Friday, May 31, 2013

Fries Day is today :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. Thank u for reading mah blog. I am very happy. :) {{{hugs}}}

Today, I did something a little bit naughty. My friend D.R. brought home chicken for dinner. She put the food on the table, and I reached out, thinking D.R.'s fingers were pieces of chicken. I chomped, but I didn't get her fingers. She was okay. D.R. was a little startled, but nothing happened. :) Whew. Then she said she wasn't mad, it was just a mistake. D.R.'s Mom gave me a milkbone. It was yummy. :)

It also got cloudy today. They say it may rain every day for a week. I do not like thunder noises. I do like flowers. It's fun to sniff them. So I am glad rain makes the flowers grow.

D.R. and her Mom went to another art museum today. They said the new show was not open yet, but there was a beautiful wall panel outside, with little pictures drawn by kids. They liked that a lot. Then, D.R. and her Mom went to lunch, and after that they came home. It's good when all my friends are in the same place. I feel better. :)

My hoomin friends watched different stuff on the teevee today. Mom watched a movie with a lot of loud noises in it. I don't even know what it was called. D.R. watched a baseball game. I liked that better because it wasn't loud and scary. :)

Okay, now I am going to follow Mom and see if she lets me have some of her cereal for dessert. I see u later. Thanks! {{{Luv}}}

(P.S., in the picture, u can see a hippopotamus, from the day D.R. went to the zoo a couple weeks ago. Yay!)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wins Day of fun :)

O hai! Today is Wins Day. I like it, and I hope u do too. :) Thank u for reading mah blog. :)

U can see in this picture, a fun baseball game my friend D.R. went to, yesterday. She was sitting way in the back of the field. You can't see her, because she was holding the camera. There were a lot of people there. The game was really exciting, and D.R.'s team got a lot of hits. I wish I could have gone. :) Maybe I will go next time! I could catch the ball. :)

Today, D.R. went to walk on a trail, in a park where they have lots of trees and pathways. It was hot, but not too bad. D.R. says she got some good exercise. :) Even hoomins like to go walkies. Later, she is going to give some things to the shelter for critters. She bought some food and toys, and she will give it to them, for the cats and dogs. I like that. :)

Also, I got to sit with Dad when he watched teevee. He had some coffee with milk in it. I didn't get to drink any. I can only have water. The teevee was fun, though. There was lots of news stuff, but I did get to see some cars, and some weather stuff.

Okay, now I am going to watch Dad, while he is on the phone. I want to learn how to use the phone. I see u later. Bye! {{{Luv}}}

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day :)

O hai! In this picture, u can see me with my new collar. It is pink! I like it. :)

Today is Memorial Day in the United States. It is a day we say thank you to all who have served their country. I send hugs. {{{hugs}}}

I hope everyone has a fun, safe holiday. If u are a critter, and they have fireworks, please stay inside so you are safe. Thanks. :) Enjoy the food!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

It's Caturday! Whee. :)

O hai. My name is Keisha. I am in the picture up there. U can also see my hoomin friend D.R. That is her hand holding the leash while I go walkies. :)

The weather here is very sunny. I have gone outside a lot. When my Mom and Dad went on vacation for a couple of days, I got to stay with D.R. She walked me every hour! That was fun. I sniffed all the lawns on my block. I also heard the doggies barking next door. The people next to our house have four dogs. The doggies like to make a lot of noise, but I am not scared of them. :)

The pool at our house is very sparkly and clean. My Mom and Dad like to go swimming a lot. So does D.R. There is no diving board, because it is a small pool. The hoomins like to swim laps back and forth. It helps them cool down on hot days. I don't know why they don't just lick their paws like I do. That is easy.

D.R. thinks she will start her new job next week. She is very happy to have a chance to earn some green papers. I like it too, because when she goes to work, she will be able to bring home potato chips. Those things are good. :)

I think D.R. is going to a science museum today! Wow. She will get to see all the experiments and gadgets and things. I like that. I watch science stuff on the teevee with Dad sometimes.

I thought I had to go to the v-e-t place, but I don't. Yay! I get to be home with mah friends. :)

Okay, I am going to see if Mom will let me help her with the crossword. Thanks, I see u later. Bye! {{{Luv}}}

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wins Day: stuff that happened :)

O hai! I am Keisha. Thank u for reading mah blog. :) I happy.

Today, guess what? D.R. got her fingerprints taken, for her new job. She had to go to a place where they had a computer and camera. They took pictures of her fingerprints. Then she went home. I liked that part. :) D.R. thinks her job will start next week. She is a little nervous, but also happy. I am happy, too. :)

My Dad got a new umbrella for the dock behind our house. It is tall. It will look good when it is all set up. Dad has to put it next to a table that's down on the dock. Then he can sit there and watch the fish. :)

D.R. is thinking of getting a new apartment. She may live in Tampa. That is a big city. I will go and visit her a lot! :) D.R. also collected some clothes she had in the cabinet, and put them in a big bag, to give away. I like that too. (wags tail)

D.R. saw a really good movie. It was called "Star Trek: Into Darkness." She said it had scary parts. If I had gone, I may have gotten scared. So I stayed home. I got to watch teevee with Dad today, which was good. :)

Okay, now I am going to see if Dad has snacks. I see u later. Thanks! :) {{{Luv}}}

Sunday, May 19, 2013

News flash: D.R. has new work :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. In the picture, u can see my Dad, and me. :) Thank u for reading this blog.

