Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Gnu Ear 2012!! :) :) :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. Thank u for reading mah blog today. Good to see u. :)

I want to wish everyone a Happy Gnu Ear. I hope u has a healthy, fun year in 2012! :) Please be careful and stay inside so u don't get scared by all the fireworks. Also, ask your hooman friends to take a taxi cab home if they are going to have some drinky drinks. My friend D.R. says that is very important. :)

I has kind of a sad nooz. Two of my uncle's dogs got into a fight. One got hurt and had to go to the v-e-t for help. :( I hope it doesn't happen anymore.

D.R. is still looking for a job. She said she sent lots of e-mayos, and nobody wrote back yet this week. She told me next week there might be more, once New Year's is over. I hope she will still sit on the couch with me and rub my tummy, after she gets a job.

At my house this morning, almost everybody was napping. My Dad took a nap, my Mom took a nap on the couch, so I went into Dad's room and took a nap on the floor. Later, D.R. had pizza for dinner, and she gave me a little bit! I had the crust, with a little sauce and cheese on it. Yummy! It was very good. :)

D.R. was feeling sick in her tummy again today. She didn't throo up, but she said she was gonna lie down and maybe read. I do that sometimes. I lie on the blankie next to the bed in Mom and Dad's room, and if Mom is reading something, like a book or newspaper, I come over and take a look. I think next year, I would like to get my own liberry card. That way, I can get all sorts of books about dogs.

Mom fixed our flag this morning! :) There is a nice, pretty flag of the U-S-A outside our house. Mom and Dad put it there. The other day, it got kind of wound up around the metal stick it's on, so Mom went out there and fixed it. Now it looks all better. I like the flag. I especially like the flag cupcakes we have around the Fourth of July. :) I don't like the noise of fireworks so much, but they are fun to watch on the teevee. D.R. likes them, too. She knows a lot of flags! Sometimes she plays games on the compooter, where u look at a flag and guess what country it is from. I bet I would be good at that, too.

Okay, I am going to sit in Dad's compooter room and watch him play vidyo games. He is good at games with airplanes in them. Sometimes they make a funny Buzzz-zzz-zz noise. I see u later! Happy Gnu Ear!!! {{{2012}}}

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wensdee nooz :)

O hai! My name is Keisha and this is mah blog. Thank u for reading. :)

Today is Wensdee. I am having a good time at home. I went for a couple walks with Dad. My Aunt Mary had to go home. I miss her already. She lives near Miami. She had to go back there because she was only visiting us in Port Richey for Christmas. Aunt Mary got to see me play Santa Paws. Also, she gave Mom a dancing Snoopy toy. I thought it was another dog, and I barked at it.

D.R. eated some potater chips before. She gived me a couple! They went crunch, crunch. MMmmm. She also gived me some bread from her burger. It had a little bit of ketchup. Wow! :)

I may have to go to the v-e-t in March. I don't likes that, but Mom says I gotta go one or two times a year. If I get a good check-up this time, I don't have to go for a while. That would be good.

Mom says I losted some weight! :) I is moar smaller than I used to be. Mom has been feeding me a healthy kind of dog food, so that helped. Also, I have gone for moar walkies with Dad every day. Exercise is good.

D.R. throo up yesterday. She said she doesn't know what caused it, but today, she is feeling better. She had no moar sickies today. I hope she feels good enough to have a cookie, and maybe share some with me. :)

I tried to eat some stuff on the lawn the other day, when D.R. was taking me out for walkies. I sniffed an anthill, and it was kinda good. D.R. told me to stop. That is a good thing, because I did not get sick today. I am glad I have nice hooman friends who help me. :)

Okay, that is all for now. I hope u has a good week. Byebye! :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

I has a happy :) :) :)

O hai! This is Keisha. Welcome to mah blog. Yay! (paw tap)

Kitmas was awesome! Santa brought me lots of stuff. U can see my toys. They are in the green sock. Three toys + sock= four! Hooray! :)

D.R. went to a party at her aunt and uncle's house. Cousin Mike and his daughter were there, and Uncle Thomas. So was Dad's sister, Aunt Mary. Everybody had lots of fun. There was food and everything. Mmmmm. :)

Cousin Mike's daughter got lots of fun toys. D.R. taked pikshers of them! U can see them here. I love my toys, too. They go squeak! D.R. threw one to me, and I chased it around. It was red! It is a porcupine. I think his name should be Spiky. :)

D.R. came home a little early and took me for walkies. She also walked with me before she went to the party. When my hoomans were out, I taked a nap. I dreamed I got lots of cookies. When I waked up, D.R. said her auntie brought lots of cookies. Yay! :)

D.R.'s aunt is going to stay here a couple days. She and Mom and Dad are going to have lots of fun and go see stuff. D.R. said she will mostly look for work, play compooter games, read and sleep. Oh yeah, she said she will also give me lots of hugs. I like that part. :)

U can see some photos from this year's Christmas, right here. The best part is, I got to be Santa! Thank u Aunt Mary for my Santa suit. :)

I is Santa!

This is the choo-choo train and Christmas tree at Aunt Fran's house.

This is Mr. Bear. He is little Brennae's polar bear. :)

My prezints from Santy Paws! :)

I had a really good Christmas. I'm also looking forward to New Year's. I hope u are, too! {{{Love}}} Thank u.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

O hai, Fursday is here :)

O hai! I put this funny piksher of a kitteh because it is cute. :)

Hello! Today is Fursday. Only a few more days until Santy Paws comes here! :) I hope u has a very fun Kitmas.

Happy Chanukah to all those who are celebrating. :) If you win at dreidel, please save me some candy.

I went into D.R.'s room and rubbed on her foots a bunch on Wensdee. It was good, 'cause she pet me a lot. She even kissed me on top of mah head. That made me feel very happy. :)

D.R. had an innervoo on Wensdee. She was very nervous. The people told her they liked her resume, but she didn't get the job. D.R. was very Sad. Then I let her pet me, and she felt kinda better. I know she will get something soon. :)

Mom and Dad had an Oopsie with their car. There was a thing stuck in the tire. Mom had to go get it fixed. Now it is better. D.R. has a thing she uses with her car, called a GPS. It tells you how to find a place. I hope it knows where the pet food place is. I would like to go look at the big bags of dog food.

I had some popcorn on Wensdee. It was good! :) D.R. gave some to me. It was a little burnt, but that was okay. I like the crunch and the taste. Mmmm mmm mmm. :)

D.R. has a Cold. She is sneezing a lot, and has to take medicine. That makes her sleepy, and she doesn't always remember stuff. D.R. said that today, she is just gonna apply for some jobs on the compooter, then read, watch teevee and go to sleep. I think that is good. I will do that too. Except I already have a good job, as a dog. :)

Yesterday, D.R. was listening to a radio show, when she was driving home from the innervoo. She said the radio thing was about Poly Tix. It was not very funny. I do not like when the teevee nooz talks about Poly Tix. I'd rather watch the weather show instead. It shows you when it's gonna rain and stuff. That is good, 'cause I do not like rain.

U know what was funny? At the place where D.R. went to her innervoo, there was a big dog in the office! A furry black sheepdog. D.R. said she wished she could have had the job, but it did not happen. It would be nice to go to the office and see a dog every day. That's okay, 'cause she still gets to see me every day at home. :)

Okay, I gonna see if there are any Christmas singing shows on the teevee. Thanks. Bye-bye! :) {{{love}}}

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Furry Kitmas and Happy Gnu Ear! :)

O hai der! I am Keisha. Thank u for reading mah blog. I so glad to see u! :)

There are only five more days left until Kitmas! Are u gonna stay up and watch for Santy Paws? I sure am. I hope they leave out extra cookies for him, so I can have some too.

