Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's Novemmer!

That means Turkey Time! :) That means we get a lot of hoomans comin over fer a partee, an a lot of people gonna feed me bits of turkey and stuff. Yay! Biskits, gravy, corms, little bits of cookeys wit de choklit taken out, dis gonna be great!!

It's very cold nao where I live. My hoomans take me for a lot of walks every day, and I am not getting a haircut until springtime. Daddy says I would be too cold without my thick fur.

Next month is Christmas. Hooray! I hope I get to meet Santa's reindeer. :)

Thank you, everyone. See you soon. :)


Anonymous said...

OH Keisha why is it that you woofies always get it so easy.. it's always "give it to the dog"... when will they learn that some kittehs are garbage guts too? :P hehe
It is very lovely to meet you and thanks for coming by, I love to meet new fuurioends, even silly woofies :)))


Donna said...

Thank you. I like all kinds of food. :) We have lots of cookies 'cause it's almost Christmas. I would give some to you if I could.

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Hi Keisha!
It is nice to meet you. Our Momma had a great woofer, but she had to go to The Bridge. She thinks you are beautiful!
~ KittyBoy

Donna said...

Thank u very much, Kitty Boy! :)

I sorries ur dog frend had to leave to go to Heaven. But it is nice, I hear.

Thank u to u and ur Mom. Nice to meet u.