Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hello! Mah name is Keisha. I are here wit some new news.

The pikshers u see above were made by the wonerful cats at Zoolatry. They was so nice to make such prity art. Thanks u! {{Wuv}}

Also, here is a link u can go to if u want to see mah hooman frend D.R.'s pikshers from her Mom and Dad's 40th anniversary partee. It was fun! I got lots of snacks, and I met a bunch of people. I am in some of the pikshers.

U kno, Valatine'z Day is comin up, and if u wonderin whut to get ur speshul person, or another speeshees, u cuden't go wrong with a flea collar. So they don't get fleas. No one likes to do that awkward scratchin' in front of evrybody, so help dem before they even reelize they needs it. Thank u.

Okey, I gotta go rest on the floor nao. See u later. Bye-bye! :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Anniversary to mah hooman's Mom and Dad! :)

Oh hai. It's Keisha. Today is the partee for mah hooman frend D.R.'s Mom and Dad. They are having a big animaversaree, which means they gotted married 40 yeers ago. They went to a restaront with all their frends and famalee. Nao they is back home and we is havin snacks. This is fun! Woooooo-eee. :)

I will post some noo pikshers of the nice partee when mah frend D.R. is done wit the camera. Thank yoo. :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hi, there! :)

It's Keisha. Nice to see you.

I has a storee! Is nice thing about a kitteh and the hooman she adoptid. :) U can has link:

Here it is

Today it iz cold. I has nice furs, though. I'm glad my hooman frend wears a hat and cote when we go outside. My Dad usually takes me for walks, and when he's finished, he has some coffee and watches teevee. I likes my hoomans. :)

I was playing a fun game in my other friend's room. It's called "Sniff Everything." Smells are interesting sometimes, and I like to see what my friend D.R.'s books, shooez and other things smell like. Playing "Sniff" at the park is even better, because then you can sniff plants and treez too.

Okay, I am done for now. Thank you very much! I see you later. :)