I went for a walk with Dad early this morning. Then we came home, and I rested on the floor. I went to say Hi to D.R. when she waked up. After that, I sat on the floor again. We have nice carpet in the living room. There is a small rug near the patio door. I like to rest on that sometimes. :)

Yesterday, I went into D.R.'s room. I sniffed everything. The lamp table was good. There are always interesting smells under there. I tried to sniff the electric plug, but D.R. made me stop. She said it is Not Safe, so I will try to remember that.

D.R. likes to play a video game called Skyrim. U play a person who fights dragons and trolls and other bad critters. I went in there, and she was playing it. Maybe I can try next time. I think I could win. I am a strong dog. I always catch the tennis ball.

We still do not have a tree. D.R. said she may go out and look for one, even just a little tree to put on the table. I hope she finds one with pretty lights. I like to see the blink-blink-blink.

Okay, please be extra good so u can get gifties from Santa! Also, the best gift to have is a loving forever home. Thank u. :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

O hai, a new Sundae is here

Hi there. I'm Keisha. Thank u and welcome to mah blog. U can see me in this piksher. I am walking around at the party we had on Thanksgiving. I was trying to see if I could get more food. I did get a lot of pettings. :)

Today was good. After a lot of sad things happened last week, I was glad to have some fun too. I got to watch teevee with Dad. I jumped on his lap when he was having lunch. Yay! It was like I tackled him in football. I winned!

Mom took me for a lot of walkies yesterday. I didn't always have to go on the lawn, but I did enjoy getting outside and breathing the fresh air. There were a lot of birdees, like baby cranes and ducks and crows. Cute! :)

The other day, I was a little sluggish and didn't want to run around much. Mom was a little worried. I did move around more today. I eated all my food, and even asked D.R. for a little bit of the crust when she had pizza. I also drinked more wawa. Sometimes your tummy just needs a day off. :)

My Dad watched a moovey today. It was "Night at the Museum." It was noisy and there was a big fight at the end, but I liked it. I would like to go to a real museum. I would sniff everything.

I walked into D.R.'s room a couple times last night. She was trying to get to sleep, but she just pet me, and I felt good. It makes me happy to know all my hooman friends are safe. It is part of my job as the house sekoority guard.

I can't wait for Santy Paws to get here. I hope he gives us lots of neat gifties! But really, the bestest thing about Kitmas is being with ur family and having fun. I wish all of u a very Merry Kitmas and Happy Gnu Ear. :) {{{love}}}

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Prayers for the Houston Pittie Pack and family

O hai. I has some Sad nooz. :( There was a fire at a house in Houston, Texas; the humans got out okay, which is good. Five of their dogs were lost, though. I am very sorry to hear that, and my hooman friend is saying prayers for them.

Here is the website for the lady: Kissa-Bull, and here is a blog by one of her friends, Jan's Funny Farm, where she talks about what happened. If u go to Jan's site, u will see a Chip-In where you can help them.

May the critter friends who were lost rest in peace.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Admiral Hestorb is in Heaven now

O hai, everyone, I hope u is havin good before-Christmas time. :)

I has a new Sad in my heart today. One of my best Kitteh friends, Admiral Hestorb, has gone to Heaven. She was sick for a long time. Then she went to the Rainbow Bridge, where it is nice and clean. Her Mom is very Sad also. U may want to stop by her blog and say hello. Thank you. {{{Admiral Hestorb}}} {{{Mom}}}

My hooman friend D.R. did a nice thing today. She bought some food for the kittehs and doggies at the local animal shelter. She dropped it off there, and something even better was happening. A hooman was adopting a new dog, to be the brother of her other dog! :) D.R. said she was so happy, her head almost asplode. D.R. also saw a lot of nice critters when she was at the pet store getting the food. She said they have birdees, fishies and lizards. She wants to get some of those when she has a new apartment. I will go visit her a lot! :)

D.R> said I should be extra good, because Santy Paws sometimes leaves gifties early. Santy may have dropped off some really good prezints for a certain good puppy. I hope that is me!! :)

Some very Naughty people stopped at our house yesterday. They threw eggs at Mom's car, and knocked our mailbox onto the ground. Yoiks! Mom and Dad were kinda mad. They didn't get to call the police, because the strange people were already gone by the time Mom and Dad went outside to look. Lots of our neighbors had the same thing happen. I hopes they catch the bad people soon. Being Nawty right before Kitmas is not fun.
Okay, I see u later. Thank u, everybody. Let's all enjoy the Kitmas and Gnu Ear. Be good, so Santy Paws is good to u!! {{{Luv}}}

We have good news! :)

O hai, everybody! Thank u so much for all your purrs, woofs and prayers for my Uncle Thomas. We has good news!! :)

My uncle went home from the hospital yesterday. He has no more bleeding, and the doctors said his operation was good. My Mom came home after she helped Uncle Thomas get back to his house. Uncle Thomas has lots of dogs! They jumped on him when he was on the couch. :)

So, everyone is much more happy now. The doctor said my uncle has to rest a lot. Also, I hope he has some ice cream. I always feel better when I have some. :)

(U can see my Uncle in the piksher. He is on the right. He has a pillow on his head.)

Okay, I am going to get some rest. I see u soon. Thanks! :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Update- we can has a Sad :(

O hai. My name is Keisha. Thank u for comin to mah blog.

I has a nooz. It not so good, sorry. My uncle, who went to the hospital the other day, had lots of tests and lost blood and stuff. The doctor found out that he has a Can-Sur. :( My Mom is still visiting him in the hospital. She is gonna come home tomorrow, but she will go back soon after that.

(Uncle Thomas is not in the picture up there. That picture has other folks in it.)

They is giving my Uncle Thomas a noo visit to Sir Jerry. They are trying to see where the bad Can-Sur is so they can take it all out of him. I hope they do that.

D.R. has a worried, but Mom called and said Uncle is getting some rest now, and the sur-jury is later on. My Dad took me for a walk outside. I eated some of my food. I didn't feel so good, because Mom was gone, but D.R. sat next to me and pet me a lot. That was better.

Okay, I gonna go now. I hope Uncle Thomas is all better soon. We is gonna send him extra moar hugs and wishes. I see u later! :) Thanks.

Monday, December 12, 2011

My uncle, he sick :(

O hai! My name is Keisha. In this piksher, you can see some people in mah family at a dinner we had for Thanksgiving. It was a lot of fun to see everybody. :) Also, we nommed lots of turkey. :)

I has a Sad, because my Mom's brother, D.R.'s Uncle Thomas, had to go to the horseytail to have an operization. Awww, shucks. :( He felt Sick last nite, and he went to the horseytail. He called Mom, and she went to visit him. She is gonna stay at his house in the town of Venice, Flori-dah until he gets all better. That may be a few days, although we hope the doctor place will send him home soon. I would bring him cookies, but Mom didn't take me on her visit. I just send him a hug. {{{Uncle Thomas}}}

In other stuff, D.R. is still looking for work. She called some people this morning. No one had a job offer, but it is good to try. I think D.R. should take a nap on the floor, like me. That works really well if you need to relax. U will not has stress then. :)

Dad had chicken for lunch! :) He went to a chicken place and brought home a box of food. I got to sit on the floor next to the table, while Dad was eating there. He even gave me a couple little pieces. Mmmm mmm, yummy! :)

The tree guy came to our house last week, and he cut out some little stumps that were in our lawn. Now our lawn is nice and clean, with just one big tree, and some bushes and flowers by the front of the house. It is a good place to sniff when you go on walks. Also, you can still see the birdees that come to visit our tree. I like to watch them. They play tag a lot.

