Sunday, February 28, 2010

I has an adventure

O hai, I is Keisha. Thank u for readin mah blog. Welcome. :)

Today is different, because my Mom and Dad went on a trip! They are goin to see my Mom's brother, who lives in Sarasota. He has a noo house. He also has dogs! I wanted to go see them, but Mom and Dad said I have to stay with my hooman friend D.R. It's okay, I guess. D.R. gave me a little bit of her sammich. :)

D.R. and I got to take a walk. That was good. I sniffed the lawn, and I watched when a couple of people came out of their house across the street. I've got to keep my own friends safe. Everything was okay, though. After that, we went back in. D.R. went to church, and when she came home, she fed me dinner. Mmmmmm. Yummy food.

I feel like I am on a special camping trip! I want to have a tent and sing songs.

The weather is not so bad. It is a little windy, but that is all. I think I am goin to sit on the couch, and then maybe D.R. and I will watch teevee. Thank u! I see u later. Bye for now. :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sleepy day

O hai! My name is Keisha, and thank u for readin mah blog. :) Nice to see u.

Today was a funny day. I didn't see my Mom and Dad until nite-time! They went out to see stuff, and I was at home with my other hooman friend D.R. She watched teevee, and she read books, and she went to check on me a lot. She also played football with me for a bit. I only wanted to play for a few minutes. Then I went back to sleepin. I took naps or just lay there thinkin about stuff, for most of the day. I'm kinda low on energee whenever my Mom and Dad are gone.

My Dad said he went to Busch Gardens and got to see lots of stuff! That is a big amusement park in Tampa. You can go on rides and see animals. Dad got a lot of exercise because he walked around instead of goin on the tram. When he came home, he even took me for a walk. Thank you, Dad. :)

My friend D.R. is watchin a thing called the Olympics. She says they are neat games that people play in winter, so they can win medals. I wish I could do the skiing! I would love to jump over all that snow.

Okay, I am goin to stop for now. Big hugs for everyone. Thank u. :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

I has a contest!

Wheeeeeee! Pretty neat, huh?


It is a good cause, so vote if u like. Thanks! :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Feblueberry! :)

O hai, this is Keisha. Thank u for readin mah blog. :)

Yesterday they had the Sooper Bowl on TV. It was fun! I watched parts of it. They also had the sixth annual Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. I liked that even better. Doggies played with toys and ran around a lot. They had kittens in the halftime show! If you want to see some of it, which my hooman friend D.R. filmed in front of the teevee, here it is:

That is so kewt, I could snuggle the teevee screen. :)

Today was a fun day too, because I got to eat some cheez from my hooman friend's pizza for lunch. It was really hot and had lots of sauce on it. :) Mmmm. Then I went to the park with my Mom and Dad. I walked all over the park and sniffed lots of interesting stuff. The park is a good place to get some exercise.

Also, here is an awesome story about a hero dog and his brave hooman friends. They gave the doggie an award because he has helped the people so much. :)

Okay, that's it for now. Plz to keep Max and his Mom in ur prayers. I see u soon. Thanks. :)