Monday, July 28, 2008

Hi, everyones

It's July! That means it's hot. Whew. I like to take walks outside, but these days, I can only walk for a few minutes. Then it's time to come home and get some water. In the fall, maybe we can go all the way around the block like we used to.

This morning I got to share some yummy pretzels with my hooman friend, D.R. She gave me little bits of the pretzels she was eating. We played catch food. It was fun!

Later on I'm going to take a walk. I don't like thunderstorms. I heard some noise before, but hopefully we'll come back soon, and I can sit on the couch while someone pets my tummy.

See you later. Thanks.


の--sWeεΤ Sんǐйě sωeΕT said...

A lovely dog..May I know how old he or she is?I haven't any pets though I like dogs very much.

Unknown said...

Thank you. Keisha is 10. :)

の--sWeεΤ Sんǐйě sωeΕT said...

sooo cool....ten years old.Kool

Unknown said...

Thank you so much. :)