My Mom and Dad went to a music show yesterday. They watched some people play a Kitmas concert. I didn't get to go. I stayed home. Most of the time, I slept on the couch. Then I went to D.R.'s room, and she took me for a walk on the lawn. I was very happy when Mom and Dad came home. Oh, boy! I barked and jump up and down.

U know what is good? I have not had to go to the v-e-t or the groomer for a while. I get to stay home a lot. It's less scary when u don't have to get shaved or have people look at ur b-u-t-t and stuff. I like to be home with my hooman friends. :)

It is almost winter here, though my hooman friends say it is already just as cold as that. The lawns are still pretty good to sniff. We don't get snow, but sometimes we get rain. I don't like to go out in the rain, because it makes my furs wet. The only good thing about that is, Mom and Dad and D.R. feel moar sorry for me when I come back in the house, and they pet me a lot. :) Sometimes Mom even dries me with a towel. Wow!

Okay, I am gonna watch teevee with Dad. I see u soon. Bye! :) {{{Luv}}}

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Caturday is good! :)

O hai! Happy Caturday to everyone. In the piksher up there, u can see the new wreath that my Mom's friend sent her for Christmas. It is neat. :)

I slept on the floor in Dad's room last nite. It was good. I got up a couple times, once to walk around because I couldn't sleep, and again when Dad had breakfast. I sat on the couch and watched teevee with him this morning. It is fun to catch up on the morning nooz. Sometimes u see ambulances going Rrr-rrr-rrr. The weather stuff is fun too. :)

D.R. went to the vidyo game store and traded in some of her old games for some new ones. She got the game "CSI: Fatal Conspiracy," which is from a teevee show that has detectives in it, and "Velvet Assasin," which is based on a real lady spy in World War II. I bet these games are fun! :) D.R. also plays a game called "Skyrim," which is where you are a hero who fights dragons and wizards. I walked in when she was playing it. I would like to try it sometime.

It is getting cold where I live. We have had some foggy days and some cold, rainy ones too. I like to go for walks and then come back and enjoy the warm house. It's good to sit on the floor and stretch your feets.

D.R. didn't have any more innervoos this week. She hopes next week will be better. D.R. has petted me a lot lately, which is really good. She pets me on the head and rubs my chin at the same time. That makes me feel very warm and happy! :)

I has a Sad thing to say, though. D.R. saw a kitteh that was hurted at the side of the road. It already went to Heaven. D.R. was very Sad. I know the kitteh is at the Rainbow Bridge, though, and it is peaceful there. Rest in peace, Kitteh. {{{Love}}}

There was a big birdee who came and sat on the dock at the lake behind our house. It is a brown and gray bird. I don't know what kind it is, but he is big! He likes to sit there and stretch out his wings. He doesn't do much, just sits there. His feathers are really wide when he stretches.

Okay, that is it for now. U have a nice weekend! Kisses! {{{Luv}}}

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fursday hello :)

O hai! This is Keisha. I live with my hoomans. Thank u for reading mah blog. :)

My friend D.R. went to her innervoo the other day. She didn't get the job, so she was a little sad, but at least she tried. Also, her face is all better now after the visit to the dentist. D.R. said it is nice to be able to have a sandwich if she wants.

This morning, I was watching teevee with Dad, when D.R. sat down next to me and pet my tummy. This made me feel good. My furs are very long now. It's nice to be warm, because the weather is cold where we live. I am glad I have a good home. I wish all hoomans and critters would, too. :)

Dad had lunch before, and I got to sniff the fridge when he opened the door. Hoomans are funny sometimes. They put meat, cheese and lettuce in separate drawers of the fridge. I like it when everything is together.

D.R. had some good news. The guv-mint finally put her name into the Unemployment records, so she can has a money. Yay! :) D.R. said she is much less nervous now.
She is still looking for a job, but it is nice to have some help.

Mom and I watched some teevee last nite. Mom likes shows with lawyers in them. She petted me and let me have a pillow. I almost fell asleep during the show, but then I went to sleep in Dad's room. :)

Dad put up some Christmas lights outside our house! He put them on the bushes in front of the windows. He flips them on at nite. Other people also put lites outside. Some of them are really fancy, and they look like trees, Santy Paws and reindeer. I love Christmas. It makes me very happy. :)

I hope u is having a good week, and don't eat all the cookies yet- save some for Santy Paws! :) Thank u.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's Toes-day :)

O hai! Today is Toes-day, a good day to clean your paws. :) Thank u for coming to read my blog. :)

My friend D.R. is kinda nervous today. She went to the dentist and got some more fillings, and then she has to go to an innervoo tonite! Wow. I hope she is okay. I will rub on her feets to make her feel better. :)

I saw something this morning. There was a duck outside. I barked, and I didn't stop until it walked away. I have to protect my family. :)

D.R. got some medicine put in her face when she had the toof thing. It was called annasteeza. Her face was all weird after that. It felt like it was ice cold. She couldn't eat anything for a while. The dentist said to wait two hours before she could have a sandwich. That's really hard to do. If that were me, I would really want a sandwich.

I keep visiting D.R.'s room every day, not just because I like to see her, but because I like to sniff and lick things in her room. There's a bag next to the dresser. It has some books and papers in it. I love to sniff it and put my snoot in it. Then D.R. pets me. It's a good feeling.

There is a neat site called Fursbook. I am on there. All critters are welcome there! U should join. It is free. Thank you. :)

Okay, I am going to lie on the floor while Mom gets ready for lunch. I see u later. Thanks! :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Fries-day! :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. Here I am at home. I glad u readin this today. :)

It is Fries-day! :) Mmm, I love fries. Mom didn't make any for lunch today, but she did make sausage and onions. I am Not Allowed to have onions. It was fun to smell, though.

I went for walkies with D.R. the other day. She was putting on my collar, and I slipped out, and ran toward the street. Oh noes! She caught up with me, and put back my collar and leash. Then we went for a walk, like normal. It was cold, but I still sniffed a lot.

Yesterday, D.R. had peetza for dinner again. I got a couple little pieces! Mmmm. They were crunchy and good. They had little bits of sauce on them. I like tomatoes.

Mom's friend sent her a big wreath for Christmas. That's a circle thing made out of leaves and stuff. It also has berries stuck to it. You put it on the door and Santy Paws knows u are ready for presents and stuff. D.R. says when they put it up, she will take pikshers of it. D.R. loves Christmas decorations. :)

U know what we get to eat on Christmas? Cookies! Cookies! I like those a lot. I can't eat any that have chocolate, but I can eat others. Sometimes Dad gets oatmeal cookies with vanilla frosting on them. What's your favorite kind of cookie? :)

This Christmas, my wish is that all critters have a safe and good forever home. Plz if u can, give some stuff to your local shelter. Also give to the food banks for hoomans. That would be very kind. :) {{{{Luv}}}

Okay, I see u later! Bye-byes. Have a fun weekend! :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

O hai, here comes December :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. U can see me in the photo above. That's me, after I took a walk with my Dad. :)

Today is Wensdee. It was very cold where we live. I went out for walkies, and it was a good thing I have a nice furry coat. Then we came back, and I had some water. I drink lots of water after walks. Then, I rested, while Dad did some computer stuff. Dad's computer is fun. It has airplane games. :)

Mom and Dad went out to see a concert. There is a jazz group they wanted to see. I got to stay home with D.R. She was watchin "Cops" on the teevee. D.R. also took me outside so I could use the lawn. We went back inside pretty quickly, because it was still cold.