Today my Mom and Dad went on a trip. They are going to see some pretty sights and have a lot of fun. I will stay home with D.R. She will take me for walks and give me food. :) I like that. :)

Guess what happened? Something really good! D.R. got a new job. She will work for a company that is owned by a bank. She will work there for two or three months, and if they like her, they will keep her for good. It pays good green papers, too. D.R. is very happy. I am too. :)

D.R. may go see a movie. She doesn't know if she wants to see a science fiction one with rockets and spaceships, or a fantasy one with elves and dragons in it. I hope she brings me. I like to eat popcorn! :)

Okay, now I am going to take a rest. I see u later. Have a fun week. Thank u! :) {{{Luv}}}

Friday, May 17, 2013

Fries Day time :)

Hi there! My name is Keisha. Thank u for reading mah blog. :)

U know what? My friend D.R. has an innervoo today. She is kinda scared, but I told her not to be. She pet me and I gave her a look full of courage. So I hope she does well. :)

We have a lot of lizards outside. I've even seen one that has flaps on his head! What if he grows up to be a big dragon and eats everything? I will bark to make him go away. Plus, Dad can fight him with a stick.

Today, I woke up early, so Dad could take me for a walk. I like when Dad plays airplane games on the capooter. They make funny noises. Vrooom, bracka bracka. :) I hope he will let me play.

I hope u get French fries today. I see u later. Thanks! :) {{{Luv}}}

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

O hai! My name is Keisha. Thank u for reading mah blog. I glad u here. :)

In this picture, u can see me. I have a new furs cut, which I got today. Oh boy, was I scared! The clipper made a buzzing sound. I did not like it. Then, my Dad picked me up and took me home. I felt much better. The picture shows me reaching for a treat. D.R. gave me a milk bone. Thanks! :)

Today is Mother's Day in the U.S. We had lunch with Mom. It was Chinese food. I kept running for little bits that Dad and D.R. put on the ground for me. :) Mmmmm.

I also took my Dad for a walk. We went up and down the block. I sniffed a lot of places. That was fun. :) Thank you, Dad.

Okay, now I go sit with Mom and Dad and watch teevee. I see u later. Thanks! {{{Luv}}}

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lizard invasion!

 photo C1575E6F-43ED-4C4C-947B-541105070DBD-830-000000FB06410C69_zpsf2625d50.jpg
O hai. In this picture, there is me. I am Keisha. Welcome to mah dog blog. :) Thank u! :)

Guess what happened? A lizard got into our house. Mom and Dad saw it run under the refrigerator. Then it ran into the bathroom. Dad captured it with a plastic box, and put it safely outside. I helped watch the lizard while Dad was getting the box. I am glad I kept my hoomin friends safe. :)

D.R. had to go to the doctor place today. She did okay. Then the doctor gave her more medicine. D.R. said her tummy felt okay today. That was good. :)

I went for a walk with Mom this morning. I sniffed a lot of lawns. Then we came back. I saw D.R. getting ready to leave for work! :) So I went over to her and she pet me. I was happy! :)

Okay, I am going to rest now. I see u later. Hope u have good naps and health and fun with your hoomins too. Bye! {{{Luv}}}

Monday, May 6, 2013

O hai, Mom and Dad Day is here :)

Hello! Welcome to mah blog today. My name is Keisha. It is good to see u. :) {{{hugs}}}

 photo null_zps188cb33d.jpg

In this picture, you can see the fish in the tank. That's from the office where D.R. works. The fish swim around, and the people in the doctor's office like to watch that. I would too. :)

It was a little bit cloudy this morning. Then the sun came out. :) It's fun to go outside for walks like that. When we came back, I sat next to the couch and spent some time with Dad. It was good. :)

D.R. likes to pet the furry spot on the back of my neck. I like that, too. It makes me feel good. :) I hope you get lots of pettings and hugs too.

Okay, I am going to rest for a while. I see u later. Thanks! {{{Luv}}}

Friday, May 3, 2013

O hai, it is Fries Day :)

Today is Fries Day! U know what that means? U can has french fries, if u want. :) I am Keisha. Thank u for coming to mah blog. :)

In the picture, u can see the museum D.R. went to the other day. It is called the Tampa Museum of Art. It has lots of pretty pictures and sculptures in it. Some of them are really old and they come from Greece. Others are new and were painted by people only a few years ago. It is a fun place to visit. :)

U know what? I got up early today, and I had to take my Dad for two walks. Dads need to go out more sometimes. It is cloudy today. They say it is going to rain. I don't like rain, but maybe when it clears up, I can watch the birdees through the side door. :)

U know too? I threw up Wednesday. I was all sick. Then I felt better. I am okay now. Don't be worried. :)

Tomorrow, D.R. is going to help the dogs and cats at a local animal shelter. Yay! I like adoption places.

I see u later. Thank u! Bye. (((Luv)))

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Birfdee, D.R.! :)

Guess what? Today is my hoomin friend D.R.'s birthday! She is forty years young. That means she was borned in 1973. D.R. was borned in a hospital in Flushing, New York. Her parents were very happy that day. (And they still are.) :)

Later, when D.R. comes home from work, she and her Mom and Dad are going out to get some dinner at a nice place. Then they will come home and have cake. :) I bet I get a little of the cake, too. :)

Happy birfdee, D.R., and many more! :) {{{Luv}}}