Thursday, March 31, 2011

A good dog needs your help - Save Lennox! :)

O hai. This is Keisha. I am bringing u a special news story about a friend who needs help.

Lennox is a dog from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is a mix of bulldog, terrier and Labrador. He is a really good dog! Lennox never bothers anybody, lives with a good family and is fun to play with.

But something sad happened. The City Council dog wardens said Lennox's family couldn't have him anymore, and they put him in the pound. The poor dog is going to be put to sleep, unless people can get the officials to change their minds. Lennox wasn't in trouble and doesn't bite. Some people are just scared of him because he is part bulldog. His family misses him a lot.

If you go to this blog by Frugal Dougal, you can learn more about Lennox, and how to help his family get him back. Also, you can look at this site too, Save Lennox, where a lot of people are helping tell the story. I really hope Lennox will be home very soon. We love you, fella! :)


Chicco said...

Oh, I hope that lennox will find a home and a family as soon as possible.
Fingers crossed, or rather, paws!


Dream on the wave said...

O Hai Keisha,
you are the first dog I know that writes a blog...well done!
I know a green fox, though, that writes a blog.. how about that?
I hope Lennox gets back home.
Many greetings and a woof, Frieda

Donna said...

Thank u, Chicco. :) I hope Lennox is home safe soon too. :) My hooman friend and I are prayin really hard, and we know he will be okay.

Donna said...

Thank u, Dream on the Wave. :) I think it would be neat if more parakeets wrote blogs, or lizards, or hamsters. I bet they would be funny too! :)

Thank u for your kind words. We will keep Lennox in our prayers. :)