After "Cops," D.R. had a hockey game on the teevee. She also played a game called Farm Ville on the compooter. It is fun: u can raise crops, grow fruit trees and even have baby goats and things. I watched for a little while. Then I went into the living room to sit on the couch.

I was pretty sleep before. I didn't even get up when D.R. had a cookie. She said it was a peanut butter cookie. I guess I was just tired. Maybe another time, I can have some. :)

I like to sniff things. I also like to check my hoomans' rooms in the house, to make sure everyone is safe. Yesterday, I went into D.R.'s room and sniffed her shoes, and the electrical plug near the lamp. D.R. made me stop the second one. She said it wasn't safe for doggies. I stopped. Oops, next time I'll just smell the shoes.

Today, a guy came to our house and did some work on the lawn. The lawn machine made a loud noise, but I didn't bark. I know the person. He has come to visit us before. I don't bark unless I think the person did something bad. This guy is okay, though. I just stayed on the couch.

Pretty soon, it's going to be Christmas. I can't wait! We are going to have lots of fun. I hope u do too, whether you celebrate Christmas or you don't. {{{luv}}}

Thank u. I see u later. Bye for now!! :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

O hai, it is Mondee

Hi there! I am Keisha. Thank u for reading mah blog. :)

Today is Mondee. This morning, I went for a walk with Dad. Then I sat on the floor, while he watched teevee. I like to put my head on the carpet and stretch my feets on the floor. Mom did the crossword when she had breakfast. I would have helped her, but she put the paper on the table, and it is too tall for me.

Guess what? D.R. had pizza the other day! I got some cheez and crust. It was very good. I nommed it all up. :) MMmmm, mmm, mmm. Today, she had the leftovers for lunch, and I got to have some, too! Wow. Mmmmmmmm! :) Nom nom nom.

The weather is very foggy today. U can't see a thing out of the back window. D.R. was going to drive to a place, but she is gonna wait 'til later. That is good, now I can go to her for more pettings. :)

There were lots of birdees yesterday! They visited our block, and walked and flapped around. Many of them were ducks. They quacked a lot. I like duckies. I wish I could swim. There is a lake behind our house, and if I could swim, I would go there with the ducks. :)

D.R. gave me lots of tummy pats yesterday. That made me feel very good. I was kinda sluggish, and she sat next to me. I lifted my paws, and D.R. pet my tummy and rubbed and scratched it. I have a lot of furs, but I could still feel it. I was so happy, I wiggled my paws. :)

U know what? D.R. eated a chocolate chip cookie the other day. I couldn't have any, because it had chocolate in it. I hope I get some vanilla cookies later. Dad has good spice cookies with vanilla frosting on top, sometimes, and they don't have chocolate. I bet I get some of those! :)

Okay, that is all for now. My Dad is gonna practice the guitar, and I am gonna watch and maybe help. Thank u!! {{{luv}}}

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Caturday time today :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. Thank u for lookin in mah blog today. :)

Today is Caturday. Mom was a little worried about me this morning. She said I was lethargic. I don't know what that means, but I was really tired and didn't move around a lot. Mom said it was because Cousin Mike's little daughter was here on Thanksgiving, and she and I played Tag a lot. We ran around and I got so tired, I was still worn out this morning. Dad took me for a walk, and everything was fine, so I'm going to be all right. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll get more sleep later. :)

D.R. is still looking for jobs. She sends out a lot of e-mayos. There is one lady who called her back a couple of times. D.R. hopes she calls again on Monday. Also, D.R. keeps trying to get unemployment money, and the stupid compooter system used by the guvmint office doesn't work. It won't put in D.R.'s name so she can get a money. They keep promising her it will be fixed, but this is the third week, and nothing happened. She will call them Monday, and try to find out what happened. I went into D.R.'s room and rubbed on her feet, so she felt better. :)

The piksher up top is me, standing next to my Mom. Yay! :) It was on Thanksgiving. The next holiday is Christmas. I love Christmas! D.R. does too. She hopes her Mom and Dad get a tree this time. I would like to sniff the tree, if we get one. I like to sniff everything. I tried to sniff the electric plug in D.R.'s room, and she made me stop. Oops. :)

D.R.'s toof still kinda hurts from when she got a filling the other day. I think she should have a little vanilla ice kreem, to make it cool down. Then, she could let me have a little. :)

Okay, I am going to sit on the floor and watch stuff out the window. I hope everyone has a good weekend! :) Kthx. I luv u. {{{wuv}}}

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. Today is Thanksgiving! I wish a Happy day to all of you. :)

Up at the top of this post, you can see some cute pikshers, of me, my family and our relatives who came to visit. We all had lots of food. There was turkey, gravy, vegetables, rolls and even cake. It was yummy! :) I like this day very much. Not only did we get to eat a lot, but everyone petted me and gave me hugs. It is fun being a dog. :)

D.R.'s Aunt Fran and Uncle John came to visit; so did her Uncle Thomas, Cousin Mike, and Mike's daughter Brennae. I was excited to see so many hoomans. I ran around the room a lot, looking for snacks and pettings. I had so much fun! :)

We even sang songs, like "Jingle Bells," even though it is not Christmas yet. I even saw the Thanksgiving parade this morning on the teevee! Wow, it looked like fun. They had big balloons that looked like cartoon characters. D.R. says she used to watch it every year when she was a kid. I would like to have been there, so I could bark at all the floats.

I hope u had a fun Thanksigiving, too! And for hoomans and critters in other countries, I hugs u too. I hugs everyone. {{{love}}} See u later!

Monday, November 21, 2011

It is almost Turkee Day :)

(O hai. This is a cute piksher of some kittehs, I found on the Internets. U can see moar of them at I Can Has Cheezburger.) :)

Today is Mondee. U know what that means? Tomorrow is Toes-day! And then on Fursday, it's Tanksgibbins. That means u tell everyone how happy u are for the good stuff in your life, and you eat lots of turkey with your friends. Also, u can watch football and parades on teevee. It is fun. :)

I will tell u what I am thankful for! :) Here are the things:

1. My hooman friends, Mom, Dad and D.R., who gave me a nice forever home in 2004. They adopted me from the Pinellas County SPCA. Hooray! :)

2. All my online pals, hoomans and critters from all over the world. Thank you! :)

3. My special green blankie that I sleep on, next to the bed every day.

4. Clean food and water all the time. Thank u hoomans again. :)

5. My rope toys. Grrrrrr!

6. A big couch where I can sit whenever I want.

7. Pretty birdies that land and sing in the tree outside our house.

8. Nice lawns to sniff when I go for walkies. Thank u hoomans some moar. :)

9. The teevee, where I watch shows and stuff. Thank u, teebee.

10. Everything! :)

I loves u. Plz tell your hooman friends to be careful if they have to drive on Tanksgibbin. I hope u get some turkee, too! :) Happy Tanksgibbing!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Caturday goodness :)

(O hai. That's me, walking around in D.R.'s room.) :)

