Sunday, June 27, 2010

O hai there :)

Helloo everyone, I am Keisha and thank u for readin mah blog. It is good to have u here. :)

Today is Sundae. My hooman friends went in the swimmy pool! :) I went to sniff them. It was fun to see them splash around in the water. They look like otters. Hee hee.

My friend D.R. gave me some little bits of cereal before. They were good! :) Also, when she was finished, she gave me a tiny part of the leftover milk. Mmmm. I drinked it all up. Milk is good for your bones.

We had a lot of thunnerstorms this weekend, and I din't like the noise. I ran to Mom and Dad for hugs. On Saturday, Mom and Dad went out for a while, and I stayed home with D.R. She watched teevee and I sat next to her on the couch. D.R. gived me tummy pats, which soothed me a lot. :)

I like to sit next to people when they eat. Yesterday, my Dad had a burger! That was like going to the movies for me. :)

Tonite, I stayed up a little late, and rested on the floor in the livin room, next to the couch. Mom watched teevee. It was nice and comfy to be there. It's kinda fun to stay up late sometimes, like going camping. :) I think I will go get some rest now, though. Have a good week. I see u later. Thanks! :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Friday, everyone :)

O hai! This is Keisha. Thank u for readin mah blog. I am glad u are here. :)

Yesterday, my hooman friend did something really neat. She went to help out at the animal shelter! :) She walked some dogs and took them out into the backyard behind the shelter buildings, so they could run and play and get some fresh air. It was kinda hot that day, so she din't let them stay too long, but it was just enough time for them to get some fresh space. Then she took them back. She also went to a meeting in the evening, where she listened to all the shelter workers talk about special plans for stuff they are going to do in the next few months. It was pretty good. D.R. was also glad that there were cookies. :)

D.R. had baked fish for lunch today! It was lemon and pepper-tasty. She gived me a couple of little bites. I thought they were yummy. Fish is good for you. Kittehs really like it a lot.

It is rainin now. D.R. said she wants to go to the park when it stops. So do I. Rain means I can't take my walks until it's done. The only good thing about rain is that it makes the grass and the flowers and trees grow.

Okay, that is all for right now. I will see u soon! Thanks. Hugs. :) :) :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Frydee nooz :)

O hai, I'm Keisha. Nice to see u. Thanks for readin mah blog. :)

Today my Dad called the cable teevee people to get them to put more moovee channels on our teevee. I think it worked. I hope I get to watch some moovees with Mom and Dad later. :)

I also went into D.R.'s room a couple times. She was watchin a soccer game from the World Cup. D.R. pet and hugged me a lot. I liked that.

D.R. sleeped a lot today because she had an intervoo yesterday. Those things make u not have a lot of energy. I went to check up on her a lot, and she hugged me a bunch more times. I think huggins are good for u.

I sat next to Mom when she read a book today! :) That was fun. I didn't read much, but if she ever has a book with a dog in it, maybe I will.

I also went with D.R. when she went into the kitchen to make a drink of chocklat proteen drink. She said I can't have it because chocklat makes doggies sick, so I just watched. The spoon went clinky-clinky-clink. :) I guess I'll stay with water.

I hope everyone has a good, safe weekend. Thank you, I'll see you later. Bye bye!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oh wow, it's Toosdey :)

Hello, everyone. It is Toosdey where I live, and that means my Mom and Dad went out for a while, to visit one of their cousins, so I get the couch all to myself! :) I also get to sit on the floor, next to the window, and soak up all the sunbeams if I want. Springtime is fun.

My hooman friend D.R. had a cheezburger for lunch! Boy, did it smell great! I even got to have a tiny bit, just a little, and it tasted delicious. Mmmmm.

I got to watch teevee with Mom yesterday. I also sat next to her when she did the crossword in her big book. If they had a crossword about dog stuff, I could help.

U can see in my piksher here, that I am sittin next to Mom while she watches teevee. Hi there! :)

In a few days, they are havin somethin called the World Cup. My hooman friend D.R. is goin to watch that on the teevee. It is a game called soccer. (Some people call it football.) I think it will be fun to watch. Also, the more I sit on the couch when my friends watch teevee, the more tummy pats I get! Yipee! :)

Okay, that's all for now. I will see u soon. Thanks. :) Hugs!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I has a berfday! :)

Hello, my name is Keisha. Thank u for readin mah blog. :)

Today was mah berfday! I am 13. That means I was borned in 1997. Yipee! :) I was just a little puppy back then. I would like to say to my Mom and Dad and brothers and sisters, thank u, wherever u are. :)

My hooman friends gave me a real nice berfday celebration. D.R. bought me some yummy treats, a chewy beef stick and some crunchy things that taste like fish. Yay! I also got a new toy, Mr. Duck. He is fuzzy and looks like a Canadian duck. I had a tussle with him and he rolled under the table. I think I won.

The swimmin pool behind our house is all clean now. My hooman friends have been goin swimmin! :) Sometimes I go out by the pool and I watch them splash, splash, splash. It's fun.

Okay, I am gonna take a rest now. I see u later. Thanks. :)