Monday, September 13, 2010

It's Mondee, I's feelin better :)

O hai, everyone! :) Welcome to mah blog. My name is Keisha. I am a dog. Thank u for reading here today. I am glad u stopped by. (shakes paw)

Today, I am feelin a little more better, after my scary medical thing on the weekend. Mom and Dad are still giving me my medicines, so my back doesn't hurt so much. I can walk around, and jump on and off the couch. I spend most of my time resting, though, so don't worry. :) I was even a little Nawty today! Hee hee. :) I went into my hooman friend D.R.'s room, and tried to play the game 'burrow in the corner.' That's where I pretend I'm digging a hole in the furthest corner of the room. I'm not really digging into the ground, I just scratch the carpet. D.R. asked me to stop, because the corner was where the wires for the compooter go into the big connector thingy. So I stopped, and then I went back to sitting on the couch. :)

I went for a walk with Dad earlier in the morning. It was very good to go outside, and to be in the sunshine. :) I saw lots of squirrels and butterflies and things. I wish Dad had brought his camera, but he didn't. Maybe another time.

I was tryin to help D.R. put away her stuff before! :) She was takin care of some stuff in her room, and I stuck my snoot in every bag, and sniffed everything. Wheee! It was fun. I think I got a lot of points. It was a fun game.

There were lots of tiny lizards outside our house again. They were running in and out of the bushes. We didn't see the special lizard anymore. I think he moved away. That was a big lizard, about two times the size of D.R.'s finger, and he was all sorts of very neat colors, black, green, blue and lots more! D.R. saw him once, but she couldn't get the camera in time. Now there are just regular little green and brown lizards. I hope I catch some later. They can run really fast, though. :)

D.R. is going to get a new camera! She sold her old one, and she is going to buy a different one. D.R. said she can't wait to take lots of new pikshers, videos and stuff. She already has a neat blue case with a strap. D.R. likes to go to the zoo, the park, hockey games and lots of places. I think pikshers are fun. Especially when they have me in them. :)

I eated my food before. Mom was really happy. Then I sat on the couch. D.R. pet me on the tummy. I felt really good. I am glad I don't have to go to the v-e-t for a while anymore. I am also happy lots of you wrote me nice notes saying get better. Thank you! They helped me a lot. :) Hugs for everyone. {{{hugs}}}

Okay, I am going to watch Dad play compooter games. I see u later! Bye. :)


Amy & the house of cats said...

Hi Keisha! We are so sad you haven't been feeling well! We haven't been on the computer til today - we hope you are feeling lots better now but we are sending you lots of purrs and prayers to stay feeling good!!

And it sounds like you had a good day, getting to go out and see all the neat things! We see squirrels from our windows, but we don't really see butterflies often, and we never have seen lizards, well, only on the tv.

We think your digging game sounds fun - Gus likes to dig sometimes, but mostly in the carrier. Barney digs to get under the blankets on the bed too!

We are so happy you are ok - we hope you don't have to go to the vet anytime soon - we know that even if the vet is super nice it can still be very scary! We don't want you to be hurt or scared!!

Rufus and Indie said...

Hi Keisha!
We hope you are feeling better now! We hate to hear such scary news! The walkies always help!^^

Rufus and Indie

The Creek Cats said...

Hi Keisha! We are so sorry to hear you've not been feeling well, but we are very happy to know you are feeling better!!

Donna said...

Thank u, Amy. :) I am feelin good tonite, watchin teevee with my Dad. :)

Donna said...

Thank u, Rufus and Indie. :) I like to be outside where there's sunshine and fresh air. I also like to watch for squirrels and stuff. Sometimes people have bikes parked outside. I wish I could ride a bike! :)

Donna said...

Thank u, Creek Cats. :) It was good to be back to doing all the normal things I like to do. My hooman friends pet me on the tummy and gave me snacks today. That was the best part! :)

Thor and Jack said...

Hi Keisha! I am so happy to hear you're feeling better! That was scary!

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

We are furry glad woo are feeling much much better!

We like pikhs and videos of woo too!


little princess Luna~ said...

hi keisha~!
im so happy to read that you are much better~!


Donna said...

Thank u, Thor. :) I was kinda scaired too, and my hooman friends were really frighted. But my nice doctor helped us a lot. :) I am doin better now! :) I get to be home and eat treats with Mom and Dad. :)

Donna said...

Thank u, Khyra and her Mom. :) I liked gettin to go outside for my walks again. Chasin butterflies is fun! :)

Donna said...

Thank u, little Princess Luna. :) I am happy to be doin regular stuff too. :) I like it when I get to be on the couch, watchin teevee and gettin tummy rubs from my friends. :) That makes me feel really good. :)

Daisy said...

Keisha, I sure am glad you are feeling better and starting to have some funs again! I think a new camera so we can see more pictures of you is a great idea!

Donna said...

Thank u, Daisy. :) This mornin I jumped on the bed while Mom was tryin to read a book. I think it makes readin moar fun! :)

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

We're all so happy to hear you're doing better my friend. We'll keep purring for you.

Donna said...

Thank u, Inigo and d'Artagnan. :) I got to go outside on a walk with my Dad this morning. It was good! There was lots of sunshine, and I even saw some birdees and butterflies. Did u know, butterflies are not made out of butter? I did not know that. :)