Today is Caturday. :) That means mah hoomans get to stay home, mostly. Sometimes they go out and do stuff. Dad went to a model boat show. He builds model kit boats, and he and his friends have a club that puts on shows with the kits. So he went out this morning, and then he came back. Mom also went out for a while, but she came home. I was so happy, I ran up to the door. Then, I went into Dad's room and lay down. Whew. :)

D.R. likes to play vidyo games. One of the ones she plays is chess. D.R. got a lot of stalemates, which is when you have to stop because there's no more moves for either person. This is like a tie. Also, she played Sea Life Safari, where u drive a special craft that goes underwater, and u take pikshers of stuff. D.R. said it is fun to relax. :)

Today, my friend did something really good. She bought some food for cats and dogs, and gave it to the animal shelter. Yay! :) I am very glad. Now the critters will have extra chow to keep them healthy. U can give stuff too: if you have extra towels, toys or other stuff that is clean and okay to use, shelters would love the help. Thank u. {{{love}}}

I was cleaning my paws before. It's been a few days since I did that. My furs are very long, and I want to keep my paws nice and neat. So, I sat on the couch and licked them all good. Then I fell asleep. It's a good thing to do on Caturday. :)

Did u know, our weather is funny? It does get cold from December through early March here, but we had some days where at night it's 45, and in the day, it's 80. I don't know why. I guess Mr. Sun has to go hide sometimes.

Next week is Thanksgiving! That is a holiday we have in the U.S. We all get together with our families, watch teevee, have parties and eat turkey. I can't wait, because D.R.'s aunt and uncle and cousin are coming. I bet I get lots of pettings. I love to nom turkey, too. Mmmm, gravy and corn and things!! :)

Please, I would like to ask u a favor: if u are a critter, get your hooman friends to give some food to the local food banks. These are places that collect food for hoomans in need. Also, animal shelters can use food for critters. It is very kind of u to help. Thanks. :) :)

Okay, I gonna sit on the floor while Mom does stuff in the compooter room. Bye! :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Snooze time :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. Thank u for looking at my blogygogog today. :)

I did some room inspections yesterday, which u can see in the piksher. Most of the time, though, I was very sleepy. I was so tired, even when D.R. had pretzels for a snack, and cereal later, I did not try to borrow any. I just Zzzzed.

My Mom and Dad went to see a movie, but the time in the paper was wrong, so they just got some popcorn and came home. D.R. gived me some of the popcorn. Mmmm! Yay. :)

I also got to have some of the turkey burger D.R. had the other day. She gived me a couple little pieces of it, with bread. That was yummy!

The stupid unemployment system still doesn't have D.R. in the capooter. She was really Sad when she called them this morning. They said it could take at least another week for her to be in their records. I rubbed on D.R.'s feet, so I hope she feels better.

D.R. went to the pharmacy and got her medicine. That made her feel relieved. Her Mom was also happy.

I went for walkies with Dad today. There were lots of other goggies walking with their hoomans. There were some big goggies. When I came home, I sat on the carpet. Then I lay on my side, half on and half off the carpet. That's pretty comfy. It makes a pillow for your head. :)

A truck made a funny noise before. I think it was a delivery truck or a mover's truck. I didn't bark. It went away kinda fast.

Fries-day is here! I hope u get to have some tasty food. :) Love u! Bye-bye. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New shiny thing is here! :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. Welcome to this blog. I happy u are here. :) Kthx.

I has big nooz. D.R. got a shiny new capooter! :) Oh, wow. D.R. bought a new Toshiba laptop, which is very clean and has buttons. It does all sorts of stuff. D.R. says the best thing is the big screen on it. I like it too. Yay! :)

Dad got chicken for lunch! :) He eated a bunch of fried chicken, with mashed pataters. I got to stand there and smell the food. Chicken smells good. Mmmmm. :)

I went for walkies with Dad today. The weather was good, sunny with a breeze. That makes the lawns really good to sniff. Yesterday, I even went for some walks with D.R. I walked in the street when there weren't any cars there, but D.R. said to come back to the sidewalk, because it's safe. So I did. :)

Dad watched a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger yesterday. It had lots of guns and stuff blowing up. I didn't understand some of it. At least I got to sit on the couch.

D.R. was watchin a soccer game when I went to check her room last nite. She said the teams were from England. D.R. really wants to visit there someday. I hope she takes pikshers! :)

There was a lot of fog yesterday morning. It went away. Today is sunny. I hope I get to go to the park. :)

Okay, that's it for now. I see u soon. Bye! :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

O hai, Funday is here :) :) :)

Hello! My name is Keisha. I am a dog. Thank u for readin mah blog. :)

Mah friend D.R. is unemployed. Dat means she does not have a job. She is lookin for one, and she sent an application to the state unemployment thing, so that she can get a money. They didn't send her any, and she had a Scaird. So D.R. called the help number, and they sent some e-mayos. They told her she is gonna be in the system by Thursday, and then they can send her a money. Whew. :)

I went for walkies with Dad extra early this morning. The sun was up, and there were lots of birdees and butterflies. I sniffed some of them. It was good! :) Then we went home, and I sat on the couch. D.R. pet my head and ruffled my tummy. Yay! :)

There was a kitteh that walked across the street! We have seen him before. He has lotsa pretty colors. I would like for him to come stay with us, but Mom says he lives with a family across the street. Maybe he can visit sometimes, like kitteh vacations?

D.R. practiced roller-skating the other day. She said it was good, even though her feet hurted a little bit. That looks like fun. I think I will borrow her skates next time.

I poked my nose into the fridge, when it was open before. Did u know, there is a lot of stuff in there? I got to see the drawer where they keep the roast beef and turkey. Mmmmm, I would love to eat so much. Sometimes I get a little bit when Mom or Dad has a sandwich. It's really good if it has dressing or bacon on it.

Okay, I am gonna lie down now. I hopes u has a good week. Love u!! :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lunch Time

O hai! My name is Keisha. Today is Caturday. Whee! :)

My Mom and Dad are gettin ready to have lunch. They are makin sandwiches and stuff. Oh, boy! Everything smells really good. I can't wait to eat when this post is over.

D.R. saw a very pretty birdie when she was driving before. It was walking next to the road, on a little lawn. It was a bebeh crane! She said it was very cute, short and with snowy feathers. D.R. didn't have her camera, so she doesn't have a piksher. She said next time she will try to remember it.

My Mom and Dad are also goin out to a partee. It is a surprise birfdee partee for a friend of Mom's cousin. Her friend is goin to be eighty yearses! Wow. That is 11 and a half in dog years. :)

It was Veterans Day yesterday in the U.S.A. I say thank u to all the veterans. :)

Tonite, when Mom and Dad are at the thing, I get to hang out with D.R. Yay! :) I bet we have pizza and watch a movie. :) D.R. already gived me a tummy pat this afternoon, so I feel double good.

D.R. likes to write quizzes on a fun game site, Fun She writed a new one this week. It's about a vidyo game, "L.A. Noire." U can see it here. Have fun! :)

Okay, now I am gonna see if I can get some food from Mom and Dad. I see u later. Thanks! :) {{{Luv}}}

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fursday hello :)

(O hai. This is me, takin a rest next to the table.) :)

Hi there! I am Keisha, a dog. I live in Flory-dah with my hooman friends. I glad u readin mah blog. Thanks. :)

Today is sunny! I got to go for walkies with my Dad. We just went to the lawn, and he got the mail out of the mailbox. When we got back, I went to sit on the floor. That's a good place to relax and think about stuff. :)

There were a lot of crows around this morning! They went flying from the trees to the light poles and everywhere else. Crows say Caw, caw, caw. I don't see the bebeh crows. I guess they will be hatched in the spring. :)

There were lots of people across the street yesterday. They made a lot of noise. I didn't bark this time, but I ran back and forth to make sure they didn't do anything. After a while, they left. We was all glad.

