Monday, January 21, 2013

Mom and Dad Day :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. I am a happy dog. Thank u for reading mah blog. :) {{{Luv}}}

I am writing this post with D.R.'s new compooter. Her Mom and Dad got it for her because of her birthday. It isn't even until May 1st, but her other compooter wouldn't work so well, so they got this new one. And it is very shiny! I like it. :) (wagging tail)

Did u know, I bit D.R. a little, by mistake. Oops. She was giving me a bit of food last night, and I moved too fast, and nipped her finger and the food at the same time. Sorry! :) D.R. wasn't mad. She just pet me, and said it was okay. There was a tiny spot on her finger, but then it went away. :)

Even hoomins have to go to the v-e-t sometimes. Today D.R. went there, and the doctor checked out her bloods information. He said it was good! Some sugar went out of her blood, so the number wasn't as high. D.R. said the doctor was happy with that. She just has to give bloods one more time, and then take a bone density X-ray. Wow. They are going to use a big X ray machine to take a photo of inside D.R.'s body. She is a little bit scared, but I told her not to worry. I will still be here when she gets back. :) That test is in February, so she has some time to rest.

I was watching teevee with Mom tonight, and I fell asleep. Then I waked up, and I rolled over on my side. Sometimes a show is kind of boring, or confusing, and I just stretch out instead. Maybe someday, she will put on Animal Planet, and we can watch the giraffes together. :)

I have to go to a kennel later on, when Mom and Dad go on a trip next month. They are only going to be away for a couple days. D.R. offered to take care of me, but she has to go to work during the day, so Mom and Dad want me to be at a different place. Maybe they will take me to the dog-sitter's house. Her name is Miss Laurie. She has a cat! :)

Okay, now I am going to sleep. I see u later. Thanks! :) {{{Luv}}}


Unknown said...

Opps Keisha a little nip can be forgiven. We know you didn't mean it. Have a terrific Tuesday.
Best wishes Molly

Donna said...

Thank u, Molly. :) U know what, I don't think her finger was too yummy. :)

da tabbies o trout towne said...

best fishes ta DR keisha; tell her knot ta bee scared...if her takes sum trout with her durin de eggs ray, her can look at em N think samiches N da day will bee eazier !!

hope ewe get sum biscuits two day; we iz hopin for sum bee THREE outside.....


Donna said...

Thank u, Tabbies of Trout Towne. :) I will tell her, and I bet she be okay.

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

I am sure that little bite is a sweet happy bite:)

Donna said...

Thank u, Michico, Adan and Lego. :) I just bit a little. Then I stopped. I glad my friend was not mad. :)