Monday, November 15, 2010

I has a sad :(

In this piksher, I am with my Dad. Hi, Dad! :)

O hai, this is Keisha. Thank u for readin mah blog. U can has a welcome. (heart)

I has a sad nooz today. The nice neighbor lady came to our house today, to tell us that her lovely goggie went to Heaven yesterday. :( This made her Very Sad, and us too. Rest in peace, little goggie. He was a nice, fluffy goggie, who liked to go for walkies, and would always yip yip yip hello to everyone. I hope he has fun at the Rainbow Bridge. {{{luv}}}

In other nooz, my hooman friend D.R. went to an innervoo with a companee today. She gived them her resume, and they said they would look at it and maybe call her back. That made D.R. feel pretty good. She also got a call from another companee, and left them a message. :)

A good thing happened today, too: D.R. went to the website, where you can learn stuff about how to find a pet to adopt, and she wrote a thing about me!! Yes, I am so happy!! :) They put it there, and u can read it too: it is here.

D.R. eated a burger for lunch today! :) She brought back half of it for later, and I didn't get to have it now, but maybe I will for dinner or something. Yay! :) It was good, it had kechup and lettis, and came with french fries too.

I found this news storee that u should show to ur hooman friends. It is about the flu, and how dogs can catch it if they are not careful. Please make sure u don't get sick, so u don't miss Santy Paws! :)

Okay, I will see u later. Thank u. Bye-byes! :)


Anonymous said...

Keisha, it's been ages, you look fabulous!

Donna said...

Thank u, Cat Lady. :) I glad to see u too. :)

Sasha said...

Hi Keisha, I loved reading your story on the Petfinder blog. Your human parents must be very happy to have found you, so that is good too.

Donna said...

Thank u, Diamond. :) I am very glad my hooman friends adopted me. They give me a good home and plenty of tummy pats. :)