Wednesday, October 12, 2011

O hai, we can has Wensdee :)

Hi there! It's me, Keisha. I am glad to see u on my blog today. :)

Today was Wensdee. It was pretty good. I went for some walkies, plus I got to sit on the floor when I was done. Then I did my regular patrol checks of D.R.'s room, especially when she was having noodles. Everything was fine.

Mrs. Duck is still on her nest! :) I saw her this morning. She is fluffy and looks very full of determinashuns and stuff. I hope she has good bebehs. :) Mr. Duck is going to have to think of a lot of names.

When I went into D.R.'s room, I sniffed the lamp table like I always do. Then I went to D.R.'s chair and rubbed on her leg like a kitteh. She pet me! :) That made me feel very good. :)

I got a little bit of popcorn before. Mmm, it was good! That was yesterday. I also got some little bits of bread from D.R.'s sandwich. Mmmmm. :)

D.R. saw a kitteh today! The kat was sitting outside and licking his leg. D.R. said the kitteh was a pretty mingled color, with orange, gray and other furs. She said he was very cyoot and would have taked him home, but he had a collar. :)

D.R. also saw a lot of doggies walking their hoomans. There are moar people with critters around here lately! :) I would like to meet them. I hope I see them next time I go outside.

It is going to be Halloween soon. That is on the last day of October. Please be careful if you have critter friends. Do not give them chocolate. Save up milkbones instead. :) It is always a good time for a new tennis ball, too. :)

I read a book before! It was good. Mom was sitting on the couch in the front room, and I looked at what she was reading. It had a lot of words, but I knew some of them. I wish there had been a dog in the story. Then it would be even more fun.

D.R. went to see a doctor the other day. A doctor is like a v-e-t, only she helps people, not critters. Anyway, D.R. said the lady was nice, like she always is, and D.R. said she was thinking of getting a new apartment- and the doctor might let D.R. adopt two of her cats! :) Wow, D.R. thinks that is neat. I hope I get to visit the kittehs. D.R. said she is going to go to the shelter, too, and get a bird, and maybe a lizard if they have one. When she has a new place, it will have lots of good stuff in it. I would like to stay there a lot. :)

U know I walked in when D.R. was watchin teevee, and there was a soccer game on it? Soccer is also called football. U kick a ball and if it goes in the net, you run and yell a lot. The players wear nice shirts. I would like one of those. I hope Santa brings it to me. :)

I saw on the nooz that a satellite is going to fall from Outer Space and go splash in the ocean! Oh, wow. I am a little bit scaird, but I think I will be okay if I stay in the house.

I had some red stuff in my eye before. Mom thinks I had another little strow-ke. I feel okay, though. I can walk and eat, and I get pettings a lot, so that's good. It's fun being four-teen. I get to lie on the floor a lot.

Okay, so that is all for now, I will see u later. Bye! Thank u. {{{luv}}}


Cheyenne -Millie said...

We hopes that Mrs. duck has healthy babies! That will be really interesting to see! If I was there I would promise not to steal any!

Kittens sounds fun!

Donna said...

Thank u, Cheyenne-Millie. :) D.R. says duck babies are very cute and look like little yellow ping-pong balls. :)

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Keisha, mama duck is lucky to have you watching her and her nest. I hope that your eye thing isn't anything serious or the result of something serious. You can never be too careful. I've been taken to the V-E-T for everything. Usually it's nothing serious but my dad always says it's better to be sure.

Donna said...

Thank u, Sam. :) Maybe next time I go to the v-e-t, I can just come home after that, and sit with D.R. while she watches teebee. :)