D.R. was kinda wurried, because there is supposed to be baskey-ball games on the teevee, but there is a Problem with the teams and stuff, so they have no games. She wanted to watch them, too. Now she is gonna watch lots of movies instead. D.R. says she feels Sad for all the people who sell popcorn at the stadiums and can't do that now. I will sit with her and watch teh movies, so she feels moar good. :)

D.R. says lots of people who are runnin for Presy-dent have been on the teevee lately. They talk like this: blah blah blah blah. D.R. tries to watch something else whenever that is on. My Mom and Dad also like to watch the shows where people go on stage and sing songs, like this: La la laaaaala. It's moar fun that way.

The other day, D.R. went to the dentist, and he put fillings in her teefs. He also said she needs two crowns, which are special fake teeth that go over half your toof when it is broken. D.R. was not so Happy, but she says when it is over, she will feel better.

I went to sleep in Mom's room the other day, and I was so tired, I stretched over the side of the blankie on the floor. Zzzzzzzzzz. I like that place. It makes me feel safe to be next to the big bed.

Mom gave me some leftover breakfast today! :) Yay! She had pancakes with syrup. Mmm, mmm, mmm. She put it in my food dish, too.

That's it for now. I will see u later. Thank u! {{{{love}}}

Monday, November 7, 2011

O hai, I glad to see u :)

Hi there! My name is Keisha. I am a dog. Thank u for readin mah blog today. :)

U can see the new car in the piksher! It is the one D.R.'s Mom and Dad bought. It is shiny and blue. I didn't get to sit in it yet. I hope they take me to the park soon. :)

D.R. was lookin at some books on the compooter, and she saw an ad for this one. It looks really cute! D.R. wants to get it out of the liberry. It is about a lady who likes rescue dogs. D.R. does, too. I am one. Hee hee! :) It is very important to give forever homes to critters. They love that. And, it makes hoomans happy too. :)

I got to go walkies with my Dad this morning. It was sunny, and there was a breeze. After we came home, I sat on the floor for a while. Then I jumped on the couch, where Dad was. We watched teevee, and I almost got a little salad, but he finished eating it first. Maybe next time.

D.R. had a cheezburger for lunch! :) She said it was a little dry, but they put lots of ketchup, which she likes. I wish I could have been there. Burgers are yummy. :)

D.R. said she saw a squirrel next to the road, and it had gone to Heaven. She was Sad, but now the critter can play in the trees up there, where they always have lots of acorns, and plenty of fresh water. {{{squirrel}}}

We have a lake behind our house. It is very pretty. Yesterday, Dad went out to sit on the patio and watch the lake, and I walked out there with him. I walked in a big circle around the pool. My hooman friends can't go swimmin now, because it is too cold, but it is nice to sit next to the pool. :)

D.R. is still looking for a job. She is answering plenty of ads on the compooter. She even went to the gym and did some exercise. D.R. said she felt tired after that, but she was also Happy, because exercise is good for you. D.R. rode a bike machine and did a rowing machine too. It is like a row-boat, except there isn't any water.

Okay, I gonna say hi to Mom 'cause she just came home. Then I am gonna sleep. I see u later. Thanks! :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

D.R.'s Mom and Dad has new shiny car!! :)

Hi dere! :) I am Keisha. Welcome to mah blog. I happy u here. Thanks. :)

My hooman friends got a new shiny car!! :) It is dark blue, and made by Toyota. I haven't gone for a ride in it yet. They say it smells new. I will have to sit in the back, so it smells like me. That way, I can feel better when we go to the park. :)
D.R. gets to keep her Mom and Dad's old car, a black Toyota. She is very happy.

D.R. is still looking for a job. She sends a lot of e-mayos on the compooter. D.R. didn't get any innervoos yet, but she is gonna keep trying.

U know, in the U.S.A., it is going to be Thanksgiving soon! :) That is a holiday we have, where we all get together with our families, eat turkey, watch football, talk about stuff, and burp. I is very thankful I have a home with nice hoomans. I hope all critters will. :)

Yesterday, I saw lots of dogs walking with their hoomans. It's good to get exercise, even when it's cold. Where I live, this is a time of year that it's good to have long furs.

It was a little overcast this morning, but now the sun is comin out. D.R. said she wants to go to the park. She likes to look at the trees. She even saw a deer a couple times! :)

Okay, now I am gonna see if Dad still has any pancakes. I see u later. Thanks. :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

O hai, Fursday is back :)

Hi there! My name is Keisha. Today is Fursday. I hope u do not have to go to the groomer today. :) Hee hee.

I took my Dad for a walk early today. He and I went out, and it was sunny outside. I sniffed lots of stuff, and found a nice lawn. Then we went home. D.R. had already eaten breakfast, so I didn't get to share any. Oops. :)

My furs are very long and fluffy. D.R. was petting my tummy today, and she said my furs were longer than her fingers. I like being warm, because it's the cold part of the year.

When Dad got up to have breakfast this morning, I went with him. I sat on the couch, and when Dad was done with the noozpaper, he put it next to me. I wiggled over and put my head on it. It was nice and comfy to sleep on. D.R. found me there later, and she said I was so cute, 'cause I looked like a real person. Wow! That made me happy. :)

D.R. didn't get any new innervoos for a job yet. She did send her resoomay to lots of companies. She is hoping some of them will give her a call. I hope she gets something, because then, she will be really happy, and she can watch teevee with me when she gets home. :)

We've been seeing lots of little sparrow type birds here lately. They are cute, they make lots of chirpy fluttery noises. Flory-dah is warmer than other places, so lots of birdles come here during the fall and winter. I like to watch them when I go for walkies. They are fast, like butterflies.

Okay, now I am gonna see if Dad has any ice kreem. I see u later. Bye! :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Toosdey, everyone :)

O hai! It are Toosdey. I glad to see u. Welcome to mah blog. Thanks. :)

I has some Sad Nooz today. D.R. has losted her job. :( She got a phone call yesterday, and they told her not to go to work anymore. She was extra Sad because she had a bag of popcorn that was still in the desk.

Halloween was fun yesterday. I went to the door when Mom and Dad gave stuff to the trick-or-treater kids. I didn't eat any of the kids.

I did nom D.R.'s finger by mistake, though. When D.R. was havin breakfast Monday morning, I sat next to the table. D.R. finished her cereal and went to pet me. I got a little confoozed and gived her finger the Bitey. Oops! :( D.R. said "Ouch!" and I was really sorry. Then she forgave me, and pet me on the head. Everything was okay then. :)

I am very fuzzy! I have lots of furs. :) D.R. says I am fluffy like a woolly sheep. This is good, because the weather is getting cold where we live. Also, Mom said I don't have to go to the groomer's for a while. Dat makes me happy. I don't like the noise the clippers make. Also, my b-u-t-t feels cold when I get shaved. I glad I can stay home and sit on the couch.

