can see some of these already. I'm just glad I had my hairkoot already. I don't have to get another one for a while. :)

There's a guy across the street who just moved in not too long ago. He's the one who has the dog. He was playin his car radio real loud. I wonder why? Maybe he was fixin the car. Anyhoo, the radio was goin blam-blam-blam. U could hear it even at the back end of our house. I kinda felt bad for the little doggie who lives there. I wish the dog could visit us. :) I will probably see the little fella sometime, when I go for walkies. I bet his hooman will be done fixin the car by then, and everythin will be fine. I will even say hi to the person. :)

D.R. says it is gonna be Easter in a few weeks. She says I can't have chocklat, but maybe I can have a jellybean, or a little bit of marshmallow. Mmmmm! :)

Okay, that's it for now. I go sleepies. I hope u have a good nite too. Bye! :)