Monday, October 3, 2011

Mondee is here :)

O hai! My name is Keisha. Thank u for reading mah blog. :)

Yesterday, D.R. had some ravioli for dinner. Those are noodles folded over with cheez inside them. I had one 'cause it fell on the floor. Mmmmm! It was good.

D.R. petted me a lot. That was good. I slept on the couch for a while. Then I went to Mom and Dad's room. The blankie is folded and makes a good place to lie down. :)

Sunday was kind of funny. I went for walkies with Mom, and when we got back, Mom went to a movie. I didn't get to go. Awww, shucks. Well, I did get to watch teevee with Dad, which was good too. D.R. was watchin a football game, and she fell asleep. Oops. :) She said she will read the nooz to figure out who winned. :)

I sad to say that Mrs. Duck did not come back to her nest. :( There are still some eggs there. One got eated. :( Maybe it was a snake. I very sorry.

I barked a little yesterday. There was a car that stayed out front of a house across the street for a while. I didn't know who the person was, so I woofed a few times. It took him maybe two minutes to leave. I felt better.

I drinked a bunch of water yesterday. D.R. put some fresh water in my dish, and I went over and had some. That helped me, because I went out for some walks before that. Water is really good for critters who have been outside. :) Even on days that are not so warm, please try to make sure ur critter friends have lots of wawa in their dishes. Thank u. :)

U know what is coming up soon? Halloween! :) I have a costume. It is a green dragon. Grrrrr. Maybe I can make fire come out of my nose. :)

Okay, I see u later. Thanks. :)


Admiral Hestorb said...

I want to see you in your dragon costume you adorable girl!!!

I am sorry to learn that Momma duck left the nest for some reason. I wonder if she got injured by a car somewhere? They walk a LOT around here where I live. If the eggies don't hve a momma to sit on them to keep them warm, then you won't be able to see any babies of course. That's sad isn't it. Keisha?

Enjoy your walkie when that time comes around again.

Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

Aww...too bad Ms. Duck didn't come back. Maybees you should go out and sit on da eggs???

Stewey said...

I can't wait to see your dragon costume!

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Keisha, I hope that Mrs. duck is okay, it's too bad about the eggs. I've never seen a snake. But my dad says they're like really big worms that sometimes "hiss". He said that we should stay away from snakes. I hope that someone takes a picture of you in your dragon costume.

Donna said...

Thank u, Admiral Hestorb. :) I hope D.R. puts the costume on me soon. I can flap my paws and fly! :)

Donna said...

Thank u, Amber. :) I think I will do that. My fur is floofy, like feathers. :)

Donna said...

Thank u, Stewey. :) My tail does not really have spikes. :)

Donna said...

Thank u, Sam. :) I will try to stay away from the snakes. I am not afraid of the lizards, though, because they are small. :)

Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe said...

You are a busy dog, Keisha! We love when food falls on the floor. We are lucky cause our Mama is so clumsy, we almost always get a snack when she eats!

Donna said...

Thank u, Trixie, Lily and Sammy-Joe. :) I also like to sniff the kitchen. I go around the floor. That way, I can smell what was cooking before. :)