Okay, I gonna sit down for a while. I see u later. Thanks. :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween! :)

O hai, everybody. I am Keisha. Thank u for readin mah bloggygog. :)

Tomorrow is Halloween! :) That is a day when everybody dresses up and gets candy. Plz remember to not eat chocolate, if u are a critter, and no raisins, either. Also, plz stay inside with ur hooman friends, where it's safe. :)

Thank u! Have a great time. {{{Luv}}}

Friday, October 28, 2011

We can has happy :)

(In this piksher, there is me and my Dad. Hi, Dad.) :)

O hai! It is Fries-day. My name is Keisha. Thank u for comin to my blog today. :)

We got some nooz. D.R.'s cousin, Mike, had a dee-borse. This made everybody have a Sad, but we all still luvs him. Then, Mike got to have custody, which means his little daughter gets to stay with him. This made us have Happies instead. Now we feel moar gooder. We all hopes everybody has a nice Christmas and can relax.

The bebeh visited us yesterday! :) Cousin Mike brought his little daughter to our house. The bebeh was so cute! She smiled and giggled a lot. :)

D.R. had a long week at work. There was a lot of stuff to do. A couple days ago, she even waked up in the nite, and throo up. This was No Good. But she is feelin a little bit better today.

D.R. is hoping to get her new bank card in the mail. Hoomans need to use green papers sometimes, and the card has green papers stored on it, like magic.

Yesterday, D.R. had bacon on a sandwich, and she gived me some pieces of it. Mmmm! Bacons are good. :)

They are having a Halloween thing at D.R.'s office. There are gifts for the workers, and people are putting up lotsa decorations and stuff. Whee! :) I hope she gets lots of candy.

Okay, that is it for now. I goin to watch teevee with Dad. Bye for now! :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Toes-day times

O hai! My name is Keisha. U can see me in the piksher up there. That's me, with my Mom. :)

Today was so much fun! I got to eat a little bit of bread, when D.R. had a sandwich for dinner. I also got some fries! :) Yay.

My Mom likes to watch the channel with Oprah on it. There was a fashion show. People were walking around with funny jackets. I liked this shirt somebody had.

D.R. was supposed to go to the dentist today, but the guy cancelled it. Oopsie.

There was a big meeting at D.R.'s office. She didn't get to go, just other people did. They were gone a long time. D.R. said she enjoyed listening to the radio, and she did a lot of work stuff. :)

They are havin a contest at D.R.'s work place! They will give prizes to whoever has the best Halloween decorations. I bet I should go, and wear my dragon costume. I would win, and we could share the candy. D.R. can have all the chocolates, and I get the maple-coated peanuts. :)

I barked a little yesterday. I think I saw somebody walkin past the house. It was okay after that. Also, I did extra check-ins to D.R.'s room. You never know when the shoes might smell different, or u could get a hug. :) I did get pettings. That was good.

Lots of people are putting up their decorations for trick-or-treats next Monday. Please be careful: keep your critter friends inside, so they are safe. Don't let them have anything with chocolate or raisins. Also, for critters: let your hoomans hand the candy to the kids. Thanks. :)

Okay, that is it for now. I see u later. Thanks! :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sundae time is fun :)

O hai! :) My name is Keisha. U can see me in the piksher up there. :) Dat is me in the kitchen. I like to check for food sometimes. :)

Today, I went for walkies five times. Wow! Mom says I set a record. :)

D.R. was Sad on Fries-day, because another person stoled her bank card number and bought some stuff. She checked her bank account on the capooter and it said there was less money. D.R. called the bank and told them, and they put back the money. They are sending D.R. a new card. She is still kinda Sad, because this is two times now. I hope everything is safe from now on.

D.R. got a new box set of movies. It has all the episodes that a show did about the "Gamera" movies. Gamera is a big flying turtle who fights monsters sometimes. He helps Godzilla in some of the movies. I hope D.R. watches one tonight. Then we can has popcorn!! :)

There are a lot of squirrels around here lately. I've seen them running across the street, and up and down trees. They are cute. They wiggle their tails just like I do. :)

I got to hug Dad today. I sat on the couch when he was watchin stuff on teevee. Then I jumped up and put my paws around him. He pet me a lot. That was good. :)

D.R. eated a pizza for dinner. It was one of those small ones that's for one person. She gived me a tiny bit. Mmmm! It was very good. :)

Okay, I gonna sit with Dad some more. I hope u has a good week. Thank u!! {{{Luv}}}

Friday, October 21, 2011

Oh hai, it's mee :)

(This is a cute kitteh.) :)

O hai, everybody. I am Keisha, a dog. Thank u for coming to read my blog today. :)

U know what D.R. saw before? Parakeets! Lots of dem! :) She was outside a store, and she heard the birdees in the trees. There are green and yellow parakeets that live in the trees in some places. They sing a lot. I bet it is fun to fly. :)

I sat with Mom when she watched a teevee show last nite. It was a show with cooking in it. These two hoomans sell plastic boxes and pots and pans for ur home. Mom just likes to watch the people do cooking. I like food, too. I dozed off, but later I went to sleep on my green blankie in Mom's room. :)

I like to look in the fridge whenever my hoomans open the door. Did u know, they have different shelves and drawers for salads and roast beef and stuff? It's fun to stick my nose in there and sniff things. Sometimes Mom and Dad will even give me a little piece of their dinner. That's good. :)

D.R. likes to listen to music a lot. Her music player thingy broked, so she is thinkin about getting a new one. She offered me an earphone once. I sniffed it, but that was all. Sometimes if Mom or Dad watches a concert DVD, I sit on the floor and watch it with them.

This morning, I went to take my medicine, and Mom put it in some bacon. I eated the bacon first, then the medicine. :) Heehee!

Okay, I see u later. U has a nice weekend. Bye-bye! :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wensdee things

(This is a kitteh takin a nap. I like kittehs.) :)

O hai! I am Keisha, and thank u for lookin at my blog today. I glad. Whee! :)

Today is Wensdee. It is cold and windy. I think it's gonna rain tonite. I don't likes dat, but once I'm done with my walkies, I will try and snuggle up on the couch while Mom and Dad watch teevee. :)

D.R. pet me when she came home from work. That was good. :) D.R. worked overtime again today. She stayed one more hour than she usually does. That means I was even more happy when she got back! :)

There was another very Sad thing that happened. A lot of animals got free from a preserve park in Ohio, and many of them had to be killed. The hooman who owned the place died too. I very sorry. :(

In better stuff nooz, the trees go back and forth when it's windy. I like to watch that sometimes. It's good to be warm inside.

D.R. has a book and she's looking in it for new apartments. They have pikshers of the nice buildings, with big couches that I would like to sit on. I can't wait until I go visit.

Sometimes I go in D.R.'s room and rub on her foots. Then she pets me. Yesterday, I was doing that, when D.R. remembered she left a bag of medicine on the floor. She got it from the doctor, and she forgot to put it away. She said "No!" and picked it up before I could get any. Whew. I glad she did, because I would get sick. I is okay, though. :)

I was so sleepy this morning, I didn't even wake up when D.R. got a cookie! :) I bet I was dreamin about cookies.

Tonite is the start of teh World Series in baseball! :) I like baseball because I like to pretend I am gonna catch the ball. I don't have a favorite team, I just want to lie on the couch and maybe get some tummy scratches. And popcorn.

Okay, I go for now, see u later. Thanks very much! :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hugs to u :) :) :)

O hai! My name is Keisha and this is mah bloggygog. I glad u here today. Thanks. :)

I had a good time Sundae. :) My Mom came home from a trip! She went to stay at her brother's house, with her friends. They dropped off my Mom a few minutes ago. I was so happy to see her, I ran in a big circle. :)

D.R. was having a cookie, and I sat and watched. She couldn't give me any, because it had chocolate in it. I had fun watching her eat, though. Cookies smell good, too. :)

D.R. had a big Sad on Sundae afternoon, when she was watchin the teevee. A race car driver named Dan Wheldon died after he got in a crash. There was a big crash at the race in Las Vegas. A lot of drivers got hurt. Mr. Dan died at the hospital. Rest in peace. :(

In happy nooz, Mrs. Duck is back on the nest! :) Hooray. She went out for a little while, probably to eat and get some water, and this morning she was back on her big pile of feathers. Yay! :) I can't wait to see the cute little bebehs. :)

D.R. was playin video games before, and I went to her room and sniffed her elbow. I could see it because I was next to the bed. I think next time, I will ask if I can have the other controller, so I can play. Yipee! :)

D.R. went to a coffee thing after church today. She met her doctor after church, just to say hi. Then she went to the thing. She said it was very crowded, and she met some nice people who said Hi to her. D.R. just had water and some cake. It was a nice way to relax. :)

For breakfast Monday, D.R. had cereal with marshmallows in it. She didn't give me any, but I got to smell the good smells. Mmmmm. :)

Okay, I am gonna take a break and watch the nooz with Dad now. Thank u. :) {{{luv}}}

Friday, October 14, 2011

The couch is comfy :)

(This piksher is very cute.) :)

O hai! Welcome to my blog today. I am Keisha. Thank u. :)

Yesterday was good. I went to sleep early, on the couch. I dozed off when I was watchin a teevee show with Mom. Then Mom went to sleep in her room, and I had the couch all to myself. So I curled up in a corner by the armrest, like a hooman would. It was comfy. I got some good Zzzzzs. :)

When I waked up, Dad was havin breakfast. Yay! :) He was heatin up some coffee. I don't drink that, just wawa. D.R. drinks instant coffee sometimes.

D.R. and some people at her office gave food to a collection for the needy. D.R. said she was very glad to help. :)

I was so happy when D.R. came home from work! :) She petted me, and even scratched under my chin. Then I went into her room and sniffed the table. I like to do that. She pet me again, and I went back to sit with Dad. My Mom went to stay at her brother's house for the weekend. I wish I could go, but I have to stay home. I think it will be fun to camp out with Dad and D.R.

D.R. was happy she found some old video games she thought she lost. This weekend, she is gonna play them. I like games, because I can walk in when she is playing and sniff the controller.

Okay, that is all for now. U have a fun weekend. Bye! :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

O hai, we can has Wensdee :)

Hi there! It's me, Keisha. I am glad to see u on my blog today. :)

Today was Wensdee. It was pretty good. I went for some walkies, plus I got to sit on the floor when I was done. Then I did my regular patrol checks of D.R.'s room, especially when she was having noodles. Everything was fine.

Mrs. Duck is still on her nest! :) I saw her this morning. She is fluffy and looks very full of determinashuns and stuff. I hope she has good bebehs. :) Mr. Duck is going to have to think of a lot of names.

When I went into D.R.'s room, I sniffed the lamp table like I always do. Then I went to D.R.'s chair and rubbed on her leg like a kitteh. She pet me! :) That made me feel very good. :)

I got a little bit of popcorn before. Mmm, it was good! That was yesterday. I also got some little bits of bread from D.R.'s sandwich. Mmmmm. :)

D.R. saw a kitteh today! The kat was sitting outside and licking his leg. D.R. said the kitteh was a pretty mingled color, with orange, gray and other furs. She said he was very cyoot and would have taked him home, but he had a collar. :)

D.R. also saw a lot of doggies walking their hoomans. There are moar people with critters around here lately! :) I would like to meet them. I hope I see them next time I go outside.

It is going to be Halloween soon. That is on the last day of October. Please be careful if you have critter friends. Do not give them chocolate. Save up milkbones instead. :) It is always a good time for a new tennis ball, too. :)

I read a book before! It was good. Mom was sitting on the couch in the front room, and I looked at what she was reading. It had a lot of words, but I knew some of them. I wish there had been a dog in the story. Then it would be even more fun.

D.R. went to see a doctor the other day. A doctor is like a v-e-t, only she helps people, not critters. Anyway, D.R. said the lady was nice, like she always is, and D.R. said she was thinking of getting a new apartment- and the doctor might let D.R. adopt two of her cats! :) Wow, D.R. thinks that is neat. I hope I get to visit the kittehs. D.R. said she is going to go to the shelter, too, and get a bird, and maybe a lizard if they have one. When she has a new place, it will have lots of good stuff in it. I would like to stay there a lot. :)

U know I walked in when D.R. was watchin teevee, and there was a soccer game on it? Soccer is also called football. U kick a ball and if it goes in the net, you run and yell a lot. The players wear nice shirts. I would like one of those. I hope Santa brings it to me. :)

I saw on the nooz that a satellite is going to fall from Outer Space and go splash in the ocean! Oh, wow. I am a little bit scaird, but I think I will be okay if I stay in the house.

I had some red stuff in my eye before. Mom thinks I had another little strow-ke. I feel okay, though. I can walk and eat, and I get pettings a lot, so that's good. It's fun being four-teen. I get to lie on the floor a lot.

Okay, so that is all for now, I will see u later. Bye! Thank u. {{{luv}}}

Monday, October 10, 2011

O hai, paw taps from me :)

(This piksher is kinda old. It shows me when I was on teh couch.)

O hai, everybody! :) I am Keisha and thanks for comin to mah blog.

I did some barking today! There were people outside a house across the street, and they were talking to a guy who had a car. He is their friend, and he visits a lot. Anyway, I didn't like all the noise, so I woofed a lot. Then everybody left. I am happy I kept my friends safe. :)

Did u know, D.R. got a new camera and a new phone? She says her old phone didn't work so good. It would always mess up with calls, and it wouldn't recognize it when she paid for new minutes. Phones need a lot of minutes, and hoomans need green papers to get them. So she got a better phone. Also, D.R. got a new camera, because her old camera stinked and made everyone in the pikshers look very blurry. Eeeew. Now everything is better. :)

Yesterday, I went for walkies with D.R., two times! :) One was just a little walk, the other was for more time. I just sniffed lawns a lot. Then we came back. After that, I sat on the couch. D.R. watched football. It was a good way to relax. :)

I stood up on my hind-paws when Mom came home tonite! :) She was at exercise class, and she came back. Then she walked in from the garage. I was so happy, I jumped up two times. Wow! Mom said she was really proud of me, because I am fourteen. That made me feel even gooder. :)

We did have one thing that was Not Fun. It was cold and rained a lot on the weekend. The only part that was good, was when I got to sit on the couch or teh floor, and watch teevee with my hooman friends. Did u know, to be an announcer on a football show in teh U.S., you have to yell a lot? Also, you've got to read a lot of numbers and stuff. Everyone is always running around and stopping and then running again. They get to throw and catch a ball, so it looks like a lot of fun. I bet I could take the ball and run and run and run. :) Hee hee.

Mrs. Duck came back to her nest! She came back! Yaaaaay. :) I hope teh babees are okay. D.R. says she saw lots of them hatch because ducks have been coming to build nests in front of the house for years. I wonder what it is like inside an egg? I am glad I was born a puppy. :) Thank u to my dog Mom and Dad. And mah hoomin friends. :)

Okay, I am gonna see a spy person teevee show with Dad. I hope it is good. U has a good nite too! Thanks. {{{luv}}} :)